Hrithik Roshan showers compliments on ex wife Sussanne Khan and her latest power looks

Updated on Oct 07, 2021 12:40 AM IST  |  282.6K
Hrithik Roshan showers compliments on ex wife Sussanne Khan and her latest power looks
Hrithik Roshan showers compliments on ex wife Sussanne Khan and her latest power looks.

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan have parted ways long back but the exes make sure to keep a united front on social media and otherwise. Their social media banter is proof enough that Hrithik and Sussanne are on cordial terms. Recently, Sussanne dropped a short video on Instagram and the entrepreneur was showered with multiple compliments. 

One such compliment was from her ex-husband Hrithik Roshan. In the video, Sussanne can be seen shooting for some fun stuff for her brands. The behind-the-scenes video shows Sussanne in multiple chic and smart outfits which she totally aces as a lady boss. Hrithik was super impressed with it as he complimented her by leaving a comment.

The Super 30 actor's compliment read, "Looking really cool Sussanne." Sussanne's friends Farah Khan Ali and Abhishek Kapoor also dropped love in the comments section. 

Check out Hrithik's compliment for Sussanne below: 


Click here to watch Sussanne's video

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Anonymous : hrithik is such a weak person
REPLY 2 6 days ago
Anonymous : I don't understand these two.. Look like their cordial bond is going to remain a mystery but to be honest I feel angry when I see him doing this
REPLY 0 6 days ago
Anonymous : they r acting for media so that she can get some work n fame
REPLY 2 6 days ago
Anonymous : gold digger or rather fame digger ex wife, poor hrithik has bad luck with women
REPLY 9 1 week ago
Anonymous : both kangana n sussanne were coccaine addicts turned fame addicts
REPLY 9 1 week ago
Anonymous : Both Kangana and Sussanne are same. Same low women. Both don't fit with Hrithik's class.
REPLY 5 1 week ago
Anonymous : I don't want to sound like a staunch defender of Hrithik's position on that woman." But to be honest, I never saw him crossed his limits with her, even for a moment, be it on social media. or real life So the man knows exactly where he is and what he's doing, just the fact that he's the superstar Hrithik Roshan is the real reason that makes this silly woman take advantage of him is what pisses us off, not because we hate him , but because we love him and we doesnt want him to waste his life and stardom for her and her jobless family
REPLY 3 1 week ago
Anonymous : What i don't understand yet is if he loves her and can't move on without her why didn't he take the chance during quarantine and remarry her especially since we all know she's been after him and hanging out with him for 3 years
REPLY 0 1 week ago
Anonymous : “I want my children to know that their mother is respected .” What about your own self-respect Mr. Roshan!
REPLY 9 1 week ago
Anonymous : This man is making me angry because he doesn't care about the feelings of his "fans" and doesn't give them anything and in return showers Suzanne Khan with compliments I'm tired of him and his surrender and his weakness! Why doesn't he try to apply his motivating words to himself and see life in another angle away from that ignorant woman! And don't get the kids into this, he's a pathetic man
REPLY 1 1 week ago
Anonymous : poor hrithik must be regretting the day he married this bully
REPLY 14 1 week ago
Anonymous : she didnt show support for free, she got a house and free promotions after that.
REPLY 10 1 week ago
Anonymous : Although I know he has a good heart, but i would like to think that he punishes her like this, I mean that she remains intrusive and can't breathe without his name, even if she gets married "that's if it happens" All of her silly family are nothing but some beggars
REPLY 6 1 week ago
Anonymous : He commented on Vaani Kapoor's post and also commented on "Barbara Mori" 's post the woman you all claimed he had an affair with and comments on Kriti Sanon's posts and sometimes Deepika and also comments on Tiger Shroff! Vicky and katrina and karan johar And you say showered her with compliments! Dude, if Hrithik had her PR, I'd be the happiest person in the world lol
REPLY 14 1 week ago
Anonymous : None of them take advantage of hrithik, thats the difference between them and parasites like suzane and kangana who live off his name and fame
REPLY 13 1 week ago
Anonymous : Yes dude you are right
REPLY 6 1 week ago
Anonymous : But you can not deny the fact that he is being an idiot for allowing a parasite like her to take advantage of his name
REPLY 8 1 week ago
Anonymous : hrithik's charity for fame begger
REPLY 15 1 week ago
Anonymous : Totally agree bro , She is pathetic
REPLY 15 1 week ago
Anonymous : How long will you keep torturing yourself and your fans like this, Hrithik? How long will we continue to defend and justify your actions! Sometimes I tell myself that you are right, especially after Aryan's problem and your attempt to maintain a friendly relationship with Suzanne Khan! But how long will you let this happen! Go ahead man! Try to keep what's left of your dignity! Life will pass and no one will be left for you, even your children will move on with their lives, and there will come a day when you will regret wasting your time and your life in this horrible way.
REPLY 17 1 week ago
Anonymous : Sussanne khan won't leave him alone ...As a fan of him, I can honestly say that it was our fault as his fans abandoned him when he was suffering because of his problem with Kangana Ranaut, Sussanne came and played the role of Hrithik's savior at a time when everyone doubted and did not give him a chance to defend himself She is a manipulative woman! Everyone knows that she is playing with him and his feelings It is our fault,. We deceived him and did not stand by him in his crisis
REPLY 2 1 week ago
Anonymous : not a single fan abandoned him. it was the fans who stood and fought for him. Suzane took advantage of his low point after arjun dumped her
REPLY 14 1 week ago
Anonymous : are you kidding me? speak for yourself, all his fans were the ones who stood by him without anything in return. it is his fault that he let this woman deceive him to this extent
REPLY 13 1 week ago
Anonymous : What rubbish ! If there was a reason why this guy could succeed now and get him out of the spat with Kangana it would be us, but no. He's been hanging out with Suzanne Khan and flirting with her publicly on social media for two years even though he knows she's using him. He's an idiot.
REPLY 3 1 week ago
Anonymous : He's an idiot
REPLY 9 1 week ago
Anonymous : This woman is a pyscho
REPLY 18 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : I wish she dies out of drug overdose
REPLY 18 2 weeks ago
REPLY 16 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : he is shameless
REPLY 19 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : She is more shameless
REPLY 12 1 week ago
Anonymous : Poor Hrithik still couldn't move on. When Sussanne is enjoying his life with Arslan he is looking and commenting her pictures. So sad.
REPLY 4 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Attention Ho
REPLY 18 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : So cringy
REPLY 18 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : how long will she keep using Hrithik for publicity
REPLY 23 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : As long as Hrithik let
REPLY 20 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : Because she knows the publicity and fame she gets from hrithik will never get from arslan goni
REPLY 14 1 week ago
Anonymous : they are so fake
REPLY 21 2 weeks ago