Hrithik Roshan on his dark skin tone in Super 30: If someone talks about such things, there's racism in it

Hrithik Roshan gets talking about people pointing out his dark skin tone in the film. Here's what the actor has to say.
Hrithik Roshan on his dark skin tone in Super 30: If someone talks about such things, there's racism in itHrithik Roshan on his dark skin tone in Super 30: If someone talks about such things, there's racism in it
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Hrithik Roshan and Mrunal Thakur's Super 30 has hit the screens today, and while the former is returning to the screens after a gap of two and a half years, the latter is only one film old in the industry. The movie traces the journey of mathematician Anand Kumar, and while it is not supposed to be a biopic, it is a real-life story inspired by real-life incidents. The movie's early reviews have come in and all seems to be well, but ever since the trailer first release, the actor's dark skin tone has been a talking point.

And now, answering the question in an interview with Hindustan Times, Hrithik went on to say how it does not make any sense and that he has been many more shades darker in the likes of films like Agneepath, Dhoom 2, and other films for that matter. He made a point stating a man selling papad in 45 degrees is likely to have a darker shade or else people would have pointed out how can he be so fair? In fact, the actor also added how it is people talking about this is what is a part of racism. He raised questions like is it supposed to mean a fair skinned sky can't play this part or does that mean he doesn't have a right to choose to play such a part.



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Meanwhile, Hrithik has gone all out with the promotions and last night, a screening of the movie was held. Rave reviews have been pouring in for the film and the actor, and with all the wait that has been for this one movie, we sure are excited for this one. What do you have to say? Drop in your comments below.

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This is missing the entire point. The FACT is that darker-skinned people will often lose out on jobs/roles because light skin is the standard of beauty in India. Why get a fair skinned actor to darken his skin, when you have the option of choosing from millions of people with actually darker skin??

They and even Oscars lapped up Aamir's brown face in Lagaan. And starting some new issue here. Ignore these jobless critics and keep exploring different roles. There r very very few Mainstream Stars who are Great Actors as you. Public has given u a thumbs up and thats all matters

True. Only a racist and shallow mind can talk about skin color so much when the subject of the film is so important. Education of the have nots.

He is right. They r trying to divide actors by color when such a thought was never there. An actor shud play different roles and change his look accordingly. It is not a big thing. Hrithik is also an Indian. Not some Caucasian. It is offensive to him to be asked not to do such roles. And offensive to dark skinned actors that they only shud do such roles.

I hv never seen people asking why Nawaz skin tone was changed in some films or Kajol shown fairer in Fanaa.

Well said. Actors shud not be told what roles to take up and not. I hv never seen any outrage when so many dusky actors are shown lighter than they r. Looks like they r paid by rivals just to nitpick.

He is spot on. When people say he shud not play and only dark skinned actors shud play such roles, they are the ones who are indulging in racism and segregating actors from same race in terms of color

He's quite the raja beta, no wonder there's no direct interaction with the press this time.

these people have no knowledge of the words they use whatsoever ! stupid people

talkin is and doing is not ??? its good that u keep quiet all the time

Lol clearly the dude doesn't know what racism is.

Asking actors to choose roles based on skin color IS racism

This dumb man has no idea about the history of blackface. Calling it out is rascism. WOWWWWWWW

U are the one dumb. Hrithik and Anand Kumar belong to the same Race. So, this entire argument is stupid.

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