Hrithik Roshan on Kangana Ranaut's digs: I learnt bullies have to be treated with patience, not engaged with

With just four days left for the release of Super 30, Hrithik Roshan in an interview opened up about how he manages to stay away from controversies and not respond despite provocation.
Hrithik and Kangana have been in an endless battle since things between the two went south in 2015-16.
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Looks like the constant public outburst between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan won't be dying anytime soon. The actors who slapped each other with legal notices back in 2016 seem to find a way back to each other somehow. This year it was with both their movies, Judgementall Hai Kya and Super 30, clashing at the box office before Hrithik requested the producers to change the release date of his film. Now, with just four days left for the film's release, Hrithik in an interview opened up about how he manages to stay away from controversies and not respond despite provocation. 

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Hrithik said, "I have come to realise that bullies have to be treated with a certain amount of patience, and not be engaged with. It is upon the civil society and those who claim to be just and fair to see and observe if there is harassment. Also, being who I am, if I choose to confront as per laws, I become the aggressor. If I withdraw from a film-clash that I know has been pre designed, then I become a weakling penning a sob story. I have learned to not get affected by either."

However, the actor added that he did have a complaint. Hrithik said, "Although, to be honest, my only grouse is with those supposedly ‘enlightened’ people who praise and often cheer this behaviour in the name of ‘new’ and ‘refreshing audacity’, without any desire to be rational or truthful. They are the enablers who have allowed this circus to continue for six years." 

Hrithik also addressed his legal case. He said, "There is no legal case that I directly have with the lady (Kangana), and the reason I cannot have one is because apparently a guy cannot be stalked in India." 

Hrithik and Kangana have been in an endless battle since things between the two went south in 2015-16. We wonder if this comment will trigger another endless chain of Twitter banter from Kangana or her sister Rangoli Chandel. 


On another note, look at the photo they have selected for this!

It's an edit photo. Original photo has vivek on other side holding kangana. Its available on internet.

Kangana is a stalker. Here hate comments on Hrithik proves it again.

good work HR PR ! all comments are so similar as if by handfull of u al.

Kangana PR spotted

Being so ugly, she has the nerve to mock a Greek God's looks and age. If he just turns around and calls her a Flop filthy mouthed classless ugly background actress, she wud hv no where to hide. Bcoz it is a fact.

In any civilized country, the way Kangana has hounded, stalked and intimidated Hrithik would've landed her in jail. In any civilized country that is.

Entire bollywood shud ignore that woman. If they have any brain or self respect.

Coward aunty keeps hiding behind her sister twitter account to stalk and abuse everyone. The language she uses "sasta maal" "chadi geeli kar dungi" "charbi utar dungi" is a sign of her class and retardness

Love this man. He speaks very less but when he does, he just hits hard and makes so much sense.

Hrithik have guts come on tv in front of the journalist and it coward

He already did it twice. Aunty

She has bullied even her National award winning director and stole credit for his film. I am surprised how people still work with her and she is not even some great talent. She is just a one trick pony

She has been making so many digs at him all the time for years now. All bcoz she could not elicit a positive response from him. I mean what kind of nonsense is this. I really hope Karma hits her and all the persons who enabled n encouraged her nasty behavior.

She and her sister think they will just plant any lies and get away with nobody questioning them. Good that everyone from journalism Justin Rao to Apurva Asrani to Director Krish to Hrithik to Ranbir to Alia to Anurag Kashyap to Deepika. Everyone is standing up against this uncultured pathalogical liar and attention ho!

No other workplace would hv tolerated this much nonsense from anybody as much as Bollywood has tolerated this mediocre flop aunty and bully. I mean she brings nothing to the table. No looks or stardom. Just controversy and drama. Instead give work to Professionals and Grateful persons like Taapsee, Bhumi, Kriti etc.

Dont worry Hrithik. All those who cheered her harassment and blatant lies hv become her latest victims now.

It is funny how the Ugly sisters keep mocking the looks or age of others. Do they hv a mirror at home? They are clearly frustrated that not a single Hottie shows interest in them despite all their seduction attempts. Gold diggers are not crying against star kids after all attempts to bag one failed lol

Flop uncles sobbing story. Creep family.

He is too polite actually. If people just list out the kind of stuff this mongrel has said in last 4 years of harassment - all bcoz he did not show interest in her advances nor was ready to stay silent to her PR gimmick lies - it will run to pages. This woman needs therapy and a Jail term

She and her sister are Big Bullies who keep abusing those who stand up to them. Just see how she bullied Varun, Taapsee, Journalist the other day. Why is it so necessary that she or her film has to be praised? People will call her acting or her film shitty if they find it. That is their opinion.

Watching kangana on video lie and talk about her brand to that journalist proves she is untruthful, untrustworthy and completely self absorbed. This is how to lose friends and alienate people. At this point it’s hard to separate the actor and the horrible person she is, there are others way more talented

Drama kings another attempt to salvage a flop movie

She is a bully. It is as true as Hrithik is a pathetic dishonest man. He misjudged Kangana’s audacity to challenge him and stand up against him. So far it was good. But Kangana went down hill from there. There is no stopping for her and she keeps getting louder and louder and develop this syndrome that she has the right to devalue any one and anything they worked hard. Now about Hrithik he simply is not an intelligent man and fell flat on Kangana issue because he assumed everyone is same on his IQ level.

He misjudged the extent of her shamelessness and evilness. I think her IQ level is seen in the way she always gets exposed all the time thru her own tweets and conduct

Kangana has treated this bully with patience.

Great. That's how bullies should be treated.

One person aka Kr Pr is writing the same thing again and again. They cant digest how public is siding with Hrithik and praising him.

He is totally correct. Even i am shocked seeing people supporting Kangana in the name of feminism

Kangana's and her PR is writing the same comments and shamelessly dragging his divorce.

Really Hrithik patience ?? Why did you jump to put that Pope tweet and a legal case.. you did not show any patience there .. you are sick man Hrithik. Good job PR


All this started when he filed a paper against Kangana through his lawyer because she said a silly ex threw her out of a movie, she did not mention anyone's name. We all know about his affair with Katrina but she said nothing and he too kept it quiet. By trying to silence her, he did not know Kangana was going to over react. He was stupid, I must say he should have ignored her. After all there was rumours she had a fling with Sanjay Dutt but that news died naturally because he said nothing. Did he have an affair with Kangana,yes he did but he did not handle every thing well. He is such a good man but his ex wife divorced him. He was the one that broke the news first. He should have left his publicists draft an amicable letter released to the public by them not him. This guy always jumps the gun. This nonsense with Kangana has forever tainted him.

Victim blaming?

Hi stalker Kangana stop stalking him now

What do people think he just did! He is engaging and calling her a bully and people are going dignified! Have people no thinking power, stupid to the max.

People think he just spoke his story in a dignified manner. Bully ko bully hi bolte hain. People have thinking power n eyes to see what a bully kangana is @
Post it

She is a bully. It's a proven fact.

He gave a print interview where the answers are framed by his PR. Why is he scared to face the camera dodo

Aww now loser stalkers fans screaming PR PR. He is an intelligent man and speaks with honesty and his mind. He is not scared to face camera. Chill stalker PR
Post this please

Even his sister didn't get him. And they said Sunaina is mental. That is real Roshans.

Stalker stop defaming Roshans. Sunaina is mental. She herself admitted it in her blog and interview

without mud slinging, counter attacking, badmouthing in the most dignified & respectful manner without even naming the bully, stalker & harasser. Also addresses the so called literalists cheerleaders providing platform & wings to the stalker & evil doer.

So to divert everyone’s attention from the ANand Kumar controversy and vikas behl, you want to get Kangana? Did she talk about you Greek fake bihari accent God? Why are you not talking about your sister coz you guys sedate her poor women. Hrithik karma will hit you double hard now wait and watch. You can run from every thing but not karma.

Hello Rangoli, Atleast speak logically. Vikas has been cleared and Anand too clear the air. This is not to divert attention from anything but to speak the other side of the story which doesn't go well with you as he exposed you again and speak sense. Focus on your film you fake psycho stalker . He has a right not to speak about his sister in public. He didn't sedated her and itsa lie about your psycho sister. Karma will hit you hard. Wait and Watch.

be fair to all and post this fact.

Vikas has been cleared by a sham of an ICC

This is ain’t Rangoli she got no time for you HR fan..karma has already him and I don’t even need to mention the details here ..karma will hit kangu too but all I see is her getting more movies and the bullies getting pissed off about it ..and yes this is no Kangana fan but someone who cannot tolerate these bullies ..he did not expose anything shameless guy went and released a girls photos and you guys call him dignified, which decent man does this??? Had a man done this to someone from your family you would know. But what to expect from dimwits like you

You sound illogical and a hater. Supporting and defending a bully then claim I cant stand bullies. World knows Rangoli has all the free time to stalk HR and troll all. Which decent girl sends such photos to a man in first place? Those photos were leaked by KR team and blame it in him. How do you feel if you or any man from your family being harrased and your family being defamed by a woman? Think.

This is Rangoli as she loves to stalk and attack people even if she has nothing to do with it. Karma has hit Kangana. . Bullies? The only one who is a bully is Kangana and her sister. . More movies doesnt make her a good person. If you cant tolerate bullies so giw come supporting and tolerating a bully here? Must be ashamed of her. He did exposed her again . He didnt realased the girl photo. It was by her PR to defame him. Which girl sent such photos to a married man? Yes he is dignified and you are burning to see him getting this tag. He is decent. Had any man from your family being harrased and bullied by a woman only then you know. What to expect from dumb people like you.
Plz post this truth pv

Hrithik is always well spoken. It was a good read. He has a sane and realistic attitude to problems and situations. Despite being constantly provoked he never lost sense and direction and conducts himself with utmost elegance.

And I can empathise with him completely. Imagine being mentally harassed and bullied incessantly for years and the media encouraging it in every possible manner because it gives them traffic and trps. This guy has come a long way evolving and maturing with time and experiences.
At this point, if the alleged affair between him and that lady in question took place or not is irrelevant; what he has been subjected to all through is way worse.
It's time to amend the Indian laws to make it gender-neutral.

On a different note, I'd say one 'twitter warrior' with shitty English skills may need a translator to get her through the insights into the interview. Better hire one!

Women can too stalk , harassed and rape a man. Laws are so biased towards men in this country. Then these women cries for equal rights for both the gender. Give rights to men too.

Her dig about Mohenjo Daro was still funny.

Poor hater has nothing to say. MD was still better and earn more than Simran and Rangoon combined. BTW the horse riding was the funniest thing out
post pv

Ok Ranbir and nepo gang so was varun’s bull fight it was epic hahahaha atleast the fake horse is something all actors do big deal

See the difference. Hrithik has been brought up well and by a dignified woman while kangana and nepo sister got the worst upbringing by a undignified woman.

He is beautiful inside out.

We stand by your side. Team Katrina Kaif.

How can one not fall in love with this man. He is class apart.

Yes that is exactly why his wife left him as he is 3rd class apart lol and then left Kareena too, his dad has been accused by Tisca Chopra so don’t give this bs he is well brought up ..he needs help always blaming others for problems

Yes ,his wife is back with him and expose kangana lies. He never left Kareena. She is not a saint either. Tisca Chopra didnt name anyone neither worked with his dad. Where is he blaming? He is speaking the truth. Kangana did harassed and stalked him. He is a class that's why 3rd class kangana is dying to get him. She needs help
Pv post this please post this time. Dont ignore

Looks like his movie is real shit. He is using her to promote it. Feel sorry for the wimp like attitude.

Same person repeating the same thing. But its not the truth. Look like you don't have anything so say now. He is NOT using her to promote his film. But KR using him to promote her shit flop movie. Feel sorry for her.
be fair to all and post pv

When a Dignified man speaks, he speaks like HR.

It requires guts and strength to speak on the sensitive issues before public and the way he did it is simply incredible. Kudos to his maturity and humility.

The more his PR teams call names to Kangana and her sister the more disease they invite to their so called god's home. Karma has a way. He should introspect how horrible things are going in his life.

HI Rangoli. Karma has already hit you and your sister hard. HIs PR team is not doing anything. Public is with him. KR should leave him alone and focus on her life and learn to be a good human,
post this pv

I thought Hrithik said he wants no
Questions to be asked regarding Kangana so why is daddy Roshan paying media houses to create the hype cry baby

Did he pay in front of you? Kuch BI. We all know KR is paying media to defame HR and crying . Yesterday reporter exposed her lies. lol. Cry psycho

be fair to HR and post

Seriously kangana and co, do something on your own without maligning anyone.

Do try it, oh yeah, you need talent and work to be put in, not pose with photoshopped filters as in Reebok ad.

Even a dump in the toilet can be better than you at acting.

Irony just died. Looking who is calling other bully. Arent you using her to promote your dud movie with an alleged abuser.

Lol posting the same thing. NO he is NOT using her to promote his movie. but she is using him to promote her disaster movie. We all know the clash was intentionally made.

He hasn’t just got only the Greek god looks but a heart of similar stature as well!

We Rk fans support Hrithik. He is someone who deserves all the respect for his patience and honesty.

Looks like the movie is a bore fest that’s why using kangu .. she is over you Greek god

Is that why Kangana talked about Hrithik during Manikarnika promotions, because its a flop bore film?

No honey Manikarnika was not a flop but if you feel happy little kid I will agree with you or you will cry like Hrithik cry baby wah wah wah

Manikarnika was a flop but whatever makes you happy. Cry stalker

LOL you are posting the same comment again and again but it wont turn out to be true. Its the other way around honey.

Lost your mind? He doesn't need Kangana at all for promotions. She isn't over the Greek God. He is here speaking the truth. Kangana's movie is a bore that's why she tried to clash it with his movie and then use his name to promote it.
Truth should be posted.

He is using kangana to promote his flop movie.

Joke of the decade. Its the other way around. He is enough to promote his film. Doesnt need a stalker.

All those enablers are facing her bulling and attacks now. Like they say, as u sow - so shall u reap. Just enjoy the circus Hrithik. U clearly hving the last laugh now lol

Dear, Hrithik.. I'm no fan of yours but I've been an observer of this circus too and can clearly see through certain things.. And please know that this woman has no supporter whatsoever.. She is buying people to praise her and write mean stuffs about you. But sensible people, the ones who are educated are clearly nauseated by the histrionics.. You are not alone..

Everyone keeps ignoring her. Even Taapsee called her Faltoo. But these sisters hv no shame lol

my respect has grown after his insightful interview. So much respect and more!

Hrithik and Aishwarya - both hv been victims of men who refuse to accept a No. Side effects of Beauty. But, i must say that both of them have handled themselves with utmost dignity.

Yeah the part where aishwarya used vivek and then threw him away was very dignified.

The man makes sure to respect everyone while putting out his views. Respect.

He makes sure that he is not disrespecting anyone. Love this man from the core of my heart .

Hrithik stands for dignity and is a classy man not the same can be said for Kangana and her sister

Men can never be stalked and male actors can never have affairs. Lol!

For harrasment there is no law for men. Sad! This makes more helpless.

These two women keep mocking everyone's age. She was exposed as being 36 years old herself and she mocked Ranbir and Alia's age. How is that she does not remember the age when she stalked all these Stars?

Truly a dignified man, full of patience, honesty & maturity!

Respect for this man who is always so well spoken. Everything he says makes so much sense and he always speaks from this heart.

Addresses the failure of law system in India according to which a man can not be victim in case of stalking.

Yes In India the law of stalking under cyber crime is only against men, So much for the gender equality.

An honest straight from the heart interview .

At times we might take someone’s silence for granted without knowing how much of a calculated thought is behind that silence. In this particular case a lot of things being said n done,the truth being out on numerous event yet people ignored it .

This is the most honest piece I have ever read and only goes on to grow my respect with each word.

I seriously supported Kangana until now, but now she and her sister have grown too egoistic and too verbally violent...
I understand what Hrithik means to say about these "enablers", I could see some of these "enablers" here...

This man is always so well spoken. Respect!

Hrithik is dignified, calm, elegant, classy.

Education does make a huge difference here..evil sisters should go back to school..

I doubt they ever went to school in the first place to go back.. Haha

when a man speaks he is mental but when a woman speaks she is a victim. Biased society.

HRITHIK. I did not believe you at first but now I am 100% with you. Kangana loves to play victim and bully others. This bullying will stop soon. Lot of evil happened in this world but it all came to end.


for haters only. Its the TRUTH.

for haters only. Its the TRUTH.

Using Kangana's name to promote his flop film.


As honest, dignified and mature interview. Glad he chose to speak up openly. Huge respect.

An excellent intv.. possibly his best in recent years. Very honest straightforward answers

He sounds so genuine and decent. #we stand with hrithik

Pity people around this mental man.

Really !Give me a sentence of what he said indicates that he is mentally ill!
lol..give me a break

And I pity you and people around you and your bully idol

Respect sir, the grace and class with which u deal with these bullies are commendable..

Irony just died. Kangana is treating bullies with patience.

Kangana is the biggest bully. She isnt dealing with it. Kuch bi

He will not speak because he will get caught! Look at Roshans past it's disgusting!

Kangana's past is even more disturbing and disgusting. And I used to be Kangana's fan too and I am not a fan of Hrithik or Kjo or Alia or Deepika either.

He has spoken. Kangana got caught and exposed. Ranuat's past is disgusting and cheap.
post it.

YEs he does by back stabbing as he has no guts .. Barbabra Mori, Kareena, Katrina, Kangana, Suzanne are all harassing him poor kid

He or Ranbir can have affairs with 100 people. But does not mean they shud say Yes to you or shud be harassed for saying a NO to the advances of a stalker

Example of enabler^^^

This is rich coming from a fan of a mental woman. LOL

He has guts. What about kangana stalking Aditya, Ajay, Rk, Hrithik, Adhyan, British guy? poor woman.



My love for you has increased a lot Hrithik, best of luck for everything...

Well said Hrithik. She is beneath contempt.

We want equal rights for men.

Well balanced interview

Well said Hrithik. But, u shud opt for legal option now. Atleast for getting a restraining order against her and media. Let your case kickstart the need for Laws against Stalking and Harassment by women.

He did go the legal way and nothing happened lol restraining order are you watching a lot of American movies hehehe do you even know why do they have it really his fans are as silly as him

I really hope Hrithik pushes for Gender Neutral Laws. His voice can make a big difference. Too many men are committing suicide bcoz of the mental trauma n nonstop harassment

And what about the horrible things that are happening to woman on a daily basis

I would like loved it if he ignored the question. She is really not worthy of any attention or answer. She n her sister are a clown dancing to media circus

Well said HR..your dignified silence is much harder than a hard slap on those evil sisters face...

Yes only pyscho feminist supports this behaviour in the name of feminism and women empowerment.

Well said Duggu.

The truth has been spoken.

Now stalker fans come and abuse him. 123 go.

Kangana needs to learn from him how to put your side forward in a civilised way.

Hrithik we stand with you.

This is how one can express their story without attacking people. Kangana should learn it.

Good he has spoken

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