Hrithik & Rakesh Roshan should apologise to me publicly: Kangana

Kangana says the case has not died down yet.
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Actress Kangana Ranaut, who got involved in a legal battle with Hrithik Roshan last year, says their fight is still not over as she deserves an apology from the actor and his father Rakesh Roshan.

Kangana opened up on the controversy once again on CNN-News18's show "Now Showing", read a statement by the channel.

The actress says the senior Roshan had tried to fix a meeting between her and Hrithik, but that is yet to happen. 

"I'm still waiting to meet him face-to-face and exchange two words on this and sort this out, but he's been running and hiding from me," Kangana said.

"He (Hrithik) and his father have made fools of themselves, they should apologise to me in public. Even if they don't, I will clarify to the world what happened to the case. The case has not died down. They couldn't prove anything," she added.

Issues between the two began when Kangana hinted at Hrithik being her "ex-boyfriend" when she said in an interview that she fails to understand "why exes do silly things to get your attention". The actress lodged a legal complaint against Hrithik for "misusing" the confidential emails and photographs of the time when they were together.

Hrithik later filed a complaint with the cybercrime cell, claiming an imposter had been emailing Kangana from a bogus email ID, pretending to be him.

"For me it's important that he (Hrithik) claimed many things, but couldn't prove anything. You can't go about slapping notices on people. He had been preparing all this for two years. He used to send himself emails from my account because he had my password," Kangana said.

"I stayed quiet till now because I needed time to understand what all they (Roshan family) were doing... Of course it was all lies, but I didn't know what they would do next. I was scared. Look at what happened to the Malayalam actress because she went and complained to the actor's wife. 

"They got her raped... Of course that was much after my case, but I was scared. So many things happen to women. The media would call me, or my sister and say, 'You are not safe... You guys should move to a safe place or go in hiding'."

Without naming anyone, Kangana said she used to get calls from people from the industry who told her, "You should apologise, they are powerful people."

"He (Hrithik) and his father claimed they would expose me and shock the world, but they couldn't prove anything. He (Hrithik) slapped a notice saying she caused great harm to my reputation because she called me a 'silly ex'... I am the silly ex. But, he couldn't prove it. So, he changed his stance and said... She's right, she had an affair, but that wasn't me, it was an imposter. But, he couldn't prove that also," Kangana said.

The show featuring the "Queen" actress will be aired later on Thursday.

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Even Om Swami says lot of things. Doesnot make it Gospel Truth and this girl is a Queen of Lies. If she was so scared of Roshans, she wud not be talking so much shit for 2 yrs now. Without proof. Each time, she comes up with newer n newer lies and theories. Enough.

Empty Bottle making LOT of Noise. Abe Proof dikha?

Every time she speaks, I love her. Girl stands up for herself. In a sea of scared diplomatic actresses, she really stands out. Beauty with a brain, deadly combo!

Hi Kangana

I really want someone from the industry expose the Bachchans,Ashwariya Rai,Shahrukh Khan,Akshay Kumars.....there life seem to be amazingly manipulative,secretive and colorful...

Everytime same drama to promote the film. Katrina and Deepika seems better than her by sea faring distance.

I hope she somehow manages to date Ranbir Kapoor.

hrithik needs to get a restraining order forbidding her talking about him or his family..even if he had an affair and broke up, he has the right to do so...she cant force people to commit to her...

i kinda love her

You wont save proofs unless you have a cunning intent or a soft corner for your Ex. Kangana had she saved no prrofs..

But she saved a 2010 party pics, photoshopped it and leaked. Before getting exposed by his Ex wife. And still has cheek to act as she is the victim.

Those mails were in his trash n spam box. She shud take her pills before talking in public.

People who waiting for karma to hit this woman...she is already misrable,bitter and's obvious she hate herself by always choose to humiliate herself...and i bet she hates her family...

Bloody stalker ! Using woman card every time.

She will end up like Parveen Babi only

Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan just ignore do not reply any comments to Kangana accusation.
Silence is the best policy.

I was looking forward to watch Simran, now I am having second thoughts about it. This isn't the way to promote a movie.

Dont Lie You were never a fan of Kangana. All your comments abt kangana are negative. So i doubt if you were looking frwd for Simran. you must be from Hrithiks PR Team hired a year ago.

"All my comments" LOL!!! My user account has been on Pinkvilla for more than 3 years and all those readers who have been following this website regularly know how I have always praised Kangana for her talent and National award winning performances. I never even took sides with either party in this case. Media and their rivals (and rival fanbase) are the only people enjoying this Kangana vs Hrithik conflict. Anyway, it doesn't matter what a troll like you thinks about me. Have a good day.

I so agree with her

Yaar koi iski shaadi karado hrithik se...Suzanne yaar pls!

If Hrithik was so powerful as she claims no on would dare to ask him about her...just look at srk and pc...and no one in the industry would support her notice how the industry treated aish during her fight with salman...
Yes maybe Hrithik had an affair with her and he doesn't want to acknowledge her...big deal...her ex said she abused him but no one ever asked about this claims and no one in media or even here show and sympathy towards him...
just bc she is a woman and successful everyone encourage her...
now post PV...

LOL just watched the interview. Man oh man! Kya raita faila hai. So what's Hrithik going to do? Speak out? Or let papa do all the talking?

LOL...the ban on fawad was really hard on you that you started to talking rubbish...

Jacket mila SRK ka?

Every time Kangana's film is about to release and she knows that her film is going to flop she will start talking about Hrithik, fabricate stories and give interviews. Of course Barkha Dutt, Rajeev Masand and many channels are desperate for TRPs so they look for such gossip stories to gain more views. Just because Kangana keeps ranting nothing becomes true. She claimed she was engaged in Paris but Hrithik was not in France at that time and so many other stories of her's have no evidence. Hrithik is being a gentleman and not responding to every allegation of her's. There is a limit to being kind and good, I'm sure he will get back some time. Why should he keep quiet when a mad woman is maligning his reputation publicly. She can take the help of the law if she wants, why use media if she is not looking for air time. Kangana is not versatile actress. She always does the same dark characters and her recent flops prove the same. She neither a great dancer nor hot. She always uses colleagues and spills mud on them to promote her films. For how long will she continue doing this. She has political connections and we al know that the 3 NA's were bought. Anyway, what good are NA's if a person is this sick in the mind. She is worst that Parveen Babi when it comes to psycho illness.

+1 Kangana is stretching this story too long. If she is confident of her talent and work she should not use others names. We always saw that she uses Hrithik, Deepika, Karan, Shahid, Ajay or someone else to stay in news and it gets from bad to worse during her film promotions

She also claimed to write "Queen" at 19 minutes into the Masand interview! Does not make it true.

She has co-credits for writing some of the dialogues of that film.

Kangana have a habit of sleeping and going after married men and playing the victim card. Whatever happened with hritik roshan is with consent. So I fail to understand why is she trying to milk this affair which ended long time ago. She is acting like parveen bobby and it will taint her career because no hero will want to work with her because of her controversial behaviour in media.

Please watch the aap ki adalat interview and Rajeev Masand's - both with Kangana that was aired recently. Excellent interviews. You will see the truth. She is surely not mental or crazy.

She is now openly admitting that she had an affair with him. Which makes Hrithik premise of the case right.... she did refer to him as the silly ex.

Wow! I can't believe this is still being discussed. Why? Does it matter who is right or wrong at this point (like ShamGam said)? I don't give a f***! I don't believe either of them here. She's not delusional enough to completely fabricate an affair, they likely did have a short fling but like Joe Perry said he's to self absorbed to be crazy in love with anyone over than himself. She is no innocent, he's not the first married man for her, he was the third ( from the he ones we know of). She was using them to get where she needed (in my opinion good for her! If they are going to use her she may as well get something out of these leeches). But she needs to drop it now. I don't think Hrithik was stupid enough to respond to her via email, it leaves a trace. Any smart person would know emailing and texting leaves the other person with proof. She was trying to be smart by exchanging emails which he didn't respond to. This doesn't mean nothing happened, it just means he's aware of the dos and donts when having an extra marital affair. She wanted something more but he didn't. She made bitter remarks in public to denigrate him and he figured he had proof on her (via her emails) and she had none so he slapped her with a lawsuit. Some of us don't care, we like her on screen, she needs t concentrate on that. This type of stuff is taking away from her professional life. This is my take. Just like I wish DP wouldn't discuss (or even work with) Ranbir anymore, I wish Kangana would just out this behind her and get back at them by being successful. The more success she gets the more they will burn. That's all I have to say.

Completely agree with everything.

I had the same opinion as you but I watched the whole interview and I changed my mind. She can't just drop it, because they accused/defamed her publicly in some of the worst ways possible. Leaking intimate pictures (a crime in some countries),, calling her crazy, and generally starting a whole public campaign to crush her career and her as well. And all for what? Alluding to an affair??
Anyway I like that she consistent defends herself, and defiantly states that whenever she is asked about the whole fiasco, she will give the same answers.
And I don't think it's just for publicity for a film, it's just that whenever a new film of hers comes out, she is available for promotion of that film and journalists inevitably ask her about it. And instead of shutting up for the good of the film, or her career, she always stands up for herself.

Not roshans, but Bhatts and Aditya panscholi should apologize to everyone!!!!

Mentally unstable !!

Again using woman card and victim card. Karan Johar was so right about her.

actually she is not...check out the interview. She is brave, strong woman and indeed what happened to that malayalam actress....could have happened to kangana!!

These comments against Kangana are all by Hrithik's PR. On YouTube, people are praising Kangana like anything. Pv pls post

U shld watch Kangana interview of Rajeev and aap ki aadalath...I was not her fan but nw I love her...she is such a confident girl...she admits her mistake but she is not fake like Hrithik who tried to act innocent ...anyone with sense can tell that Hrithik and his dad is a fool to treat her like that cause this girl is not a doll she is a gun and she will fire on both of them...n I don't get y ppl think she is speaking on it for publicity...Hrithik family try to prove her mad a mental girl after all this when the truth is out that he is wrong she shld shut her mouth and act like it's old story...ppl love speaking of all ex love story of sal kat rk dp Ranveer Anushka...this girl story is so huge that discussing rich brat thought he can easily make her mental girl...a top heroine of this generation and trying prove that she is mental...I think she can speak on this matter if she wants for her whole life cause that man deserve to be put down again n again...I was not a fan even though love all her recent movies but nw I'm her fan...girl has a lot of guts...she may be bold and blunt but definitely nt fake❤️...ppl watch Rajeev n aap ki aadalath interview it's on YouTube..even Hrithik fans will leave him...pinkvilla please do post this

I think Rakhi Sawant is much better than her

It's as if she can't differentiate between her own lies and truth. Sad.

I am done with you kangana.. not going to watch simran.. you need to stop milking that old controversy and you need to let bygones be bygones and let that man be. leave him alone... frankly, at this point even i am feeling bad for HR

You say, 'milking old controversies', I say 'consistently standing up for herself despite criticism'-

And I don't think she should diplomatically say 'no comment' just for fear of being criticized of using old controversies for publicity. if someone tries to crush you, you dont let 'bygones be bygones', you fight for yourself, because no one else will fight for you.

What exactly are you feeling bad about?!? The fact that he slept around with women in spite of having a wife and 2 kids or the fact that Kangana had the guts to expose him and now he's screwed! Either way, you have issues! PV please post!

Blindly bashing Kangana means all these people have already assumed who is right and hence taking side. These wonderful people would never blame the married man for lying and having un affair but would bash the women instead. If you people have little brains and then take no sides without truth! You are no way faultless, look deep into your own lives and check out the mirror.. it will tell you people truth of own saddistic lives!


Silly KR in full swing again just bcoz her movie releasing or she is not happy that HR and wife are happy with each other!!! forget abt what HR can prove or not what abt miss silly KR, can she prove anything if so she could have proved by this time instead of dragging for this long!!!

Does anyone even care at this point who is right or wrong? They were both equally wrong, mostly Hrithik for taking this matter so public. Kangana said one thing "Silly ex" and he went out of spiral over that comment. There has to be a limit as to how much a person can take advantage of that situation, he released personal emails, pictures, and I don't doubt it for a second he was the one who released her passport picture too. Kangana does sound crazy most of them but that doesn't mean you react that way! Her comment could have been easily ignored. Hrithik took this matter to the public to "reveal" the true impostor but none of that ever happened, so in the end the liar only is...him. He said he was going to PROVE something which he never did.

this is exactly the issue at hand, I am scared for her, esply the Aap Ki Aadalat interview, she puts herself out in the public for everyone to tear apart. But Hrithik is a coward and will never go public about anything.

I have one question I don't know who is right or wrong this fight started 2016 from Feb to July after there is no fight now in 2017 September why this gap why she didn't ask apology in 2016

Yawn. When is her flop film releasing?

Hritik's PR on fiiiiirrrrrreeeeee.

Queen! Brave

Both of them need to stop wasting the public and court's time with their stupid spat.

It is not the Roshans but it is Kangana who made a fool of herself. There can be no one more desperate that Kangana. This is sick and illegal to stalk someone so much and keep going on and on with the ranting. I hope Hrithik gets her punished for all the lies she is telling and making a public story without any evidence.

I hate women! They're disgusting irrational selfish parasitic creatures - Hrithik Roshan

who will believe this lies. Its kangana who is anti femine,

Kuch zyada hi bol rahi hai yeh tho. Lagtha hai Ajay and Ranbir shud expose her too now

Kangana called for an interview during the simran writer controversy, she could have done the same for this before going on vacations and filming for her next film. Instead her and her pr team took the time to come up with and practice this strategy. It serves her bringing down the establishment image well. They both were wrong and are using thisbdrama for their benefit

she needed to stop talking about this yesterday. shes making herself look nuts

Hrithik PR on full swing.

No, Hrithik army's are enough for Kangaroo. Hrithik wont stood low like her. he has self respect. we are enough for her

Kangana :
you cannot compare urself to the malayalam actress...

That malayalam actress is well reputed and well behaved within the industry and nothing like ur past within the industry ...

Sleep around girls dont last long in malayalam indistry they end up in b grade movies ...

So please dont compare ... Ur wayyy out of her league ethically and morally !!!

She is bringing his father so that Hrithik get provoked into a reaction. Hrithik will speak not when she wants. But when he wants.

pls help this woman. help her


Add this to YouTube and watch the video /watch?v=TyyeFpw5gDg

I agree with you Shakuntela. I watched it and was amazed by her honesty, intelligence and guts. She broke down the story and her version makes total sense to me.

The story is confusing because she keeps changing it to explain her lies as they are exposed. Even without all the blinds she planted that contradict what she is saying now her old statements show she cannot be telling the truth. Common sense should tell you a so called smart strong woman would change her email password instead of complaining to her alleged lovers father! She claims Hrithik was preventing her from getting into another relationship while also refusing to meet or even speak to her - how is that even possible!? Was she imprisoned in his house? Whatever he did to "stalk" her and prevent other men from seeing her should have left evidence. The only evidence is her emails to him showing a one sided "love " story and a photograph she clearly intended to mislead people with. And please don't say she doesn't need to show her evidence - when you say someone made you feel your life was threatened you better be prepared to back it up. She has no evidence. It doesn't exist because it never happened. Any evidence she had she would have released into public long ago. A woman who talks of vaginal cameras and sperm panties wouldn't hesitate to release even video of the "act" if it would help her gain sympathy and sell movie tickets.

Shahid kapoor call her manipulative politician with vivid imagination. Politicians too adept in making stories and fooling innocent people.

You believe this liar? If she's honest in her claim ask her to provide evidences. Simple. But she won't coz she's lying.

Bigger the Lie, the Longer the Explanation. She is still explaining while he showed Proof.

Looks like she has gone psycho ... it seems she had huge crush on Hrithik which she couldn't get over it . Now trying to get his attention back .

Her family is full of Highly influential politicians and she is saying she was scared. Yeah, Legit

She needs to go away already. Nobody is interested in what happened - the world doesn't revolve around high school dramas of juvenile 30 yos.

Kangana said she sent her emails to HR & was humiliated after it's leak ,now she says HR hacked into her account & sent emails posing as Kangana to himself ??? How did he get access to her raunchy pics ? Her own stories are inconsistent & don't even match ! Had this happened the other way around with a man bombarding a woman with unwanted emails & pics of his anatomy , he'd be in big trouble. Rakesh is a survivor of the Indian mafia's attack himself .

You need to watch her interview with Rajeev Masand. It's over 40 minutes long to get more context. These posts don't make it clear. She explained she sent letters, she sent love letters to Hrithiks. She isn't lying. She also said that the case was closed basically because the cyber police could not find an imposter. So, no imposter means Hrithik got it wrong. Kangana said indeed that between the emails she sent, they also made many fake emails which would make her looks crazy. Joe Perry, please watch the latest Rajeev Masand interview for context, and I ask everyone to do so.

See , Kangana is no shrinking violet . The way I see it ,if she did have a full blown extra marital affair (as he'd still have been married) with Hrithik , there's no way on earth she'd not have dished out lurid , explicit details long time ago to finish off his pack of lies . I simply can't see Hrithik (who comes across as very self absorbed) doing a psychotic 'deewana hua pagal ' over K-K-K- Kangana or any one else. It's that very same Rajeev Masand who described Kangana as a 'pathological liar' in his blind item.

What she said to Rajeev now exact same interview she gave to mumbai mirror just when it all started all of this was killed by hrithik pr... if you care the interview is still online ...

dont mind her joe perry. she always support home breakers. She hates Deepika till her last breath but let Deepika start going after married men, she will start liking her. heartless creature.

what about the Edit pictures she kanganasent to the media claiming they were together till Sussane Khan expose her lies. you think we all think like you?

Dear hrithik hater did she proves her allegations with solid evidences? Did she prividecany proof of him hacking her id or sending maiks? Did she give any evidence of her Paris engagement? You are just trusting her coz you hate him. Fake emails lol proof of it? Her iwn actions are proving that she is crazy. Its just a publicity stunt for her next movie which has no buzz and she is not a star to bring ppl to the theatres. Hope you post pinkvilla

Watcj the rajeev masand interview for cobext

Kangana is hurt by the rejection. She knows in her heart that what she is saying is half truth and half lies. Her advances were not outrightly rejected by HR but it was never a relationship

Decent people are humble and respect elders. Kangana has maligned Hrithik with absolutely no proof and despite being proven that Hrithik was not in Paris when Kangana alleged he proposed her. Now she may say the immigration officials are also lying. She has also unnecessarily dragged Rakesh Roshan into it. Being talented and successful is great but humility is the greatest virtue but Kangana is unaware of what it means. Calling people names - she does a wonderful job

She is as crazy as Vijay Nair's stalker. Since Law is biased towards women, such
stalkers continue to stay out of Jail and harass their prey. My suggestion to Mr. Hrithik
Roshan is to file a Criminal Defamation Case against her. Let her prove her claims in
court, Else apologize. Thats the only way such crazy persons should be dealt with.
Maybe your case can lead to a Petition and Anti Stalking Law against even Female
stalkers will be brought in

One of the best interviews by a Bollywood star. Kangana proves why she is smarter than all the other actresses and actors in Bollywood.

Stop it kangana! One moment i think she is pretty, talented, mature, smart, and well spoken and then when she harps on her annoying issues she makes me wanna smack her for being so immature and annoying. By these stupid comments she makes herself come accross as some crazy desperate lady who needs constant attention. Like this issue should dissolve and she should let people focus on her films and the good stuff she does outside of bollywood.

There is no doubt that Hrithik used her and then dumped her, but Kangana should have dealt with this in a dignified manner.

What do you mean there is no doubt? Read her emails to him. There clearly was no relationship. She says she gets tongue tied in front of him. Talks of possibly fainting IF he kisses her and what she will feel WHEN they begin dating.

His wife nailed her lie. She is just frustrated that she could not get his attention

She will cry and beg till her flop releases. Gosh

Neither of them proved anything. There wasn't any proof of there being an imposter involved and she failed to prove that they had an affair. At the end of the day he is the one who sent the legal notice and he should have been able to make a proper case but there wasn't enough evidence to support his story.

Kangana is making fool of herself. All claims and allegations but she fails to prove a single word she said forget about hrithik proofs. If she is honest so provide solid evidence instead of ranting and accusing.

Kangana always lashes out at people when she lacks confidence on the box office performance of her films. Simran, as quirky and well done it looks, I don't think can perform as well as her previous hits because the atmosphere around the Hindi cinema box office is a bit tense right now. I hope it does well but the chances of that is pretty low. As for Hrithik and Rakesh, they've moved on from this and its unlikely either one of them will retaliate to Kangana's repeated provocation and mud slinging when Hrithik seems to be trying to patch things up with Sussanne. And I also hope Kangana gets professional help, she is starting to sound a bit paranoid like her earlier movie characters in reality. That's not good.

The whole engagement story was brought up by an anonymous source. Kangana has never brought this up herself. You have to ask yourself wether this was a real source or not. Or is it the same source who reported that Kangana refused to give her devices to the cops..

Kangana admitted she refused to give her "gadgets " to the police in this very interview. Maybe in some other interview she said that was planted by the Roshans. Understandable, liars have trouble keeping their "facts" straight.

She is speaking so much despite doing all Crimes bcoz her family is highly influential in politics.

"Kangana should have brought this up earlier and not during promotions." What other time did she had time to sit down with reporters and discuss her personal life?

Thank God she spared shahid and saif. They both are happily married I was worried for them that she will talk rubbish and accuse them of something nasty.

you couldnt prove anything woman? you also claimed hrithik had proposed u in Paris, dont u have a pic of such a special moment? And you have written in one of the leaked email that you have alzheimer which makes u weaker in this case that u couldnt prove anything either.. move on and shut this case for ur own good!

I am concerned about her state of mind. I think even her fans like me, know that the emails were from her.... just drop it Kangana and focus on your acting ! Ultimately, public will only remember actors by their movies .

Hahaha...twisted and hilrious woman...
Hrithik pls ignore her...

Kangana vs Hrithik round 2: The decider. She wants to expose him or meet him face to face for a final showdown.

Simran promos were so quiet until now, guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Kangana if u actually brought this up months earlier when u didn't have a movie to promote i would have believed u were trying to prove something. Fact is you're using this drama when it is convenient foe u, will never support any of your films

Stop it already. OKAY even if you were an 'Item' its so obvious that it was just a fling from Hrithik's side.
May be it was you who persuaded him, may be it was him going through his marital issues and found/used someone to move over it. Whatever it was the truth is he didn't love you,he never did. You weren't his girlfriend. Don't try to be abla naari and don't tell that you didn't know what his intentions were.

Forget your past, Forgive yourself ,forgive others and move on. The bitter heart eats his owner.

Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. Kangana is on a mission to get HR's head. Wonder why she never go after all the other actors she had an affair with like Ajay and Aditya Pancholi.

she needs serious help.

This is getting too much now. Why is there a lot of emphasis on this? If there was one actor that I though wouldn't resort to cheap PR tactics, it would have been KR. Alas I am mistaken. Disappointing.

Did she prove the relationship? Did she prove the fake engagement? Judicial system will takes it own sweet time so HR should go ahead and release a few more emails just to piss her off! She is a sexual predator and nobody is going to ever take her seriously!

Yes, because releasing personal emails is something that should be encouraged right? Did he proof that he doesn't know her? Did he proof that there was an imposter?

He proved he was not the imposter. She has accepted she wrote those mails to his REAL ID. That vindicates his stand

Did he "prove". He filed a complaint in regards to the same much a year before Kangana started her rantings. Do you want him prove track him or something? Talk about insane. Does Kangana have any proof for her claims. Or should we take her word for gospel. Personal emails from a sexual predator. If this is a gender reversal, people would be cheering her for exposing his emails.

The more she talks about this the worse she looks. She should focus on her films, this is getting embarrassing!

Oh my god! She should stop taking about this. Someone needs to put some sense into her head!

The best thing Hritik can do it to ignore her. I am pretty sure they did have an affair, but so what, let it go.

Hehe she is relentless! When is Simran coming and going?

She's going to beat an apolgy from them at every film promo. Not a fan of wither and even less now, there are bigger issues in the country than jilted livers dragging each other publicly

Tu ne bada prove krdia sb kych jese.

She has officially gone crazy.

She was quite for months now when jealous and liar stalker saw hrithik with suzzane and her flop movie with no buzz she start ranting the same lies. I challenge her to prove her accusations.

Woh prove ni kr oaye na toh pyscho tm apni baat hi prove krdo.

Never seen a desperate woman in my life. She is sick and needs immediate treatment.

Kangana said she was engaged to him and had an affair with him but she couldn't prove anything. So she changed the statement first said i didn't write those mails then i felt naked when my mails got published later deny writing it niw accept writing it. In this she again deny writing them. She said that hrithik dance and have fun at my birthday party but in an interview to HT in 2013 she said i invited all but hrithik and Pc couldn't came coz they were outside india.

Rajeev is so dumb . He should have asked her about her did she proves her allegations? Why she twice denyvand twice accept writing those emails? Why she sent them in first place?

Don't comment without watching the interview

Lamo at they couldn't prove anything. She is talking as if she has proved everything. She refuses to give her phone and laptop said it fell into water and ran away when cops visit her.

I'm glad she spoke up because too many articles were being written at the time and it left me confused. Last article I read was about them not being able to find the imposter and the case got closed. You would think the media would report that Kangana got vindicated but this never happened.

Ok kangana the stalker . Roshans couldn't prove anything. But same goes for you. You too couldn't prove anything yer police said casecis close now. You prove the relationship and engagement. Also prove that he has your password. Till then shut up.

Lol again she changed her statement. Now he himself send those mails. Yesterday she admit sending mails. Lol

More power to you Kangana!

ahahahahahahaha, where is the power? stalking a married man who is not in love with u.

Kangana is so obsessed with Hrithik.

Who wouldn't be. Have you seen him. Drop dead gorgeous guy and so down to super successful. She probably thought she was set for life. He is not a bad guy but definitely an idiot for failing for her.

She is making fool 9f herself. She should apologise them in public. She couldn't prove anything. At least hrithik proves that engagement was fake unlike kangana who couldn't prove her Paris engagement.

Lol did she really say this? It's hard to believe . If she did, she's totally mad

Kangana said many things but she couldn't prove it yet

Worst movie promotions. Simran must be really bad that she has to bring a dead controversy.

Lol shecs saying as I f she has proved everything.

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