Hrithik Roshan shifts release date of Super 30; says he wants to save himself from toxic mental violence

Hrithik Roshan shared an official statement on his Twitter page that he is postponing the release date of his film Super 30. He changed the decision after Kangana Ranaut's Mental Hai Kya's new release date was announced as July 26 which was Hrithik's film release date. The actor said he wants to save himself from toxic mental violence and hence he took the decision.
News,Hrithik Roshan,Super 30Hrithik Roshan postpones release date of Super 30; says he wants to save himself from toxic mental violence
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Hrithik Roshan has postponed the release date of his upcoming film Super 30. Kangana Ranaut's Mental Hai Kya will be releasing on July 26, 2019, which was earlier the release date of Hrithik's film. Recently, the makers of Mental Hai Kya announced that their film won't be releasing on June 24 anymore and announced July 26 as the new release date. As soon as MHK's release date was changed, there were reports that Kangana is again targetting Hrithik's film. Earlier, her film Manikarnika released on January 25 which was Super 30's first release date.

Today, Hrithik Roshan took to his Twitter page to share that he is postponing the release date of his film Super 30. The actor shared a statement which reads, "So as to not allow my film to be desecrated by yet another media circus, I have decided to shift the release date of my film SUPER 30 in order to save myself from the personal trauma and toxic mental violence this would cause. Despite the film being ready, I have requested my producers to shift and announce the next suitable date as soon as possible."

He further wrote, "Over the past few years, to my utter dismay, I have been witness to a lot of us cheering and encouraging what was/is an open and blatant case of harassment. I must even now, wait patiently and silently for collective consciousness of society to take cognizance of such matters in order to maintain our faith in civility of our society. This unrelenting helplessness must end.

Check out his tweet below:


There needs to be a Gender Neutral Laws for Stalking n Harassmnt. Only then, these bitches will learn a lesson

Stalker could not get the grapes - so started barking them as sour. Good decision to not give her wat she wanted. Well done.

Whatever happened between them, Hritik got the worst of it!! He hardly got any support from his “friends”in Bollywood. As much as I feel sad for him, I cannot help but admire Kangana’s tenacity and guts to march all over her supposed rivals. She will go to any length to defame them it seems.. May be they deserve it may be they don’t , we may never know.

Nice try. Shamelessness is not called guts. Everyone - except her bots - know that there was nothing between them as seen by her own mails. She is a manic stalker who cannot handle rejection to her advances and got exposed by many for misusing their name. She deserves to be sent to prison and asylum

The person here to be blamed is Ekta. She shouldn't have clashed it at all.
Hrithik did a sensible thing. But Hrithik shouldn't blame it on mental violence. He did try to malign kangana initially. But he didn't get the support. N the only reason he didn't get support is because people knew he did had a fling with her. She might have stalked u n harassed you. I feel bad for it for u. But u might have had a one night stand with her. N that is where the people r hurt. N then u denied.

I agree they definetly had a fling wanted to forget it like old news but kangana gets a slip of tongue calls him silly ex and boom...
The ride starts
One may find kangnacrass a bit crazy ..personally I dont like ger bc of BJP association otherwise what she is doing is bang on...
I mean the way she called out ranbir and alia like literally dil thanda kar diya
HR definetly deserves it..all of these men who have affairs with girls whilst married do..but tgat doesnt mean kangana is good she participated in the wrong while having affairs with married men.
But the effect is good alia ,kjo,ranbir,HR all need a reality check

Who are u fooling? Her own mails are proof that forget fling, she was not even in friendly terms with him. U really need to be ashamed of her for hving no self respect and always harassing others. If she was a man, she wud hv been booked for sexual harassment. Kudos to HR, Ranbir for calling out the female psycho and her publicity gimmicks out

Dear kangana, stop posting and agreeing to your lies. Because no one is trusting you. The only person who needs the reality check is YOU. There was no affair between you and Hrithik. Its proven now.

Hello kangana, stop being delusional. There was NO affair between you two.

You need a reality check.

Are you nuts? He never try to malign kangana. Its she who did. Hrithik do get support and every one knows there was no fling between these two. Shame on you to blame without proofs. Kangana stalked and harassed him. There was no one night stand at all. May be in her dreams.

They were indeed seen together at parties. If someone is such a stalker you would want security guards around you. You wouldn't be doing songs like dil tu hi Bata in krish 3. Check their bts of krish 3. They look pretty comfy. Also they did a song in kites. He did indeed attend her close personal party. They were definitely friends. I understand why hrithik is denying it. For his kids probably. But the best way to solve it was to meet her in person on a lunch date for media to know. Sort it out whatever way they both think is best but when they get up from lunch both should say we have sorted it out. No hard feelings. Give a hug. Shake hands. N wish each other best of luck in life. N tell media it's all fine. That is the only way I see it. Cause frankly speaking I miss hrithik in movies. I just want it to be sorted n both working individually in movies.

Her stalking started in 2014. Not during Krrish 3. And she shud be jailed like other Me Too accused.

What the heck is up with your regressive mentality? I hang out with male colleagues and friends every weekend at parties and get-togethers. If I'm cordial with them, share a joke with them or touching their arm or take a photo with them, you'd count that as evidence that we're having a relationship?. By your logic, most people in cities are having hundreds of affairs

Excuse me. Not if that person is a stalker. Even in normal life if someone likes you n you don't like the person in return you distance yourself to avoid awkwardness. If he knew she likes him he should have been distant to her. He just played along with her. I understand. Alot of bolly people have one night stands. N with hrithik there were rumors with alot of people like the girl in kites. N kareena deadly silence on no movie with him. Admit it. He use to have flings. Never thought one of them would stalk.

Now that HR's PR Prabhat's name is out in public for continuously back stabbing Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan's drama of being a gentleman has started again. At least Kangana has the guts to shout in open but ths ladies man called Hrithik Roshan is a coward is fully proved now. Even his wife doesn't want to reconcile with him again.

Kr pr calm down and stop lying. Kangana is contradicting ekta and backstabbing . Her drama I'd on full time. Her drama of being a feminist starred again. At least Hrithik has guts to call spade a spade . Torch bearer of feminism kangana is a stalker and a liar and urs priced now. Even her sister is ashamed of her.

Pv post

Lets say the shoes were on the other foot. Imagine the uproar if a woman was openly being harassed constantly, and pulled down by a male star....

Hrithik has been so dignified in all of this. The other man with no friends will soon be very lonely.

Enough of stalking and harassing Kangana and PR. Go and do some plotting to promote your trash movie. Take tips from vamp Ekta as she is good in evil plotting. Her soaps shows how evil she is to plot against family members and friends.

Hrithik should file a case on these evil souls for giving threats to him.

Toxic mental violence is what it is with people like Kangana but Hrithik should just not engage. She thrives on this. She wants to be knows as his ex and will never want to move on. He should instead. I like her guts in many ways but no denying she’s messed up majorly.

Shamelessness is not "guts".

Somebody just send those two Toxic sisters to a Zoo

Good decision. It is a waste of time to even engage with those two sickos.

This HR is a habitual cry baby - remember how he cried with the clash with SRK’s Raees with his movie - that blind-man’s revenge story (forgot the name just know how he was hamming in the teaser )? He had even involved his Dad! A 50 year old haggard man needs his dad still SMH

A 40 years old aunty still hiding behind her sister account and crying bcoz one Hot guy did not respond to her advances.

This stalker is a cry baby . Credit strealer .remember how she cried and stalked during her last release that some bold girl forgot the name. She stole the credit from writers and directors later crying foul and used a woman card. She edited the scences out of insecurity . She had even involved her sister. A 40 year old horrid woman needs her sister still SMH


Every fandom sides and supporting Hrithik. The general public too is supporting him. They arent getting fool by kangana and her lies. Truth prevails. I can see kangana PR here lying, falsely blaming him and his team. Truth is she is frustrated to see her plan destroyed and her not being able to talk about him anymore. Few paid journalists are siding with her and posting against Hrithik. She stated this drama just create buzz and hype for mhk. Well, karma is a bitch.

LMAO,HR PR is on fire, replying to comments exposing his lie and fake dignity.

Rofl kangana's PR is on fire. Posting lies exposing her lies, fake dignity and obsession.

Hr is biggest liar

KR is the biggest liar

He should ask KJO how he feels after karma hits him.Super30 is another kalank on the way, hope this 6 fingers devil understand it soon.He's the player and the victim, he should get an award for his off screen performance.

She should ask kjo how he feels after KARMA hits him. MHK is another kalank on the way. Hope this plastics pyscho devil understand it soon. She is a W and a stalker and a villain. She deserves an award for her off screen performance.
Be fair to all and post

Hi kangana. ,

Her only ambition in life is to get the ex tag of her PHANTASY. Which she never gets because she wasn't his ex.

It is not Kangana's PR posting comments here. It is kangana itself posting nasty comments against Hritik. She is too obsessed about him she cannot help but type away on any article on any social media involving them both. Bang Bang ki jai ho!!

hrithik moved his release date, isnt it? Kangana should shut up about his movie and focus on her movie. that goes for Kangana's PR too.

Kangana's PR 's super failure is the reason inspite of her last movie crossing 100 crore, Kangana didnt get any mileage out of it.

Hrithik won the round hands down by moving the movie date.
(Kangana change your PR strategy, you would do so much better )

Kangana PR is here and lying as usual. Why cant you go and plan another plan to promote a flop? Think who will you attack next Deepika or Alia or may be Karan.

This is the end of KR career. Perfect revenge from Hrithik. R.I.P kangana.

The way Hrithik has handled the whole situation looks so silly! He should have just been secure enough and gone ahead and released his movie the same day...he could hv avoided promotions if he was worried that press would ask him controversial questions! How long will he keep running away from her...they both are going to stay in the industry for a couple of decades more atleast....

Kangana needs to be held accountable just like men who harass women need to be held accountable. Why is there different laws for women who harass men.

All you going crazy in comments. It was Ekta's decision to clash on the same day. Infact kangana request Ekta to not do it. So why are you guys fighting a fake battle.

There are 3 different statements by them on the same issue. Which one to believe? I guess there's no coordination between ekta and kangana

Do you trust kangana? Lamo. Liar is lying again. See her statement is totally opposite of ekta. She created thus fake battle

This is the end of HR's career..perfect revenge taken by kangna..RIP HR

Who? we were discussing married man with kids Aditiya Pancholi's keep.

Don’t think that guy is even interested in movies. He is a star anyway. Even if he takes 5 year break people will go for him. Kangana should make hay while sun shines

Read on Twitter where a critic openly said he was asked to tweet by Hrithik’s PR but he declined and then they asked him to delete the tweet. He refused. This is called true journalism. You guys blindly following him will know one day how your beloved actor fooled you guys. He is talking about mental torture what torture is he talk t about ?? He asked his PR to go ahead with his drama. Shame on Hrithik. No wonder for 3 years he had no movie. And even if Kangu gave flops her acting was always praised and atleast she was still working. Yes I agree at times she goes over board with her statements but here Hrithik is wrong very very wrong. Shame on him this is not how a 45 year old behaves.

Hrithik PR is also paying journalists to write against kangana, i saw exactly same tweets coming from different people.They are also using same hashtag #mental for kangana. It seems they have written the script and bribed them to write in his favour.He started the drama by dragging KR name,now playing the victim and 'pure class' image.Pv post without being biased.

One more accusation by stalker. Truth is Kr PR is paying media and journalist to write against Hrithik. I saw the same tweets from different people. They are also using hashtags # bhagooda for Hrithik. It seems like they have written the script and bribed them to write in her favour . Sge starred this drama by dragging Hr name, now playing the victim and pure class image.. pv post please. W
Dont ignore and biased towards Hrithik.

Shame on you kangana to lie and accuse. Its your PR who is doing all. Your PR spread a fake message under his name and your sister retweeted it. Journalist who always sided you all of a sudden praised Hr. You paid them. Yiu are lying again but public is not a fool. We all know your drama. You clash it to create hype and used ekta. Yiu are lying again but no one is trusting you. Shame on you. Still stalking, harrassing, lying and blaming . We all see how your PR worked against Dp and your sister retweeted hate comments on Dp .
Post this

Read Twitter where a critic openly said he was asked to tweet by KR PR acting like HR PR but he refused and then they asked him to delete the tween he refused. This is called true journalism. You guys blindly follow her will know how she fool you guys under the disguise of feminism. She asked her PR to ho with this drama and send fake messages in his name. Shame on you kangana. No wonder no movies of you worked for 4 years. Hrithik is always praised in his flops and is still working making billions and newcomers dying to work with him. Kangana is wrong very wrong. She has accused and still accusing him . Shame on her. This not how 38 year old behaves.
Be fair to all the fandom and post.

Hahaha who is this moron copying my comment and interchanging name from Hrithik to Kangana. He is saying she didn’t work for 4 years and she is 38 .. god his fans are hideous just like HR. Rock it Kangu you are the best, I don’t wish argue with his fans anymore they are delusional,will put an end to this kiddish argument. This fan is more obsessed with HR and keeps begging PV to post as of Kangu cares a damn what you write about her hahahaha ..

Oops... what a pity

Kangana PR spotted. Your obsession and stalking knows no boundaries. Priced you are harassing him and lying.

He should get justice. How can a woman carried away with such kind of behavior? because she is a woman doesn't mean she can do anything. Hrithik has suffered a lot now its time for justice. People choose to ignore the threats given to him by those vile women. Our society demands equal right for both the genders but where are rights for men? Kangana should got to jail.

People who are supporting her and calling him a liar/playing a victim etc. I wish you go through the same torture, and all refuse to believe you by saying you are a liar and creating stories. Stop acting like a victim etc, only then you will understand the pain of Hrithik.

HR radicalized Kangana. He has a fling with her and decides no one should know about it..then threatens her and tries to destroy her career. Unlike other victims of Bollywood elites she decides to fight back ....out in the open .
HR like arrogant drunk with wealth and power Bollywood biggies will start talking about "upbringing" and dignity while going after one single woman in the most dirty underhanded ways possible. They will use their connections to degrade and destroy her.
But Kangana says "Not Today" .

Hrthick never had a fling with flat chested chicken pox face. Even photoshop can't hide the scars on it face

KR stalked HR and project him as a preparator. He NEVER had any fling with her. It was in her VIVID IMAGINATION (her own mails are the solid shreds of evidence) In this era, you cant hide the fling. When she fails to get him, she threatens him and try to destroy his career and scar him as she threaten him in one of her emails. Instead of keeping quiet despite knowing in this sick society , people always trust women , he decided to fight for the truth,. KR like an psycho alcoholic, acts like PC of aitraaz with a political background and misuse a woman card, talking about FEMINISM and dignity while stalking a married man by sent dirty email and nudes. She is using her connections and feminism to degrade and destroy him. But Hrithik says "not anymore"

Hope you post the truth

KR stalked HR and project him as a preparator. He NEVER had any fling with her. It was in her VIVID IMAGINATION (her own mails are the solid shreds of evidence) In this era, you cant hide the fling. When she fails to get him, she threatens him and try to destroy his career and scar him as she threaten him in one of her emails. Instead of keeping quiet despite knowing in this sick society , people always trust women , he decided to fight for the truth,. KR like an psycho alcoholic, acts like PC of aitraaz with a political background and misuse a woman card, talking about FEMINISM and dignity while stalking a married man by sent dirty email and nudes. She is using her connections and feminism to degrade and destroy him. But Hrithik says "not anymore"

Hope you post the truth

All Kanagana haters, your beloved Hrithik’s movie is based on a mathematician who was accused of fraud and lies. No wonder Hrithik was the chosen one for this as he exactly the same a BIG LIAR hahahha. And yes pls ask your beloved HR to be a MAN and own up. Even the industry folks know there was something between them no wonder they threaten Kangu. But he messed with the wrong girl. He said he had saved the her emails in the spam folder doesn’t that dumbo know spam gets deleted automatically every few days, how did he still have it after 2 years?? He is liar and a coward and playing the victim here poor guy can get it loneliness can make you do crazy things. People asking for proofs there are lot of affairs in Bollywood where pics are never leaked, it’s all secretive.

Nepokid. Successful because of dad - started with KNPH, then Krish series and Kaabil. Only actor to have given flops with both SLB and Ashutosh Gowariker. ZNMD was a multi starrer and hit because of Zoya's magic touch. Wife ran away because of affair with Kangana. Now preaching dignity. First learn to stand on your feet.

Who is kangana? Go and find a job . Instead of preaching go n stand on your feet. Hrithik is a superstar, makes billions and loved by trillions.

Stalker still a flop. No dad can make their kid a success. He is successful because of talent and people love for him. He has znmd, JA, agneepath , D2, a hit. Znmd was a hit because of him

Queen , twm and twmr are hits because of Anand l rai. She is a flop. Sister was attack because of harassing another person.

Wife didn't ran away because of affair with Kangana. There was NEVER any affair between the two. His wife too said this.

Kangana get limelight only because of Hrithik. Karan, Dp and Alia. Talking about dignity. First learn to talk and stand on your feet.

pv this ans must a post

It's so obvious in Kangana's every word & deed that she is simply unable to forget Hrithik .A true feminist shouldn't need to constantly blather on about a man and give him the importance of speech .

You are suffering because you not accepting the truth! Your stubbornity is your problem and you are lying straight face. Just like Bill Clinton.

Exactly! kangana must realize this .She is not accepting the truth . Her stubborn nature and imagination is the problem. She is lying to the core. Just like Bill clinton

Exactly! kangana must realize this .She is not accepting the truth . Her stubborn nature and imagination is the problem. She is lying to the core. Just like Bill clinton

The last paragraph is hilarious...I think his life coach wrote that for him. I do feel sad for him sometimes except when I read such pretentious stuff! a man; don't be scared.

just change the date dnt create drama ! he is good at playing victim whether its his divorce matter or movie release.

Drama was created by the stalkers. They are good at playing a victim and a woman card whether its a real life or a movie release.

I hope Mumbai police gets into action and starts suing the writers and commmentors of this site too. If this were the US, it'd have already happened. Too bad Indians Suck at proper cyber laws or else pinkvilla would've sunk deep like gawker

What nonsense? Ever heard of first ammendment? Also, have you seen the gossip mags or sites for/in US?

KR PR is super active here. :P


Hahaha! They might go back to June date and start harassing Shahid now!!!

Ya totally, master stroke!

Those who believe that Aishwarya Rai had a toxic harasser,stalker they need to believe that Hrithik a has toxic stalker too. He is being harassed for the longest time.

True except that aishwarya did NOT have that stalker and the fact that she wants to work with him NOW and has been trying for years only proves it.. I agree it was a bad break up BUT it was nothing like this KR-HR situation.

Kr PR is active here.

Cant like bad comment on HR. HR's PR is active

Cant stop stalking HR. KR PR is active.

Cant like bad comment on HR. HR's PR is active

Ohhh GEM!!! HR also paid like KJo to control likes and dislikes lol

Your are right! No one wants to know reality

Yes , no one wants the reality. See how people still bashing a man who is subjected to torture and harassment by a woman. Still supporting her lies.

Oh fake feminist still thinking about her obsession. Paying media to spread lies . Lol

Ohhh GEM!!! HR also paid like KJo to control likes and dislikes lol

Good to move the dates to save your movie but passing such remarks is a letdown. Whats the difference between you and Kangana then?

What remarks are you talking about? he didn't badmouth anyone neither lie. He spoke the truth and how he has been harassed? have you seen the tweets by KR yesterday?

Pinkvilla post all the 3 different statements by stalkers and her producer on the same matter.

So he won't dare to say anything to ekta instead choose to bring kangana down because she is the easy target.and what kind of friend he is?he hates kangana but atleast he should care about ekta and stop this dirty game.

Where he brought Kangana down? Its she who brought him down. As he is a easy target. She is obsessed with him. Did ekta care about her friendship. What kind of a friend she is? Played a dirty game and threatened him
Pv post

Hrithik will do anything for his image..someone who can leak drug and affair stories about his wife can do harm to any friend.

Kangana can do anything for Hrithik. someone who stalk ,sent nudes and get engaged in her head. He can do harm to any friend.

Rangoli stop. Hrithik didnt leak anything. Suzanne knows it. Instead of accusing why dont provide proofs? Friends? Who? It's his friends who harm him.

HR is better than EKta’s father who raped his own cousin

Hrithik, you created a monster. Her audacity to harass everyone who don’t support her started with the sympathy she experienced during your episode. Before that she wasn’t this bully and at least maintained some decency. As some people started to support her, she became more and more aggressive and vicious towards anyone including the heroines who achieved success and awards. She now thinks that she is the ultimate talent in every field of movie and everyone should bow and step side ways while only she has the right to rule Bollywood. I agree that someone should stop this harassment and nasty ness in the name of feminism. But you should be hold responsible for letting this monster come out from a person who hid this bullying side from public.

movies work or not doesnt matter, we are with you HR, the ladies are nothing but crap to society, they keep spreading -ve everywhere

Ekta look angry about this whole thing, she even said stop trolling KR when decision was hers but HR wants to harm MHK, because after several attemps of kicking kangana, he and his team are not successful.In fact she is doing great and getting better scripts.

Ekta who is known for plotting and disgusting soaps full of negativity. HE doesnt want to harm MHK but KR wants to harm super 30 that's why clash iit. Because she failed in her attempts to destroy hi. ,she and her team threaten him openly .she even face failure in destroying him and his movies. He is doing great and loved by all.
Be fair to post

One thing is weird, there's a bunch of journalist tweeting and copying exact wording -where kangana is the evil and hrithik is the victim.What kind of dirty PR tactic is this?Idiots should atleast change the wording fowarded by HR team.

Where were you when sane media called him a villain and het a victim? Kangana is evil and now everyone knows it well. Dirty PR tactic is what she played. Yes journalists are idiot to remain silent about her PR giving ioen threats to him.
Pinkvilla post

Man child Hrithik grow up and own up your mistake. If Super30 flops it’s your own doing karma. You are a liar and that’s what you are no wonder your wife left you. You must have made her feel the same way.

Pyscho stalker get a life and accept your mistakes. MHK will be a flop and its KARMA. You are a liar and a stalker no wonder your sister were attack by an acid. You must have harassed that person in the same way.

Pinkvilla post this reply. Please support men too

Ok whoever you are and the statement that her sister deserved the acid attack shows what disgusting and vicious person you are. I will not even wish this for my enemy. I end it here as people like you are a disgrace to humanity. And then you have the audacity to call kanaga a psycho and who do you think you are ??? Hrithik’s failure is near he is already 45 and still behave like a kid. No wonder his fans are as manipulative and cowards like him who feel by throwing acid you are going to kill a girls spirit, and then run away like cowards. Good luck to you and your thinking.

Ok whoever you are and the statement about his divorce , him calling a serial cheater an all shows what kind of a cheap and vile soul you are! I will not wish for my enemy. People like you and kangana are disgrace to humanity. Drag someone divorce, bash his kids and ex wife is right? don't cry baby. Don't act like a victim here when you can drag his ex wife and divorce them people to can bring in the attack. Kangana is finished as she is already 38 and acting like a 5 year old who didn't get her favorite toy. No wonder her fans are as conniving and as sick and stalkers like her who feels that by bringing divorce you can defend your idol harassment. Pity you and your thinking,



Ekta already clarified it's fully her decision even then Hrithik's PR working day and night to malign kangana and projecting himself as a saint.Even ekta took a dig at HR PR on twitter because it was supposedly an amical mutual decision.

Ekta is a liar. Its KR PR who worked their ass off to malign HR and his team. Projecting het as a saint and a victim. Shamelessly threaten him openly . Look at the 2 different statements by ekta and pyscho sisters. Everyin took a dig at KR PR to spread lies.
Truth should be posted pv

Where and when HR PR malign Kangana? Its KR PR who malign HR and threatened him openly. Now she is showing herself as a saing and a victim. Ekta took dig at HR PR lol. HR exposed KR PR.


What a sympathy seeker - they all decided the dates why make it a personal tragedy

Now Kangana says they had decided to shift the movie last week. Any proof meeting happened?

I want to see how low will Ekta fall in this??? Kangana I know has no low in anything.

The psycho sisters won’t stop still...They are a big kalank in film industry..and Rangoli is the biggest aweful product of nepotism

For all those saying Hrithik started it plz read Rangoli's tweets. Also, if Kangana is tge so called lady superstar she and her sister must stop referring to Hrithik at the time of each of Kangana's movie releases. Get a life girl there are lots of women who date and break up. You are the only previleged personality getting so much media coverage for it. Bloody nepotism I say. Pinkvilla post this. will save you from your onesided pro kangana stand debacle.

They first provoked Kangana and Rangoli with nasty PR. rangoli retaliated, not knowing she is following their script. Now they made that as a base and announced shift of date.Hrithik is cunning and good player too.

Get your facts right. They didn't provoke the stalker .its these sisters who they to prove, threaten him and her PR spread lies . Kangana is cunning and a disgusting woman. Super 30 makers were silent its flop stalker who created negativity.
Truth should be posted

Well played Ekta and Hrithik well played. Anyways your movie is about a fraud mathematician so you wanted to feed off kanaga.

I think Kangana is blackmailing Ekta. She knows some black secret of hers, Kangana has nothing to lose and Ekta has everything to lose if any bad press comes out about her. I can think of only that reason for Ekta's behavior, as we see these filmy families are always tightly bound together.

Oh poor you Hrithik first you plan all this and then act all innocent and say I want to avoid drama. How can a movie date shift so soon, this was a pre planned. I know your crazy fans will come in support of the facade that you portray. Just like you wrote my wife has decided to leave me during your divorce as if you were not a part of it and putting the burden on your wife. Kangana was right you are creepy coward. Bring it on Hrithik fans hahaha

Yes dear, Hrithik planned it all. Thats why he avoided Manikarnika clash and is now avoiding MHK clash...

Did you read Kangana's lie in reply or maybe HR planned it too...

Hi stalker, your plan fail but time. How will you promote your movie? Hrithik is right you are a stalker and harasser. . Go to mental hospital.
Pv post

so true ! he is acting oversmart

Atleast not speaking ill or threatening anyone like pyscho sisters

dnt b so obsessed with her. y dragging her when she is not mentioning u . compete if u can

Your idol is obsessed with Greek God. He not even mentioned anyone.

She fell in love with him, he did nothing. That said, don't worry Hrithik, I'll boycott everything associated with Kangana and Ekta now

Hrithik did the right let’s see how long can ranaut sisters spew venom. The release is still 2 months away.

dnt use her for ur movie promotion . u hardly can act

Drunk? Where is he using her for promoting his film? It was the stalker who used him to promote her flop. She cant act and a flop.
Pv post this

1st thing is that u r scared of competition secondly if u really wanted to avoid mental trauma that u would not have so directly hinted towards kangana !her mention in ur statement shows u r faking something here MR GREEK GOD

First he is not scared of any competition. He didnt mention anyone at all. Hrithik isn't faking anything here but speaking the truth miss stalker.

a movie after years ! bechara dar gaya

Aww poor kangana. Promotion plan flop badly.

say straight u r scared ! no acting fattu

Yes, he is hell scared of flop Kangana.

Kangana n Rangoli will begin attacking Hritik now. Will say ge is scared,he ran away etc etc. I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart tht Mental hain kya is a huge royal flop and no one offeres Kangana a film ever again

I don’t doubt something happened between them but kangana isn’t willing to let go. Also at thisbpoint it’s plain harassment, there’s no way she cant not fight dirty. It’s all she knows and why she won’t be the superstar she wants to be

Shame on Ekta.

May the force be with you Hrithik. I am so sorry for the shameful society we live in today that lets this harassment continue without a shred of evidence against you. You certainly do not deserve this treatment. It is evident that in the end money rules in Bollywood. Friendships, relationships do not matter at all. Ekta is a perfect example of that.

To all those people that blame nepotism for Alia getting film offers take heed. All that matters in Bollywood is cheap publicity and money.

he is creating tamasha. He started this now too worried. stop this nonsense.

Everyone can see the truth clearly now dear, try your one liners somewhere else...

You are a rare gem Hrithik. Shame on you Ekta for perpetuating this circus. As I said before, Hrithik is being unfairly harassed by a psycho woman and her sister without a shred of evidence and Bollywood and people in general standby quietly. Trash like Kangana and Rangoli should be thrown out of Bollywood. People have the courage and stand up for what is right.

I am with Hritik. Will not watch any of the harassers movie ever to show my support.

He’s right.

HR you are the best and good you stay away from these evil ladies

Married man with kids Aditiya Pancholi's keep is at it again.

Well done !! A smart person always stay away from toxic people. Kangana will attack you again after this post be ready. Dude why and how did u put yourself in this mess. She is venomous woman !! With her filthy mind she can bring anyone down. Just be careful

Haha your smart person got so scared. Behind closed doors he agreed to change the date. After his PR BRIEF was exposed started with the “I am so bechara being harassed he is coward.A smart person would have refused the clash but he gave a go ahead which means he wanted to have all the tamasha and our the blame on the actress.SHAME

Stalker kangana got sacred and frustrated. Proof he agreed behind the door. Yes stalker you harraed him,openly threatened him . Its flop actress who wanted tamasha to create buzz for her flop. Shame on stalker.

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