This is how Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif ended their Cold War

Katrina Kaif in an interview spoke about how her equation with Deepika Padukone has been and eventually changed.
This is how Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif ended their Cold WarThis is how Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif ended their Cold War
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Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif made it to the headlines for a very long time and things were not all well between the two. It is no hidden fact that due to their relationships with Ranbir Kapoor, both Katrina and Deepika did not gel well with each other and their cold war went on for quite a lot of time. However, looks like both of them have now buried the hatchet moving on in their lives and are all pally with each other.

In an interview with Filmfare, Katrina revealed how their relationship has one where they don’t see each other eye to eye, and it is even now a relationship. She further added, how in a rather strange way, she kind of felt involved in the celebration of the wedding (Deepika and Ranveer). She said how she wants to go and wish them, and that it was very simple. She received the invite and a message that said ‘you have to come and be a part of this.’ She revealed how she found this sweet, paused for a moment and said that she felt like going.


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Heading into the weekend (with a dash of red) like......

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Talking further, she also said how she is somebody who has come into the industry and how both of them came in their teens, and now they aren’t teens anymore. She said how there is mutual respect and acknowledgement of each other and that it is nice that they have a sense of friendship now.

Rather recently, Deepika also commented on one of Katrina’s pictures, and it was the talk of the internet as everyone was gaga over their blossoming friendship. 

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Because deepika married rs not rk.So the main reason of their cold war is cheater rk(everyone known) and ended their cod war is rs.

In simple words, she can't afford to have enemies when they are such big stars. She knows it'll effect her.

I never understood why Deepika was fine with Ranbir but not Katrina. I mean how can you forgive a cheating boyfriend?

It was Katrina's fault.sge is the one who wronged Deepika in many ways. Deepika's reaction was justified.

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