It feels great: Kareena Kapoor Khan reacts to her New York Festival Radio Awards nomination

While Bebo made her radio debut last year, she's been receiving a lot of praise for the way she handled the topics on the show. And now, her voice has even got an international mention.
Kareena Kapoor Khan reacts to her New York Festival Radio Awards nominationKareena Kapoor Khan reacts to her New York Festival Radio Awards nomination
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Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been a pioneer and game changer through the course of her career. After films, the actress has dominated the radio circuit last year when she announced her new show What Women Want. Despite the show dealing with a rather serious subject - of empowering women - and drew focus on several topics that plague the society, it was an instant hit with the audience.  

Adding another achievement to her list, the superstar heroine has now been nominated as one of the finalists at the prestigious New York Festival Radio Awards 2019. Bebo has been nominated in the Talk Show Hosts category. The show saw women from several walks of life and few celebrity friends like Sonam Kapoor, Malaika Arora and others come out and discuss several issues. 

Now, it won't be wrong to say that Kareena has indeed made her mark in that avenue, especially after the honour she's received now. When asked, Kareena says, "It feels really great to receive this nomination and I'm glad the show received the response it did. I think the reason it did well was because it brought to the fore women from different walks of life , who weren't defined by labels, who broke stereotypes and norms."


Never heard about these awards until now. She has no scope for film awards so has settled for radio/dance tv show. What a downgrade it has been ever since she got married. Nothing has changed at all. After an actress marries her career starts fading away.

Congrats, finally got an award after a
long time for her talent.Gossiping.

So much hate Oe gawwwd

Wonder when will she aim for a National award or any film oriented awards? Oh wait NEVER. Ab mehnat ki acting kyun karein bhai?

Mehnat ki acting? Kuch bhi

This is the only thing she knows and the only thing she can do now after rejecting film offers all her life that all the good directors don’t even consider her anymore for meaty roles at this age. Gossiping with her friends on radio but this time for money is a tailor made pivotal job for someone like her.Thanks Kareena for being such a disappointment post marriage.

She will continue to gossip with friends, win awards for her radio show, work in movies, go to gym to stay fit, look toned and hot while your favorite will stay at home because she cant act even after decades in the industry, look so unfit and swollen, have zero style and you will still be here wishing bad for Kareena because you know your favorite cant reach her level.

another made-up award. whoop-de-doo! she can sit it right beside the bought & paid for awards for chameli. SMDH.

An international award that has existed for close to 60 years now is made up? Trolls really forget to use logic when spewing venom.

Well done BeautifulBebo. Proud of you always

Hats off to her. When she sets her mind to something there's no stopping her

Congratulations Kareena. So proud.

Kareena keep reaching new heights while jobless trolls wish she would go down. Karma is real

Haters are made they cant even blame nepotism and Karan here because an American jury wont care about Kapoors or Karan or Kareena. So what else can be done to bring Kareena down? Say she is jobless but then also she has 3 films in pipeline. Kareena can you PLEASE let your haters be in peace?

Wow nominated for an international award that too for her first radio show? Way to go Kareena

Thousands of entries from India and only few got selected. Among them was Kareena who has no prior experience in radio but still she wowed the international jury. Kudos

Well done Kareena. Even winning awards for your debut radio show. No matter what area she delves in she comes turns it into a successful venture.

Gosh that woman constantly begs pv to post kareenas photographs get over it reader and get yourself a life. May be make do with ash’s phots as that’s all ur going to see here. Lol

Aish who? The former actress who is now only seen once a year at Cannes?

Kareen is confined to Radio n TV. Since no credible directors like SLB, Hirani and Rai now consider her as their movie heroine.

Credible directors like Karan, Homi Adjania are working with her now.

Congratulations Kareena darling. I think she won in 3 categories. International cones to her, she does not go international. PV, please publish her Voge pictures. The clothes were off the charts magnificently beautiful, chic and modern and Kareena looked no less. The pink dress you posted was the least beautiful although a knockout. It is Vogue’s best, truly international quality. You’ve posted for Ashwarya and Deepika, please do the same for Kareena too.

so true & proud of her

Chal bay. Laziest actor in town !

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