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Hrithik Roshan & Sussanne Khan decided to move in together ‘temporarily’ seven years after their divorce

Hrithik Roshan’s recent picture of Sussanne Khan will make his fans beam with joy as the ex-couple are giving major co-parenting goals.
Hrithik Roshan & Sussanne Khan decided to move in together ‘temporarily’ seven years after their divorceHrithik Roshan & Sussanne Khan decided to move in together ‘temporarily’ seven years after their divorce
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While the coronavirus outbreak has taken over the country, everyone is bound to be stuck at home. Be it the commoners or celebrities, everyone has been ordered to stay at home to prevent the widespread of the highly transmissible disease as the government has imposed 21 days lockdown across the country. Amid this lockdown, Hrithik Roshan has been setting up major co-parenting goals as he and his ex-wife have decided to move in together to spend time with their kid during the 21 days lockdown.

Sharing the big news on social media, Hrithik revealed that it is unimaginable to think of being separated from his kids during the lockdown. He posted a picture of Sussanne who has volunteered to move out of her residence temporarily and stay with Hrithik so that their children are not disconnected indefinitely from either one of them. “While the world talks about humanity coming together, I think it represents more than just an idea especially for parents sharing custody of their kids. How to keep their kids close to them without infringing on the right of the other who also has an equal right to be with his/her children,” Hrithik added.

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The Super 30 star also expressed her gratitude towards his ex-wife for being supportive and co-operative in their journey of co-parenting. Furthermore, Hrithik also urged his fans to stay indoors and keep themselves safe from the novel coronavirus. He stated, “I hope and pray that in order to safeguard the health of ourselves and our loved ones.”

Take a look at Hrithik Roshan’s post about co-parenting goals with Sussanne:



. It is unimaginable for me, as a parent, to think of having to be separated from my children at a time when the country is practicing lockdowns. . It is heartwarming to see the world come together as one in this time of deep uncertainty and possibility of months of social distancing and potential lockdowns for several weeks perhaps . . While the world talks about humanity coming together, I think it represents more than just an idea especially for parents sharing custody of their kids. How to keep their kids close to them without infringing on the right of the other who also has an equal right to be with his/her children. . This is a picture of dear Sussanne (my ex wife) , who has graciously volunteered to temporarily move out of her home so that our children are not disconnected indefinitely from either one of us. . Thank you Sussanne for being so supportive and understanding in our journey of co-parenting. . Our children will tell the story we create for them. . I hope and pray that in order to safeguard the health of ourselves and our loved ones, we all find our way to express love, empathy, courage, strength with an open heart . . #beopen #bekind #bebrave #responsibility #coexist #empathy #strength #courage #oneworld #humanity #wecanfighththis #loveoverfear

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Talking about the work front, Hrithik had a terrific 2019 as the superstar gave two back to back hits with Super 30 and War. While he has been basking in the success of his last releases, Bollywood’s green eyed boy is yet to announce his next project.

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This Day That Year


Khans dumped hindu wives/gfs and get another one . Here Khan dumped hindu husband n the eunuch is still sucking up her a**e

why cannot these idiots just admit that they dont love each other and are just using each other for diff reasons ?

His children are old enough to take care of themselves n others . And they r still babysitting them . Worst parents

Dunia idhar udhar ho jaaye par inn do charsiyon ka chtpa chalta rehta hay

His fans liked the picture of his Dog more than that of the B . So please take a seat

Maybe his kids have some problem that's why they r so spoilt and needy. Look at kids of other divorced persons like farhan who are more matured, strong and open minded

Cunning woman is clearing brainwashing her kids to get close to her superstar ex husband

Hrithik is not a saint and she is after him. What does it make her? Gold digger

Kyunki logon ko lagta hai Hrithik ko koi bhi milta hai. Par yeh chalak lombi ne Hrithik ko fasaya phir Arjun ko aur ab vapis hritik ko phasa rahi hay . Isko sirf paison aur fame se matlab hai

arey yaar har koi Suzzane ko hi kyun gali de raha hai...hrithik is not a saint either

Wats all this garbage about "setting example" by their PR writeups. They are no role models in anything. For them, this is just an excuse to save themselves from Kangana expose

Seeing his Arnab Goswami interview, I felt this man was foolish and he keeps proving it time and again

Hrithik was scared to marry kareena bcoz he was scared by khans . It is same reason why he is scared to accept any woman in public as a date as he is scared of khans. He is a weak coward man who no moral compass and backbone

both are mismatch only reason they r still together is bcoz hrithik is a wimp

Hum bhi dekhenge dono bacche bade ho kar kya ukhadte hay. Saalon ne itta parenting ka gyaan faada hay

Everything about them is just so extra and put on. When u force urself to be with another due to money or image, ur effort to pretend always shows

Worst marriage decision ever made by anyone on history . No looks, no character, no stability, no decency, no good habits. Just 24/7 365 days nonstop tantrums n dramas.

Best mother Sussanne. I hope reunit and marry again in some day. Finger gross

Best mom who was having drugs and partying while her 2 kids were there and then left father of her kids after his injury breaking marriage of her friend *slow claps*

Hrithik,keep her at arm's length, Six feet distance to be precise. She is worse than Kangana

Nobody cares about these two jokers. Let them get back or not get back. Both r extremely pretentious and pompous

why do they make such lofty claims about love and blah when both were self centred cheaters ?

misleading headline. he clearly said they r forced due to the corona virus lockdown

I wish hrithik had waited for some years before marrying. She never deserved him

She is biggest burden n liability of his life. Poor poor guy

If he didn't post, nobody wud have known or cared

Ab Arjun rampal ki sadi hui ex ka roz ek photoo aayega .

They r only divorced couple who constantly seek limelight even years after separation. Wonder what their agenda is. He is seen in far less films than any other star bcoz he spends all his time plotting such dramas with his equally attention desperate ex

I don't blame him for cheating. She is ugly lol

The most plastic persons in bollywood

Cheaters don't love each other.

One look at his marital/ divorced life and that of his colleagues shows the kind of enfant terrible he married , even after divorce, the woman n her family have kept the man in a tight leash as bagging the rich star is their achievement of that entire flop family

She is the most selfish and nasty wife anyone can get and he is the biggest moron husband anyone can get. I really feel pity for the kids these two cartoons are struggling so hard to raise. They cannot even let go of limelight even for raising kids and behave as if they need some award for doing so!!

Another baby is in the making?

isnt she too old to have one?

Hrithik lacks taste . First kangana, susaane . Only kareena n Barbara were some beauties

She never cared for her kids when she divorced him nor cared for Mehr jesia kids when she broke arjun's marriage and now acting like Mother India lol

So what? Many divorced couples are deciding to do this rather than shuttle kids back and forth during a lockdown. Some of the comments on here are lame. Grow up.

Haven't seen any divorced couple do it. It's a matter of weeks and divorced itself keeps parents prepared for it

Being the desperate she is, I won't be surprised if she ends up getting pregnant and force him to remarry her

why do they keep saying "children children children" as excuse. If they cared about children so so so much, would they have not saved themselves from the divorce and all the damage done to their reputations ??

Am sick of these two . Why cannot these two divorcees just take care of their children without coming in front of cameras? Hate them!

This b is cunning . She sneakily made sure she married him in hurry, found her soul mate in arjun rampal. broke mehr jesia marriage and didnot bother about hrithik when he was under brain injury. after arjun dumped her, she used kangana issue and her children to sneakily control the man . She shud enter bigg boss . She will win it for her cunningness. Or maybe not everyone is an idiot like Hrithik

Most true comment.

Yeh kaisa divorce hai? Itni concerned hai toh unhe nahi lena chahiye tha divorce!

Shaadi aur talaak ko mazak samaj ke rakha hain

Three Khans managed to keep his career growth down and One Khan managed to his personal growth down . Hrithik was and is always a coward who gets pushed around by anyone

These two always try too hard to project themselves as "best couple" when they were cheating each other and now acting as "best parents" - am worried for their kids

I won't be surprised if she ends up getting pregnant and force

Fake marriage to Fake divorce. Had hrithik not married her in fear of underworld, he would have been a more Real and Peaceful man .

He cheated on her months after her second child with barbara. To hide that affair, she left her 6 months child to go on vacation with him to click bora bora pics. She cheated on him while she had those two children, was partying with arjun rampal leaving her kids at home and doing drugs. She left the father of his children before he could fully recover from his surgery. And now, they are trying to act as if they want "best parenting" awards. Wish their own parents had raised them well !

Kangana was right. only after she exposed him did he and his ex wife started being seen together. he did lead her on, did promise her marriage and did cheat her. His guilty behavior shows it

Hi kangana, He exposer you well. He never promised you marriage or cheat you. You said it on apki ki Adalat that he never promised me marriage. Stop stalking him now. Public knows your true face and how you lied to defame him because you were CRAZY about him.
post pv please

I feel so uneasy by their relationship , never liked them as a couple . always felt as if they were playing mind games n faking even in interviews. something about these two does not sit right unlike other couples

she wanted a separate house and he always wanted to move away from his father n ill sister. So, both planned this entire fiasco out . the lengths hritik can go just to maintain a "good guy, good son" image

booy this woman must be a pain to live with .after divorce, she is so clingy to her ex who she ditched ! Poor hrithik trapped by shitty women all his life

why do they act as if only they r only ones in a divorce who are raising kids? they r cooking a nice story and it shows

between them, i dont know who is more shameless

How his kids live without both parents during excursions or picnics? Are they so pampered and clingy?

They think their lust story is something to be proud of. The way they have eaten each other during marriage n after is shameful

Why is he alway over pleasing her. Does he have any physical problem that stops him dating others? Aisi kya majboori hai. They dated others when they had kids and they divorced when they had kids. So don't tell they r roaming bcoz of kids. Either she is blackmailing him or he has some functional problem

This is just a formality otherwise they are always together. No wonder Hrithik never dates anyone bcoz he gets bodily pleasure from her

All the comments are by Kangana and Rangoli...two girls always so hateful..
Learn some love girls, you will be at peace.

hi Rangoli shame on you to abuse a woman. well shows your class and upbringing.

"learn some love" kind of cheesy comments are just like phoney suzanne

They will always be known as two philanderers

Arjun dumped her. Shweta dumped him. Now back and acting as if they r some great parents. Oh these stars and their fake images

Corona ki vajah se ya Kangana ki vajah se . Ab jitna zyada pyar vyar ka naatak karlo par pol toh dono ki khul hi gayi lololol

This is Kangana and Rangoli language.

Either brain surgery turned him impotant or she has some dirty shit on him . It's not as if he can't get girls. He is still hot

After 25 affairs, both are "setting example for kids" After running out of options hahahahaa

First, these two were having affairs with other people while being married, then after divorce, Suzanne got millions to keep her mouth shut because you know how many secrets Roshans have, now they are playing best parents in the world.No one would ever know if they moved in together if he'd not tell that

Bechari Kangana and her sister Randoli. They must be burning. Atleast Hritik got his ex wife back. Name one bf of Kangana? Ill bet she will never find a man. She is so crazy,so vile and so evil,no man will ever ever ever commit to her

divorce bhi chahiye aur hrithik bhi chahiye. cheating bhi karna aur pyar ka dhong bhi karna hay. aise kese chalega uncle aunty?

once a cheater always a cheater . applies for both sadly lol

Once a stalker is always a stalker. Applies for Ranuat sisters. lol

divorce bhi chahiye aur hrithik bhi. cheating bhi karna hay aur love ka dhong bhi. aise kese chalega aunty uncle?

They want to cook up a "story" to hide the skeletons but history will not spare them. They have hurt way too many while their PR machinery wants to project "a love story" to fool the public. But, skeletons have and will keep tumbling out . Everyone knows their true faces now

waiting for kangana to expose them again :P :p


They aren't overacting it al, they care for each other and they love each other and that's why they stay together. This is their private life they do not have to ask anyone's permission to stay together! It's just the coolest thing someone could do for their family! learn some manners instead of reacting like a Junglebook boozoo!

if he loved her, why was he sleeping wid kareena, barbara, kangana, shweta. if she loved him, why was she sleeping with mehr jesia's husband arjun rampal? they love only publicity

Rangoli , please kangana and you exposed yourself and he exposed you. Adhayan and Aditya too exposed Kangana. now stop stalking. post pv

private life ? should be kept private then . y this show off on social media ? she is next to him in the house

if they love each other why were they dating others during marriage ?

the coolest thing would be not to cheat during marriage which both failed. so, all this is just a pr exercise after getting exposed by kangana and mehr

cheaters dont love their partners

24/7 he has to baby sit his high maintanence ex wife . This is wat happens when a man has too many skeletons to hide

her vague reply says she is still high on weed lol

that means he will never work in films since his kids apparently cannot live without seeing him for weeks?

You loser...I believe you are lonely sad person with no family.

Dono itne dhongi hai ki sabke saath sote hai par pyar ka bhashan aur drama me koi kami nahi rakhte hai . Inse acche toh ranbir aur salman hai kam se kam acchai ka acting toh nahi karte .

Hello Rangoli. Same language as your tweets.

She needs money and fame. he needs her for image. they married in 2000 for same reason and they r in it for the same reason . This is a typical bollywood arrangement

he wont get anybody now so better he goes with her . he is too done and dusted

How do u know? Just because you think so doesn’t mean it’s true.

So, the entire divorce drama was an act by both of them to go to a separate house from his parents?

She goes to italy regularly, buys stuff from there. Somebody test her first and keep her away from his kids

she herself is worse than corona in hrithik's life

Yaawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn they r unfit to raise kids

mulli se shadi karke kya kya karna pad raha hai . na films kar pa raha hai na kisi aur ko date .

he can take care of kids with her without putting out a post too. how do other divorced couple raise kids without telling media every single they do for their own kids?

this is disgusting to another level

no woman will date him after kangana called him out and no man will date her after mehr called her out. so both decided to get back and act "its loveeeeeeeee" bwahaha

she is so caring that she ran away with arjun rampal without waiting for him to recover from brain injury and he is so caring that he made her do tatoo to cover up his common star tatoo with barbara .i wonder what the men and women they cheated with thinking about the kind of holier than thou act they pull off for image?

wankanda nonsense is dis now ://

who cares about this retired uncle

kangana ne iski aisi dhajiyaan udayi hai ki bichare suzane ka pallu pakadke baita hay tab se hahahahah

Hello Rangoli again.

ye bollywood wale khud ka bacche paalne ko aisa bataate hai jese kisi anaat ashram chala rahe hai .bhai tu, tera baccha hume baksh de aur koi film bhi kiya kar bc

Mr Filmstar and Mrs Junkie back to fake news yet again.. Read the DNA blind by Mrs. N

Am sure she got paid heftily for this too

Friends with benefits

Nobody will date him seriously after he got exposed by so many women. She is into it for fame and money so he will keep her as facade while sleeping with others on the side. Just like every other bollywood family


Super cringe

Alag bistar ka naatak kyun ? Janta ko bevkuf samajh rahe ho kya bhai?

Buddape mein pair dabaane kaam aayegi

These two think public are stupid to forget all their
extramarital affairs . Hope kangana calls out their bluff. Philandering persons living for fake images

Haan bhai baaki divorced parents toh irresponsible hay sirf ye dono ko acche parents hay . Sach ye hay ki dono ka kaand se muh itna kaala ho gaya ki koi aur mil nay raha dono ko toh socha ki plan karke naatak karenge aur saath aa jaayege lol

Saala jab dekho parenting parenting. Bacche paal raha ya gadha. Sirf inke hi divorce hua hay kya? Amrita Singh akele kaisi apni bachon ko sambhal rahi thi?

Abey pehle toh apne bacchon ko khud ka image chamkhane ke liye istemaal karna band kar tabhi acche parents kehlaoge

Sherni Kangana ka darr kya kya karvata hai pappu ko

Shadi ke baad sabke sath sote hay talak ke baad ek dusre ke sath sote hay Bollywood walon ka alag hi nautanki hai. Ye log sadi karte hi kyun hai. Mat karo sirf ghapagap karte rahi ek dusre k saath jhanjat hi khatam

Barbara mori's ex bf and Arjun rampal ex gf moving in together . Accha chityapa hai inka hahahahahaha

Next will be remarriage announcement . Suzanne got wat she wanted. Made him move away from his parents and sister. Got herself chunk of his wealth and designer store . Ab dhire dhire vapis aana

I hope Hrithik and Susanne can work out their differences and patch up.

Your kids will tell a story and the public will tell another real story to you both rofl


Kangana exposed him so much that no other actress is ready to date him. So he is trying to settle with dumped girl friend of Arjun rampal . Poor guy

sahi kahan lol

There r hundreds of kids who live in boarding school without both parents for entire education session. And his children cannot even manage 2 weeks ? As spoilt as their mother

She separated him from his parents. Separated Mehr from Arjun. Got dumped. And now, she is in house. He is a Himbo

So when Hrithik goes for shooting for months that too abroad, how do kids manage without one parent? Why are they doing overacting?

He never goes for months fr holidays. Just a week or so. When both parents are free, why cant they spend time together with the kids. The nice thing is they make a beautiful couple!!!

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