Irrfan Khan made a visit to India to perform havan at the Trimbakeshwar temple? Read details

Going by the reports, Irrfan Khan made a quiet visit to India. The actor has gone back to London. Yes, you heard it right. He had gone to the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple in Nashik.
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Irrfan Khan is surely one of the talented actors that Bollywood has seen. He has time and again proven that he is one the versatile actors. He has never failed to impress his fans with his acting skills. A few months ago, Irrfan Khan took to his social media handle to share a news with his fans which had left the entire nation devastated. He tweeted that he was diagnosed with a high-grade neuroendocrine tumour, which is a rare kind of cancer. Soon after that, the actor’s social media account was filled with blessings for his health. 

A few days ago, there were reports that the actor was to visit India post Diwali. Now, according to a report by Spotboye, he made a quiet visit to India. The actor even has gone back to London. Yes, you read it right. He went to the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple in Nashik. He performed a havan and then left the country. "The exact details around the date on which this happened is unknown yet, but it was a just a 2-day visit following which he quickly went back to London, for further treatment", a source told the website. 



In an interview with The Associated Press, he had opened up on how cancer has made him see life in a different light. He said that he has started valuing his life more now and that there is nothing else that matters to him. When asked how is he doing now, Irrfan said, "I’ve seen life from a completely different angle. You sit down and you see the other side and that’s fascinating. I’m engaged on a journey."


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MY amazement is how did he get from London to India and BACK to London unrecognized. He's a HUGE superstar! God bless him on this journey with his health.

When you are sick, you ready to believe anyone and anything can cure you :)

It is his prerogative whether he wants to pray to a God or not.

Doesn’t he have a religion!!! why make a prayer in a temple where people worship idols instead of God

Don't you believe there is one God? His wife is Hindu and he's Indian, his ancestors were Hindu at some point. He's praying to God, for his life. What kind of human being are you to ask such questions now? It's ok for Muslims to pray elsehwere. I know Hindus and Christians that go to dargahs. Your God will appreciate it more if you develop some compassion..Oh, and you are Muslim, no? Why are you spending time reading gossip?

Maybe his *religion* failed him. So he’s in search of the real God.

May he heal, but is haven FDA approved. Anyways, may God give him strength to battle it emotionally. Rather getting into blind faith, its advisable to go scientific and loads of prayers.

That's good to hear. He is fine now it seems to have travelled and done the Havan himself. Also, being a Muslim that is surrounded with so much negativity thanks to these illiterate Imams on news channels, him doing the Havan at a temple is a wonderful news that should also be spread. Anyways, in times of life and death, Muslims or Christians or anyone pray to every God as per every faith so at least someone hears their prayers and their near and dear ones get healthy - people do that in private, they should share such stories more often.

Being a Muslim is about belief that there is only ONE God. Believing in perennialism automatically makes a person a non-Muslim so you can't claim to be a Muslim. So anyone who prays to idols or stones is automatically not a Muslim.

Now the Muslims will kick up a storm - because Islam disallows it! Lol

I admire you as an actor Irrfan. Get well soon and may God bless you with a speedy recovery

He is a muslim. He should not perform a haavan or whatever.

You know, I pity you. The Hindu priests of Nashik were ok with him offering prayers. They recognize he's a human being and is praying for his life. You need to move to the 21st. century. This is the Indian way..we believe God is one and the same and how you worship is different. IT's the Hindu way of worshipping God. Why don't you run off and go to your mosque. gossip and english are both haraam for you.

Yeah? It might be a sin in your caveland but this is how we live in India. Deal with it!

You muslims are so sad

You are no one to set rules. Let Irrfan do everything he wants. All we want is for him to become healthier at the earliest. Lord Shiva is very powerful and doing puja might have given Irrfan some peace of mind. You dont know what a cancer patient and his family go through so stop giving free advice

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