Imtiaz Ali Birthday: When filmmaker's writing mindset reflected in Jab We Met and Tamasha's most memorable scenes

On the birthday of Imtiaz Ali, let's have a look at the writing process of the filmmaker and how it's reflected in Jab We Met and Tamasha's memorable scenes.

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Imtiaz Ali Birthday: When his writing mindset reflected in JWM, Tamasha's memorable scenes
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Imtiaz Ali started his career as a director in Bollywood with the 2005 film Socha Na Tha. In the past 2 decades, he has created a niche for himself and has established himself as one of the most loved filmmakers. 

Imtiaz is known for his intimate filmmaking style and complicated yet relatable characters. Recently, the filmmaker opened up about his writing process, and we couldn't help but recall the scenes from his films reflecting his mindset. As he celebrates his birthday today, let's discuss how Imtiaz's mindset while writing his movies is also visible in his film scenes.

Imtiaz Ali on his writing process

During a recent podcast with Ranveer Allahabadia, Imtiaz Ali shared his writing process. He said that it starts subconsciously when an idea drops into his mind without him even realizing it. He said that as he observes something or someone, it gets stuck in his mind. A few days later, he suddenly finds himself thinking about a girl whom he saw at a bus stand or two people who were arguing with each other.

He said he ends up thinking about a girl who was crying alone in a park. She knew people were looking at her but continued crying anyway. He recalls noticing a man during his train journey who was getting angry over a little boy at their house.

Imtiaz shared that he starts imagining what could've led to those situations and what might have happened after he left the scene. He shared that suddenly, it takes the form of a "disease" in his mind, and he finds himself telling the stories to other people.


How his writing mindset connects to some of the most memorable scenes in Jab We Met

Imtiaz's mention of a girl whom he saw at a bus stand reminds us of Geet (Kareena Kapoor Khan) at a railway station in Jab We Met. Also because, once in an interview with The Lallantop, he shared that he was inspired to write the character of Geet after noticing East Delhi (Jamnapaar) girls during his bus journeys.

When he refers to a girl he saw crying alone at a park without having any worry about the public gaze, it reminds us of Tara (Deepika Padukone) crying inconsolably at a cafe in Tamasha after her heartbreak moment with Ved (Ranbir Kapoor).

When he recalls being infected by his ideas so much that he finds himself telling people about it, we remember Ved from Tamasha opening his heart to random people at a dhaba and saying memorable lines, "Kise chahiye mann ka sona aankh ka moti."


Pinkvilla wishes Imtiaz Ali a very Happy Birthday and a great year ahead.

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