Hrithik Roshan takes his food VERY seriously and this latest pic of his is a proof

Published on Mar 17, 2021 01:33 AM IST  |  501.2K
Hrithik Roshan takes his food VERY seriously and this latest pic of his is a proof

Hrithik Roshan is one of Bollywood’s beloved actors and his fans love him for his amazing sense of humour. The actor shared a relatable post on social media when he hilariously expressed how much he loves food.  Taking to his Instagram handle, the star posted a picture of himself with a stern look on his face as he ‘seriously’ looked at his laptop screen. The post’s humourous caption made all his fans crack up as he explained his dilemma, revealing he was merely looking through a menu.

In the photo, Hrithik can be seen diligently working on something ‘serious’ as he explains in the caption, “Don’t be fooled by the serious face. It’s a menu. #itakemyfoodveryseriously #missinmysamosas”. As the actor was deep in his thoughts, fans couldn’t help but notice how good he looked in the picture and took to the comments section to shower compliments. The star’s funny statement lightened the air as fans enjoyed his joke. Hrithik also shared another snap of his ‘work from home day’ on his story. In the picture, the star could be seen donning a white shirt and a pair of black-rimmed spectacles.

Take a look:

One of the commenters admired the actor’s joke and said, “It's only food that makes you concentrate like you are sitting for a life exam”. Hrithik will be next seen in Sidharth Anand's Fighter next to Deepika Padukone, making it the duo’s first collaboration. Fans of the actors can’t wait to see the duo together on the big screen.

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Anonymous : Having pictures of yourself displayed at home is a trait exclusive to BOLLYWOOD self absorbed stars. Cant believe he has a wall of pictures of himself.
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Anonymous : That’s his family pictures you idiot
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Anonymous : Guess what!!! I also have Pics of my self does this make me a self absorbed person!!! lol
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Anonymous : Nice one
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Anonymous : Handsome <3
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