Imran, Shahid and Abhay fight it out for a role in Indo-Pak movie

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Mumbai: Director Rahul Dholakia is teaming up with legendry actor Dilip Kumar's nephew and script writer Moin Khan for a film based on Indo-Pak. Dholakia's pervious projects 'Parzania' and 'Lamhaa' were based on social issues and his latest venture on India and Pakistan will be no different.

Talking to a daily, Dholakia said, "It is a story based on Indo-Pak brotherhood. The film has two male protagonists, one from each country. It is based on a true story. "

The filmmaker is thinking of having one among Shahid Kapoor, Imran Khan and Abhay Deol on board for the flick.

Actor Imran Abbas from across the border has already been signed in on to play the Pakistani character. "For the Indian character, I am considering to sign one amongst Shahid Kapoor, Abhay Deol and Imran Khan", said the director.

Considering Dholakia's stupendous filmmaking abilities and his achievements, this film on Indo-Pak is something cine-goers will earnestly look forward to
OMG...I really like the movie's concept! But I just can't believe that Imran Abbas has already been signed!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I adore him. I just hope that this news is would be awesome.
I don't want to offend anyone but I think between Shahid, Imraan and Abhay they should choose Abhay because he's a really fine actor and he could match Imraan Abbas, who is a really good actor. Well let's see what happens. Who would you like to see??

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I was waiting 2 watch Mr. naqvi in bollywood I m happy 2 dis News

i think Imran abbas and imran khan

Well between Shahid, Abhay and Imran, I would like to see Shahid taking a role of the male protagonist and Imran Abbas as usual is the best for the role!

YEEEESS! I really hope Abbas does a Bollywood movie, I wish him all the luck in the world!

soooooooo gud imran abbas

Imran Abbas!!!
Just Rock dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Imran Abbas & Ranbir Kapoor best choice. Opposite KATRINA & KAREENA.

you are so bad all of you

I think Shahid kapoor is best choise along Imran Abbas..... boht are Cute :)

There are many hunks in the paki industry most models are hot and so are the actors. There was another guy Mikaal Zulfiqar he was damn hot when he started in the song original version Sanu Tere Naal which india cheated youtube it Sanu Tere Naal by Abrar ul Haq the music video stars Mikaal Zulfiqar and Iman Ali .... and she is still hot but Mikaal was so gorgeous back in those days really young and fresh I wish he had stepped into Bollywood but now age has caught up to Mikaal and he doesn't look so great anymore because he had typical slim face/slim features (too slim) so now that he has aged they look bad. Imran is super hot and he'll look this way for a while cause his face structure is a little baby kind. Imran is super hot. Zayed Khan and Imran Abbas :) *Drool*.

i dont noe abt others but shhaid is d bst.He rocks.He is 1 such actor who can put his soul 2 make movie luks perfect

Imran Abbas rocks

Imran Abbas is ridiculously good looking .... trust me I've seen him in many dramas over the years ever when he looks the worst he still looks so darn hot .... he's like right in between pretty boy and hot but not gay .... Imran Abbas is a hottie man I love him he's a great actor and he's gorgeous. I can't wait .... I have waited all these years for him to sign a Bollywood movie. It's not just the picture he's freaking hot.

imran khan (indian actor, not pak cricket player lol) is nothing compard to imran abbas in etrms of looks

Two most good looking guys...Imran Abbas & Imran Khan...

Imran Abbas...*drool*
Shahid Kapoor...*drool*
Abhay Deol...*drool*
Imran Khan...*drool*

Okay I'm done.

Should be Abhay.

I thought the paki guy was a hwood actor,like his face resembles so much w/the some guy whose name I 4got,idk some vampire show or gossip girl guy chad,idk,they all look the same if you put them in a certain angle.

Anyway this will be cool,can't wait,I love Shahid n Abhay,it should be between them,Abhay is very talented and this type of genre is his type,he can do any role effortless,he would be perfect.Im a big fan. But I equally am a huge fan of shahid,I mean hes amazing,yea most of the time he tries to hard,but if you put him w/a great driector he will do great,like this guy,Lamha was amazing,Shahid can do this role,if he puts his heart into it.Can't choose between them.Imraan is a good actor,but he still need improvement. plus it would be kinda weird to have two imrans in a movie. But I will look forward to this movie.

I think it should be Abhay too. He will be charming AND will do complete justice to the role because of his easy talent.

OMG Imran Abbas looks gawjuss ... wow Imran Abbas kithna handsome hai :)

ok that paki actor is unbelievably good looking!!!!!!!!! i m going to watch this movie only bcos of him

I think it will be fun to watch two Imrans working together.. lol but Abhay has his own charm....

hmmm my moneys on abhay. Imran Khan is cute and all but lets be serious, he can't act to save his life. Shahid tends to try too hard, liked him only in jab we met in which he was subtle. Abhay Deol FTW. The guy is quirky, edgy, and can actor.

Imran Abbas is extremely good looking!

Wow that's great..really nice concept and will definitely be looking forward for this one!

Imran Abbas is a hottie and none of these can match his hotness or gorgeousness .... he's a great actor as well and none of these come near him in acting or looks .... Imran Khan is pretty for sure but very girly and young he's not attractive at all to me he's very unattractive and plain. Imran Abbas is so gorgeous :) I love himmmm he's one of the hottest we have in the Paki industry. I'm so glad he's been signed he'll smoke em all.

I love all three of them ...
So anyone for me :)

who cares?? all of them are losers. imran is the only one that seems like a genuinely decent and non-irritating person

I Like Shahid Abhay Both...they're both outstanding actors.....and so is Imran khan too...... I love Imran Khan in His Films.... he was fab in Jane tu ya jaane na, I hate love stories, & also liked him in kidnap. Shahid was very good in Jab we met, Kaminey, kismat konnection, I liked him in Badmaash Company too...he looked too good. Also he was very very good in Isshq Vishq & Vivaah & also China gate & also in a comedy like Deewane huye Paagal. Abhay was really good in Aisha,....I liked that side of him... he should do more film like that.... & also he was good in Oye lucky & Devdas.... & socha na tha..... he is a fine actor.

Infact all three are fine actors, unless we know wht the character is gonna be like, cant really guess who'll suit the role better....!! Hence, all discussion no result!

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