Hrithik Roshan to romance Vaani Kapoor in YRF's next also starring Tiger Shroff

Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff to star in Siddharth Anand's directorial.
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On the birth anniversary of late filmmaker Yash Chopra, Yash Raj Films made a big announcement of a new film starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff in the lead. The film is helmed by Siddharth Anand and will go on floors next year.
Now, the makers have revealed the female lead of the film and it's none other than Befikre beauty Vaani Kapoor.
The official Twitter page of YRF made this announcement a while back. In the tweet, Siddharth is talking about Vaani stating, "While the film is primarily Hrithik vs Tiger, there is only one girl in the film who is opposite Hrithik. I was looking for young and fresh energy in the casting and I have found that in Vaani Kapoor."

Are you excited to see Vaani opposite Hrithik? Let us know in the comments below.

Hrithik returns to YRF after 11 years post the blockbuster Dhoom 2, while this is Tiger’s first film with YRF. Siddharth Anand who began his career with YRF returns back home to present both these superstars in a slick contemporary action film.
Hrithik and Tiger's movie is slated to release on January 25, 2019.
On many occasions, Tiger has spoken fondly about his favourite actor Hrithik. He had earlier said, "He is multi-talented and a gift to the industry. I am a fan of him since childhood and used to copy his steps as a child. That's why there are similarities in the way we dance. I feel he's the only complete package in the industry."
About Tiger, Hrithik had said, "Tiger Shroff is the next big thing."


Ok, wtf, has Hrithik gone from top actor to B-List. The girls in his movie are LAME. Yami, Pooja, Vaani, constantly Katrina. Anushka is way prettier than Vaani after their surgeries, he should do a movie with her, she's one of the number one actresses. And Deepika! And where's my new movie with Kareena?!? And Aish? What is wrong with you casting?

As far as directing, not producing, he needs to make another movie with SRK. All those movies are my fav, and both need a hit right now.

Sorry but aditya is ruining the legacy of yashraj films. Yash Chopra made so many classics which are loved to this day. Sadly the production house now just delivers mindless assembly line products like dhooms, thugs, tigers etc. The vision and imagination of yashji is sorely missed. I thought aditya was a chip of the old block but he just seems to be one more of those industry kids who inherit their parents legacy and fortune but not their talent.

I always preferred Aditya Chopra's movies. Yash Chopra was a good director but most of the movies involve the guys being jackasses/psychos or the lovers being separated for years. But now, I guess he's going through some sort of midlife crisis. He got his girl and now a family, and he's somehow still unsatisfied. Clearly he need SRK in his movies also.

this proves rani has no say in what happens in yrf

Vaani Kapoor is a plastic surgy nightmare gone so wrong, as for her acting there is no acting....

So this's the current shameless reality of Bollywood, every sugar daddy promoting his or her talentless prodigy..........KOJ and Alia, Aditya Chopra and Vaani Kapoor, Aamir Khan and Fatima...........LIKE WTF

Yeah, KJO would be doing Alia too if they were single and he preferred girls.

she is a good dancer and I like her as a person. Hope this works out for her although that means no release till 2019...?

Vaani has a great body though - hopefully we get to see skin show of Vaani - pity about her face though!

The film is tentatively titled '3 sisters'

Vaani please ditch YRF it will take u nowhere

So Hrithik and Vaani play brothers and Tiger is the lady between them? I hope Tiger and Hrithik makes romance. There's too much fire on twitter between them

I just want a dance-off like in Dil To Pagal Hai!

Adi is so sweet and innocent. This movie will be glamorous with lots of shirtless and abs scenes. Adding to that Vaani will be wearing bikini and almost will wear small dresses throughout, will do lots of kissing. We have NEVER EVER seen this in bollywood before. Yawn!

Vaani will play good Joker or IT clown kinda character.

Vaani was so disturbing in Befikre. Could remove eyes from her jaw and both the hyperenergetic monkeys made me exhausted.

I do not like this girl Vani but somebody likes her too much. What a big step to be casted opposite Hrithik.......

These comments..she has a great body! she's a great dancer! that's apparently all a woman needs to be a bollywood actor, what a shame.

Jeez!!! This is a big noooooo

Hero kaun? 3 heroines, right?

Forget Vaani, I'm surprised Aditya Chopra doesn't care about his own reputation as a viable producer or YRF going down in flames. How do you justify squandering your fathers hard earned reputation like this? He is now known as the Befikre director, not someone who made DDLJ. I think DDLJ was something his father had his hand in anyways. All this because he wants to spend time with Vaani. God man, if you want to have an affair, there are other ways to do it, not by casting your flop girlfriend in movies.

This is a compensation for loosing Thugs of Hindostan to Fatima. It was all about Aditya's protege V/S Aaamir's protege which Aamir won because when you have Aamir Khan in your movie you better agree with all his conditions so Aditya had to give Vani an other role in a big movie with a big star

question is, why is aditya giving special consideration to this gal? aamir, we all know. but whats up here? anyone notice uday and aditya might ahve the same taste.. uday also tall and slim model looking and well...

Uday isn't cheating on his wife.

Vaani looks like a horse! Plastic surgery ruined her good looks.

She is a great dancer

she needs to ditch YRF if she ever wants to achieve something in this industry. She came across very bitter towards aditya chopra during the promotions of befikre for making her wait for 2-3 years after her first film. Even after Befikre this is going to be a 2-3 years gap before this film release. That's almost 4-6 years wasted for a female actor in an industry that discards you after you hit 30.

Of course because he can take all the money she’s a flop show

Yay for Vaani. She is great dancer and pretty decent actress considering she has only done few films. Hope this works out for her.

Parineeti would’ve been better. Fuck it, Bhoomi would’ve been better!

vaani needs to fire her makeup artist, either play up the eyes or the lips, not both

From Priyanka, Aishwarya, Kangana to Yami Gautam (lol), Pooja Hegde, and now VAANI? And she’s a lithe, statuesque beauty? At least say, the excellent dancer or hard-working- something that might actually be true. These gals are dismal and below average in the acting department. How the mighty have fallen. He’ll be cast opposite some Lollywood bimbo next. Krrriiiissssssshhhhhhh4! Starring Hrithik AND... Veena Malik! Coming soon!

Vaani is a great dancer, she totally nailed it in Befikre. Okay actor too. Shame about the face though, she really ruined a naturally pretty face with chin surgery and whatnot!!!!! Adi Chopra OWES her for ruining her face. He is the one that insisted on her plastic surgery. No pity for Rani. Pity for the original wife Payal and I wish she is having a wonderful life and last laugh looking at all these tamasha.

Dear Rani,
You lose them the way you get them .


She has a 3 film contract

Nope she has already done 3 films two Hindi and one Tamil under Yrf

haha this is the best HR could do after all the drama? FLOP written all over..

Is this what they got for 'greek god'? LOL

Vani has a HOT body! I watched Befikre. She danced really good there. She is a good dancer with a Hot body. I will watch this movie for Hrithik. Vani should try her luck in Hollywood just she needs to do an acting course before that.

I want Hrithik to walk out of this film. I cannot tolerate Vaani even though I love Hrithik. Aditya Chopra and his girlfriend need to go away. Rani's marriage is coming to an end

She is so much better than Kriti Sanon who is all over the place !! Go Vani !!


that some really extreme skin lightening

Pros: Hrithik
Cons: Tiger, Vaani, Siddharth Anand

This is disappointing news but no a-list actress would touch this as there's no scope. Annoying to see vasni shoved down our throats, great nody but who in bollywood doesn't have one?

Its a siddharth anand movie. Blah! Name one decent movie made by this guy, and he has made 5 till now.

Yay Vaani! She's more talented than most of your pinkvilla sweethearts

So basically this press release talks about her figure and being a flowerpot, not talent. Yrf suffers from nepotism and favoritism. Vaani is so blah, a good dancer but there are plenty of others. More reason not to watch

OMG. They again hired this lady. Sleeping with the invisible man actually helps! Can’t see any reason to hire her otherwise. At least Rani was talented!

Go Vaani! I adored her in befikre (except some parts where she was a little frozen) but she's great! Hope this works for her.

How can people be so disgusting? You don't know the truth about Vaani or Adi or anybody else. Stop pulling other women down. Gross.

Ok Vanni

FLOP before it even starts. Aditya Chopra has gone bonkers.

When I read Hrithik's tweet to Vaani praising her dancing in Befikre, I somehow knew that she would be his next target!

He doesn't send nudes or 3000 mails to anyone like you Kangana so chill

ADITA CHOPRA is one SOLID & GROUNDED person......He unlike other Bollywood guys WiLL STAND FOR THE TALENTS HE BELIEVES IN......Good Luck Adi!!!

No No NOO..Sochna big mat! Yikess

Vaani is pretty talented guys. she matched ranveer beat for beat in befikre, but the film really sucked..not her fault!

How strange! Vaani in a YrF that too opposite Mr.Roshan .. Seems no one wishes to work with either of them.. This is a super funny pairing with the movie becoming a bomb written all over it!

kangana, you think every movie is katti batti or simran.. we shall watch this movie in full force

Ask from Kangana she will jump on board in a jiffy after all how to resist an opportunity to romance Hrithik at least on screen it's her ultimate dream to be called Hrithik's ex

vaani may not be pretty but i bet she give bomb bjs to adi

No!!!!!! Not the her, drags look more feminine than her!!! Urgh

Why is she still a thing? She is neither talented nor remotely pretty. If Aditya Chopra loves her so much, he should marry her instead of forcing her on the audience.

hahaha, wtf.You deserve this Hrithik.

Vaani is 100000 times better than u stalker loser

Vani ki Rani

Oh no

Rani's Karma for what she did to Payal Chopra

If this you call a karma for rani, then what is a good luck i don't understand.

She is a Malkan of YRF.. karma must love her then you loser, now get lost.

Happy for Vaani..she was very good in Befikre..and boy, she can dance!! PV plz post

I can't believe Hrithik agreed to it, Vaani will ruin this movie.

Isn't it apparent why Aditya Chopra is so gung ho about such a remarkably average looking woman?

Finally a yrf movie I was excited for and then they cast her... Adi, stop trying to make her a star so desperately!

I feel bad for Vaani..she was gorgeous and SO promising in Shudh Desi. She still looks ok though

I'm not even a fan of Vaani but even I know that for a dance movie with dance kings like Hrithik and Tiger, no other female actress right now is as good of a dancer than Vaani. Besides Kat. But Kat cant act, and Vaani can. So obviously Vaani is the best choice. Y'all are just hating cuz you want your boy Hrithik to get a hit. But he's a lost cause anyways so just be happy he's getting movies at all what with all his flops and dying stardom. If you wanna give anyone flak, give it to Hrithik. Vaani can actually act well so stop with all the hate.

Aditya chopra is an idiot. Period. He shouldnt think people will accept this flop actress if he keeps on giving her bigger roles and films. She cant act, her only positive is her body. unfortunately this isnt a swimsuit competition where good physique alone will get you by. Baap ka saara kaam mitti mai milaega. Since Yash chopra died they havent delivered a single massive hit. All of their romantic movies are rubbish. This is so sad because this studio gave classics such as kabhi kabhi, chandni, ddlj, veer zaara.

Hrithik Roshan meets V for Vendetta. :D LOL

Hrithik Roshan meets V for Vendetta. :D LOL

With yrf it's either star kids or plastic models. Not surprised tho, vaani has been waiting for Adi to throw her a bone

Yuck, hrithik how did u agree? This aditya chopra had the guts to say anushka sharia is not good looking & recommended surgeries. And he is casting thes she male in all his movies. Hrithik poor choice

So the rumours about her and Aditya must be true. Poor Rani! And the film is already a flop, believe me.

So... Natural beauty and talented Katrina should have been rejected this movie for her date issues...

i like Vaani, she's a good actor, dancer and her surgery has settled a bit

Poor Rani.

Poor Rani.

Girl is a billionaire, has a husband who calls the shots in BW..but yeah poor Rani lmao

SoO much for fcuk sake.. Vani n Adi...

YRF has lost all credibility with their casting choices. They should have chosen a newcomer- would've been better than Vaani.

Oh lord! Why increase your chances of a flop taking Vaani? Hrithik should have not chosen this movie at all!

Whoever is responsible for this decision of choosing Vaani should be fired period! Is anyone sane at YRF anymore? No one wants to watch her, why are they throwing her at viewers? The days of Yash Chopra are long gone, I don't see YRF lasting much longer with such pathetic decision making.

Pooja hegde, diana penty, and siyami kher are prettier in my opinion although hritik is too old for them.

"young and fresh energy" for old and withered apparently. !

NO HELL NO! Cmon YRF, have some sense, shes flopped a movie with Ranveer already! Are you guys crazy or completely hell bent on going broke? Her career is finished, please choose a better female lead. Seriously this Aditya Chopra is ruining his fathers company.

how this vaani is getting movie even when her last movies did not do well n she not been in anything anywhere.

Aditya's eyecandy


I'm glad she's getting this opportunity and Aditya Chopra hasn't sidelined her. She's an excellent dancer, one of the best female dancers in BW, so she's a good match to keep up with Hrithik and Tiger's dancing abilities. Even Hrithik has appreciated Vaani's dancing skills in the past. She's an outsider, and like other YRF talent (Ayushmann and Bhumi), I'm glad she's getting this opportunity. If this movie is mostly about dance, then Vaani is definitely the best choice for female lead because she can dance AND act well. Please no hateful comments about her face.

So his horrible acting on Arnabs show was his first step in promotions for upcoming mvoies. Good for you buddy.

All 3 of them look similar

ROFL you nailed it!!

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