Ileana D'Cruz: I do agree that if one speaks out about the casting couch, it will end their career

Ileana D'Cruz plays the strong-headed and brave Malini Patnaik in Raj Kumar Gupta's Raid opposite Ajay Devgn. In an interview with leading daily, the actor opened up on sexual harassment and casting couch.
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Many popular names from both Hollywood and Bollywood have spoken about casting couch. It was after the news of alleged sexual assault by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein came in the news. Seems like the topic of casting couch doesn't seem to die down. Ileana D'Cruz, who is currently promoting Raid, opened up why many actors have chosen not to speak up about it. 
She said, "It might sound cowardly, but I do agree that if one speaks out about the casting couch, it will end their career." Recalling an incident, "Years ago, a junior artiste down South, who was being propositioned by a big producer, sought my advice on how to deal with it. I told her that it’s something that I couldn’t decide for her. It is her decision and that nobody could force it on her. Many people have done it and it’s up to her whether she wants to go ahead and do it or not. As far as exploitation and harassment is concerned, I wouldn’t stand for it."
"Actors in this country are worshiped. So it will take many voices for people to acknowledge that huge stars could have such an ugly side. I can’t watch Kevin Spacey’s show anymore, though I have loved it earlier because he has been accused of harassment. It disgusts me as a person,” she added.
On the personal front, the actor is in relationship with boyfriend Andrew Kneebone. When a popular daily asked the actor is she was married to Andrew, Ileana revealed, "When Andrew came down for the first time, people saw us at award shows and asked if we were together. I said that I am happy being with him. Then he had to go back for work and there were stories with headlines like, ‘Is there trouble in paradise?’ Frankly, why should anybody be bothered whether there is or isn’t trouble in paradise. I don’t want to talk about my personal life. I do use social media as a gateway into my personal life, but only to a certain extent. When I don’t want to, I pull the blinds down."


aka someone very influential was inappropriate with her

Ajay Devgan's new doll

SRK and Kajol had their hands around each other for most part of Dilwale promotions and no one accused them of having an affair. Ajay hasn't done one quarter of the romantic gestures toward Ileana that SRK-Kajol did and you all are accusing him of an affair? Double standards


She ruled tollywood for couple of years and now ranting about south industry

Who is this producer?

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