Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan shows her support towards Kangana Ranaut; Read Details

Super 30 actor Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan took everyone by storm recently as she showed her support for Kangana Ranaut in her latest tweet. Check out the tweet posted by Sunaina Roshan.
Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan shows her support towards Kangana Ranaut; Read DetailsHrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan shows her support towards Kangana Ranaut; Read Details
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The long time enmity going on between Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut is known to everyone. It has gone to such an extent that even their family members started to get involved in their war of words. Although Hrithik Roshan opted to keep mum regarding the entire matter most of the time, Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel have left no stone unturned in making shocking revelations as well as comments on the Super 30 actor.

Recently, the Ranaut sisters made another shocking revelation which took the internet by storm and it was related to Hrithik's sister Sunaina Roshan. Rangoli Chandel took to her Twitter handle and posted a tweet in which she revealed that Sunaina had called her and Kangana to apologise. After a few days of this shocking tweet made by Rangoli, Sunaina herself took everyone by surprise recently when she showed her full support towards the Manikarnika actress on her Twitter handle.

Check out Sunaina Roshan's latest tweet below:

A few days back there were rumours that Hrithik's sister Sunaina has been suffering from bipolar disorder. However, she denied the rumours later on by saying that she is not suffering from any kind of psychological disorder. However, she did admit that she is having some family issues and has not received any kind of support from her family members. Now, after Sunaina's latest tweet, it is pretty clear that there are certainly some issues going on between her and the other members of the Roshan family. 

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Lowest of lows, these psycho sisters will never change.

Siblings of superstars go through a lot- imagine seeing your sibling super successful and you are nothing- Aamir brother has issues, srk’s Sis has issues, hrithtik’s sister has issues- the only superstar who has sane supportive siblings are Salman’s- because he took them along with his own super success- he gives them opportunities to make money by acting in their movies-

Srk's sis is a highly educated woman. Don't you dare compare her with 10th fail, lazy salmon khan family

Don't drag SRK in your stupidity. SRK's sister is ill since their parents death. It has got nothing to do with his success. SRK takes care of her and she lives with him. Go worry about criminal and his useless money hungry family.

Sunaina few yrs back wrote & released a book on her father. I suggest u all to read

Was always hrithik fan had respect for kangana she always played victim card always thought she got used by old man Aditya was harrased to get a chance when hrithik and kangana brawl happened was confused whom to believe ..when Aditya son ruined jiah life where was this mahan atama kangana matha why didn't she exposed evil step son of her Suraj panxholi
Where was she in hibernation what a troll she is fake feminist, fake self made, fake nationalist
Shame she is I don't like her at all she lost all the respect pink villa post

Sunaina and Rangoli both live off their families and cant stand on their own feet.

Wen Suzzanne left HR she had been bad mouthed, Kangana ranaut ws called a psycho and now Sunaina Roshan is being called a bipolar. Dirty Roshan family.HR dark secrets are out now.

Whether Sunaina was paid or not, It is
Of extremely poor charachter to come out in support of ur family enemies, at a time beneficial to them. KR, RC and Sunaina- all are looking for some kind of benefit from this mud slinging. THIS PROVES THEIR CHARACHTER. NO EMAILS OR PROOFS ARE REQUIRED NOW. MONEY MAKES PPL IMMORAL-LIVE EXAMPLE. PV Pls Post.

Is that a verified account?

when family turn enemies for money

Money playing the role here?

Earlier Sussanne did the same and now Sunaina. Addictions can mess your thinking. I think the Roshans shud put her under forced alcohol rehab as her mental condition is making it even more worse. Britney Spears acted like this too

Aamir's schizophrenic brother went against him bcoz he did not want to have medications. So, these things are very normal under such conditions and shud not be taken seriously. Opinions of unstable persons shud be taken with pinch of salt. But, the timing of it all shows that the lady has got into wrong hands probably when she was living alone for 15 days. Her family shud take strong measures to ensure she is out of the dark company. Bcoz the two sisters r debolic

Pretty sure "family friend" Ekta is behind all this drama. How long are they going to flog a dead horse for publicity.

I really feel a person who goes against a family can find no happiness no matter what. So sad to see this tamasa going on forever .. I’d never do this to my brother

First childhood love/wife left HR and now his ONLY sister against HR. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Ab b log HR ko support kerenge. I question HR's supporters moral values

HR, KJO, RANBIR, DEEPIKA, AALIYA's PR is told to focus on this post today. lol
Kangana is so much powerful. look at the above names man.

Powerful in her vivid imagination. Lol

Love you Hrithik. The more psycho does, the more I love u even more.

Kangana has already said quite clearly that she does not believe in striking anyone who may be down. Truth is out, Kangana does not have to pay anyone for it. Kangana is a Devi bhakt, divine power is at work here! Sunaina has admitted what we already knew long time ago - that Hrithik Roshan and his family are opportunists and liars. They may have helped Sunaina so far, but may help only on their terms moving forward, which is a bitter pill for Sunaina. Rough!

Hi rangoli

Hello Jaadu

When suzzane exposed kangana so she is paid and lying but if her mentally ill sister posted a line that too when she is fighting with her family, a simple tweet which mean nothing neither point towards anyone, so its the truth . Lol kangana fans only trust things that want too. They even choose to ignore the facts and her emails.

First Kangana stalked and harassed hrithik, lied about him throwing out of the movie which was never in the making, sent 3000 emails which proves one sided affair and her threatening him to damage for life if he rejects her, then attacks without proofs, blame him for calling her mentally ill when the email by RANGOLI real id proved it was she who said it. she didn't stop here, spread lies in the name of Suzzane, forged a pic, lied about the engagement, attack his kids, family, ex, friends, dad, threaten him openly on twitter, deliberately clash her film , did drama and spread lie about him doing a negative campaign against her movie and posted a fake message, then she paid media to run a campaign against Hrithik, blame his PR, spread fake news of his sister illness and blame it on his PR to call his sister mad to lie about his sister being calling her to say sorry to this lie. WOW Shahid was right she is a conniving and a cunning politician and a keechade.. Those Kangana fans who are still trusting her and jumping on a simple line which didn't even mention she support her in which case should calm down. On twitter there are her paid bots and fake PR ids who is posting the same comment in the same one line. Timings of this is suspicious too. Surprisingly those who are saying now opposition will call it paid are the one who call everyone paid and cheap when they side with the truth and Hrithik.

If kangana will only speak and attack Hrithik without proves during her movie promotions, it will only proves him and public right about the clash, her being psychopath and him being harrassed.

No one knows the actual truth so both fandom stop judging

Fake feminist kangana is using a sick woman to settle scores with Hrithik. She has fallen so low. Shame on her.

Sunaina needs professional help. Whatever her issues may be, she's not thinking straight. For a grown woman to not be able to function on her own, independently, and lash out at a family that's been supportive throughout her life, just proves she's in need of an evaluation. The neediness is not normal. A lifetime of support from a family that's supported every hair brain scheme she had, including getting on with men who were all wrong for her, shows she has a pattern that's self defeating. She's probably worn them out. That's probably why Susanne too needed distance.

You may not know the entire story. It’s best not to comment on other people’s personal issues

Hrithik Roshan fans you guys have amazing imagination skills lol accept the truth and move on. Truth is finally out !!

Lol look who is talking Kangana fans you have vivid imagination. Accept the truth that was out months ago that Kangana stalked and harassed Hrithik and move on. Her emails , that fake blind and now the hacked account is enough to proved it.

It's easy to manipulate people who are having problems with their family. I remember when I had some serious issues with my brother, many took benefit of it. They create stories and poisoned me . I trust them. 2 years later, we sat and talked and sort it out. When we confronted those people they deny that they never said anything and blame me for lying. Same is the case with sunaina.

She is ill that's why her own daughter disown her

Is there any doubt left that psycho stalker deliberately clash her movie with her Phantasy movie. The world knows she hired his ex manager for a reason and had some evil plans for the promotions of her movie? There is no doubt left that her PR spread the news if sunaina being bipolar and in icu?

Sunaina is a selfish witch who's own daughter hates her. Unable to get her way to booze and whore herself she has now turned against her own blood. No doubt aided by kangana who just happened to postpone her trailer launch so this can blow up before she faces the media.
But why enemies with family like that . Disgusting

Let’s not comment on other people’s personal issues. It’s hard to battle even one of the many things she’s going through.

Why kangana is commenting on someone's family issue and personal lives? Why misusing someone's health for her benefits,?

Ok this is what Roshans wanted to do, when they have found out that Sunaina is going to open some dirty secrets of this sick family they make news that she is crazy. They did the same with Kangana. Whoever trying to open their secrets called crazy. Just see hritik's PR commenting on every Kangana's post calling her crazy

Ok this is what kangana wanted to do. Loe and manipulate people. There are no dirty secrets . Ranuat family is sick and full of dirty secrets. Kangana is crazy and her sister confirmed it in an email. Kangana PR called his sister mentally ill. Who ever expose her she attacks them. Just see kangana's PR commenting on every Hrithik blaming him.
Post this please

You are so dumb that need to copy past my comment. Hritik is not giving you enough money?

What will people say who called Hrithik a liar, and blame his PR about the blind. Truth is out. Kangana spread that blind and now paid his sister who is left with no money

Sunaina never came out to support Hritik, she just kept quit!! Now i think the lies and getting to her and feeling of guilt is to much to bare. Poor Sunaina but you did the right thing!

She supported him. What lies and guilt? Poor kangana you need help

We will still watch Super 30 and boycott MHK, go sisters burn in hell

Now KR hates will call Sunaina mental!

KR PR already called sunaina mental.

Kangana is a conniving politician . Hence proven

Now Hritik, KJO and filmy family will say Sunaina was hacked or she isn't well whatever whatever!!

Thanks for speaking the truth Kanagana PR.

Rangoli account is hacked or you paid her. See its out just before MHK event.

I always knew! Now opposition will say she paid Hritik the biggest supper star's sister in BW!!!

I always knew! money can buy anything. Kangana paid the biggest supper star's sister in BW at a time when she needs the most.


Long overdue, time to face the music Mr. Roshan!! Now the drama begins!! (Grabs popcorn)

hello stalker. We knew the drama was about to begin as your MHK is coming. This was the promotional plan of your movie that's why you clashed your movie with

Hatta sawan ki ghatta! Stalker my juthi....I’m sure you must be aunty Karan’s 2 ruppee naukar....appnnee haiseyath may reh!

How much kangana has paid her? It is out only few hours ago of MHK press conference. Its not a coincidence.

Public was right that Kangana will do Hrithik bhajan and cry foul during Mental hoon promotions.

Uff Kangana always start negativity and use Hrithik's name to promote her movies.

NO one can trust a woman who first sided by her brother and supported him , now joined hands with his enemy because she is mad at him.

No one can believe and trust a woman who first sided by her brother e and now only when she is mad at him over some personal issue, joined hands with his enemy. This woman has some serious issues going on in life. She might change her statement later when her problems will resolve.

A woman like Kangana who misused her gender card and misuse a serious crime like rape to get her ways can do anything . I bet she has either misuse Sunaina's mental problems and her dispute with her family or bought her.

God knows what Kangana has done to Suanina mam. Her lawyer is already seen threating openly to Aditya to take his case back or be ready to face the consequences as she will accuse him of false rape. Wonder what threat Kangana has given to her?

How can you do this to your brother??

Ask Rangoli to post the text message/ call or any proof.

When you value money more than you value family-loyalty.

One more crazy woman who want some money no matter what!

its surely a MHK promotional stragedy. Kangana said she will go to any length to scar Hrithik for life. Look at the timing. Tomorrow the promo is coming and flop psycho need to have someone to attack and something to talk about.

Through out as in? This tweet doesn't clear it out in which case she is supported her? Only kangana paid bots and her over active PR will use it out of context and bash hrithik.

Wonder what the people who constantly called Kangana crazy, psycho what not have to say now. Truth had to come out.

Kangana is crazy and a psycho. What truth has come out? A sick person who is angry at her family said a simple line. You choose to ignore the truth with evidences now trusting it. lol double standards, truth came out the day when her emails were out and Hrithik provide proofs.

LMAO when Sunaina roshan supported her brother , wrote a blog and stand by his side, so people troll her and Called her biased . Now same people are trusting her and using her lie to hate on her brother. Hypocrites.

OMG kangana PR first spread a blind then an article then lie about her apologizing and now paid her to say this. She is a disgrace to humanity.

Who needs an enemy when you have a sister like her. Hrithik supported her through out, her help financially , emotionally and in every way, paid her bills, raise her daughter, open a business for her daughter and get her enrolled in a renown film school. take his sister and his niece to exotic holidays every time. At then end she sold her conscience and supporting a woman who stalked and harassed her brother just because she has some problems with him. Shame on her.


Its not surprising that it comes a day before MHK trailer launch. Now stalker woman will only talk about it and attack ROSHANS. After all her plan was to clash her movie with Super 30, spread negativity, when he backs out , she came up with this. She cant promote a single movie without using Hrithik. Proves him right that she stalked and harassed him.

Money can buy the truth. Sunaina got money form psycho and start lying.

When you are depressed and having issues with your family, you tend do to all to harm them. Same is the case with Sunaina. She is only doing it to harm her family when she knows the truth that Kangana stalked and harassed her brother. Well get well soon.

Waiting for KR PR and Rangoli to spam the comments here and attack Hrithik. But truth is Hrithik exposed KR and she stalked him.

Truth stands with Hrithik. Sunaina is suffering and in a sad state that's why evil Kangana paid her

Kangana again misused her gender card and paid her

This shows she is unstable. The best revenge will be to let the two psycho sisters take care of this woman. They will go bankrupt just paying for her 10 illnesses lol

Coming this again at the tym of release,I feel it's hacked.
Still I will say evil always has an end.
Be strong di be very strong we know ur past battles nd ur bravery, you will overcome this too.

Mental Hai Kya promotions started. Look at the timing. Ekta Kapoor and Kangana scripted the whole thing misusing her mental condition and exploiting her

The Roshans are sleeve balls. Sunarika disowned them and lives with her step mom.

lair kangana. Surnaika is living with Roshans. See her posts

Supporting Kangana doesn't make Hrithik a culprit and Kangana a victim.

Same woman said I support my brother when the issue cropped out. She cant be trusted period.

This woman has a 24 years old daughter who lives with her father and step mom. She eloped with someone some years back, her parents still took her back and even that relation ended. She fell into depression, alcohol, cancer, overweight, anxiety etc when she was living alone. Her brother n parents cured every single disease of hers one by one, got her health back in order. Took her to Psychatrist every month. Treated her cancer. And wants to live alone despite not being mentally or physically capable. And now using bullying ways to get her way. I hope she is disowned by her family for good.

Only fools and HR hater will say KR is right. Bring it on

Kangana emails is enough to prove that she stalked Hrithik


Same sunaina who supported HR and called him her biggest support.

Did she mention in which case ? NO.

Hrithik's life is a lie, now also his sister is exposing him

Kangana life is a life and full of stalking. Her sister has exposed her.


lol even his sister support Kangana haha

lol his sister is paid by Kangana hahahaa

I Guess Kangana has stepped in to pay her bills hence the support

Omg...Kangna just pulled the buggest uno card

thanks for admitting that she paid and manipulate a sick woman who is having issues with her family to lie.

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