Hrithik Roshan opens up about his father Rakesh Roshan's battle with cancer; Read on

Producer, director, screenwriter, basically an all-rounder, superstar Rakesh Roshan was diagnosed with cancer in January this year
Hrithik Roshan,rakesh roshan Hrithik Roshan opens up about his father Rakesh Roshan's battle with cancer; Read on
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Hrithik Roshan is currently gearing up for his next film Super 30, a biographical drama based on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar and his educational programme. The Greek God of Bollywood will be gracing the big screen 2 long years after his last hit film Kaabil, in which he shared the screen space with Yami Gautam.

In a recent interview, the actor opened up about his father Rakesh Roshan, who was diagnosed with cancer in January. He shared, “In my father’s generation, a man was taught that masculinity meant being a rock. That a father is someone who is very strong and never expresses his vulnerability. Tears, we were taught, are feminine. But being a student of life, I have learned that strength does not mean the absence of tears. I realised that my dad had held way too much inside of him and I felt it was unhealthy.”

He continued to speak about his father’s battle with the disease and said, “Having been through all that he has, one day I pushed him to express what he has been feeling. And I could see how impossible it was for him to let go of that strength. But eventually one day, he broke down completely. I hugged him and we both let the tears flow. Ironically, even at that time he was switching between breaking down on my shoulder and consoling me as a strong father. We all felt so much stronger after that release. We must learn to express ourselves as human beings openly. Not just the popular emotions, but all emotions.”

Back in January when Rakesh Roshan went through a surgery, Hrithik had shared a beautiful picture with him along with a heartfelt message, calling his father the strongest man he knows.


We love you Hritik. Good luck.

He is a good son. I have always liked him. Kangna plz stay away from this post. Let this he just one positive post. It is about cancer and people who suffer from it. For once be a human

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