Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan hits back at reports of her being under critical watch

Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan tweets clarifying that she is fine and partying with friends as against reports of her being under critical watch.
Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan hits back at reports of her being under critical watch Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan hits back at reports of her being under critical watch
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Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan, who had recently opened up on depression, has now hit out at a media report which claimed that she is suffering from bipolar disease and is currently critical and in the hospital. Responding to the report, Sunaina in a tweet said, "Surprised to read about me being critical in hospital. Hello Times of India. I am out with friends and partying! Pls get your facts right."

It was only recently that reports had suggested that Hrithik and the Roshan family were concerned of her health as she was calling people out because she was allegedly suffering from bipolar disease. The report quoted a source saying that the entire Roshan family had been concerned and had been keeping a critical watch on Sunaina due to her psychological condition. 

Meanwhile, Hrithik currently is busy with Super 30 promotions. The superstar will be seen stepping into the shoes of mathematician Anand Kumar for the movie which is being directed by Vikas Bahl. Vikas was accused of sexual harassment last year, however, an internal committee was set which gave him a clean chit. 


kangna and her sisiter should get punishment !! hope they face their karma ASAP. toxic women.

Glad the lady is well . Why is Kangana blamed for this?

To the one delusional fan who can’t stop blaming Kangana for everything related to HR. Thanks for giving so much hate to Kangana, with the words you use for her she is going to be more successful as you have so much negativity in you. Tomorrow when HR gets a normal cold and cough don’t forget to blame Kangana ok :)

If thats true, HR should be at the TOP right now as he has faced lots of negativity due to this stalker...

Wait till she falls and she will learn how not to try and slander others

Coming out with the truth is not negativity, fighting for what is true is not negativity, Kangana has her flaws too and she says it openly never tried to creat a holier than thou image. Forget it ... His fans are as silly as him .. good bye and keep showering hate we love it as it will only go in HR’s karma.

Kangana is so delusional and megalomaniacto believe that if she proved her relationship with hrithik(by spreading lies),he will be this point no one really cares...and this is India reputation and credibility mean nothing's all about success and connections...look at the politicians most of them are criminals...even stars like salman had court cases and bad reputation...kangana herself is classless woman who never shy away from her affairs with married men or bad behivour...but when she got success even the khans,kjo and ranbir wanted to work with her. ...she was in every show and on every magazine...they avoiding/ignoring her now just bc she mentally ill and flop...if hrithik manages to do a few hits everyone will bow down to him...

Kangana and her lies once again exposes.

Good she exposed those liar and psychopath sisters.

The creazy sisters are hitting new low!

I can say something negative about hrithik at chai tapri near my house and hrithiks PR will pop outta nowhere to tell me iam a psycho kangana licker.

It’s an absolute disgrace! What kind of world live in, Where people think it’s their right to judge others..Be kind even if it’s someones PR

Kangana and her sister Rangoli are extremely toxic people. They both act like they are not normal. It is about time you move on with your life both sisters.

Roshan's have crs. They could have helped her by giving fishing rod not the fish, so she could be her own person. Something is really fishy!!

His family is so lucky to have him

Something really fishy here. Seems the Roshan family is trying to do damage control but the daughter isn't dancing to their beat. Something's gotta give.

Damage control mode ON; before release of Super (flop) 30

Can someone please disconnect Kangana and her sister’s internet connection? Such toxic and uneducated people, spreading absolute lies about others. Shame.

Hrithik PR on overdrive these days..Super 30 is gonna flop big time

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