It's a BABY GIRL for Asin and Rahul Sharma

Asin and Rahul Sharma were today blessed with a baby girl.
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Actress Asin Thottumkal and husband Rahul Sharma were today blessed with a baby girl. This news definitely comes as surprise as Asin didn't make any public appearance with her baby bump. Asin has kept her personal life quite secretive post marriage to Rahul Sharma.

An official statement from the couple reads, ‘’We are ecstatic to announce the arrival of our angelic baby girl earlier today. The last 9 months have been most special and exciting for the both of us and we would like to thank all our well wishers and everyone who has been part of our journey for all their love and support."

Asin and Rahul tied the nuptial knot on 19 January 2016. The marriage was held at the Dusit Devarana resort in New Delhi. Akshay, who is close to the couple, attended the wedding as well.

As per earlier reports, Akshay Kumar played cupid for the now married couple. Also, in an interview, Akshay, who had been the brand ambassador for Micromax, said he had been hiding Asin's relationship with Rahul for more than three years now.

Akshay even told a leading news agency: "Yes, it is true that I introduced them. But I have not opened any company for matchmaking."

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Asin can remain dignified and silent about her pregnancy and the baby-- As we see her husband is more than happy to do all the the talking about it For both of them on the Social Media!

Nice picture- the photo shoot, both look happy, except the piano key board.

Sure- these pictures including the one near the water front are well Choreographed Cinematic Photo shoots. Haven't they done it with "class"!! also can interpret it as simple if one wish to call it that way as well.

Ha In the end-Now you see-- the glamorous/Romantic picture of the couple ASIN AND HER SPOUSE -- showing off "Asin's baby Bump" publicly which is supposed to have gone viral!! on the internet--- THIS IS THE WAY EVERY COUPLE FEEL WHEN THEY ARE ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY SHARE THEIR HAPPINESS.

Elegant and respectful.all Bollywood moms should learn from her not to milk their pregnancy.

Congrats to her and her husband. Asin is really cool. On the one hand, she's a spunky livewire, but on the other, she's simple and dignified, as with the case here.

Congrats Asin :-)

She is truly dignified from hiding her long term relationship with rahul and wait till they get married to release their pics from her pregnancy. She is class apart and she deserve way more than Bollywood.congrats asin and rahul.

Do you really believe that if not for Bollywood Asin would have had call from Hollywood?

your Comment reminds the saying-- "don't kick the ladder that helped you to climbed on".If not for Bollywood she would have not been so famous, nor she would have met up with her Rich Husband who had been introduced by Bollywood mega star Akshay kumar.

What is so dignified about it?? What is wrong if people are open abut their relationships? I do like Asin for her simplicity, but that doesnt mean that other actors who are open about their relationships are not dignified.

Seriously i agree this whole lot of actresses need to learn something from asin

it was very graceful of her to do so .respect her fo this

I like the way she handled her pregnancy n all .Thankgod she didnt behave like other limelight hungry attention seeker actresses . congrats to the couple

Asin herself is a house wife/ Home maker. She would have even hidden in a Bunker all the nine months of her pregnancy and nobody would have ever noticed or bothered about her where abouts.

Why do Indian think women should hide during pregnancy?!

all publicity hungry people like ash, kareena, etc shld learn from asin to keep private life private

Congratulations mr and mrs sharma

Shes looking plump here cute

Both are looking beautiful in this picture

Wow congratss yarrr

Keeping pregnancy under wraps for 9 months, not easy. She managed to do so, good for her.

Keeping pregnancy under wraps is not always a matter of choice. So many pregnant women would have liked to be at home away from "lime light" and be molly coddled by their family.though not every one have such privilege But they have to face what is thrown at them during the nine months of the pregnancy period. That includes ordinary,and the high profile women around the world and not least to say the actresses. It is NO shame after all.

Soha baby girl, Esha, now Asin

Ldet me see.going by the current trend in names.. As-Ra ?

congrats..she never publicized her pregnancy at all..thats how it's done !!!!finally sealed the deal and made her future secure with the baby !!!

Im very sure their daughter will be one of the cutest one, since both Asin and Rahul are such good looking parents. Asin has always been humbled and level headed. She has never taken fame to her head.

Well this is how Southies behave in general. Class apart.

Infact I was very annoyed with esha deol who was desperate to be in news

Asin you are very beautiful

Looks like almost everyone in 2k17 is having baby girls. Nothing against it but could it be 2k18 is going to be a baby boy year? Congrats Asin!

how beautiful she looks in this picture ...rahul looks so happy ...all the best guys

Funny esha made a insta account when she got preg get some attention haha

esha celebrated her pregnancy after having a hard time conceiving. let her have her joy, asin chose to keep quiet and that's another way to celebrate. asin posts her high life of chartered flights and exotic locales with her rich tycoon spouse instead to celebrate.

Why not-- If an Actress can open/make an Insta to show off/FLAUNT her big fat wedding pictures why can't another actress do some thing she likes?

People like soha who only got attention due to pregnancy , ...didnt leave any chance to get noticed and feel imp and esha who spl made an account for showing of pregnancy .....

OK Asin and her Beau had a child--- very good. But Why oh why--- some people have a habit of ALWAYS drag/compare other Actors performance- and even their pregnancy is not spared and slag them off to score a point. For every couple having a child is a treasure. HOW THEY DEAL WITH IT AS POTENTIAL PARENTS IS THEIR BUSINESS. Surely This does not elevate Asin to a higher plane by any means, and the rest of the Actresses as Crass. Every human being/ a child in God's eyes are the same.

Situation ka advantage le hi liya sharma ji.

Kareena esha soha etcetc learn from asin

What a beautiful picture ...looks so genuine

I really respect asin , her affair , wedding , pregnancy, everything was so graceful ....

bwood actresses need to learn from asin

So Asin has now produced the Heir to the Micromax empire! Kudos

They look madly in love ! God bless the couple ......really happy for them

Thank god she wasnt one of those desperate for limelight actresses who use their baby bump or babies or pregnancy new to stay in limelight or get some importance ....sick of such actresses really !!! i really respect asin for this .....god bless u asin and rahul

i geniunely respect such people ...

I must say if she does get the chance to make a comeback as a heroine she can still start off from where she left off. She still looks the same petite self despite being pregnant which is not the case with all women. Not sure of her chances in Bollywood but Malayalam and Tamil industries are waiting for her to comeback.

She has become a mother of a daughter but is still ashamed of her skin color. What's the point of whitewashing the pic?

Not one story was in the news about Asin being pregnant...then BAM!!!!
Congratulations Asin and Rahul!


take several seats heater.

Aww congrats. Nice of them to not milk this for publicity. Not even a single blind on this. Congrats you too :)

didnt even know she was pregnant! best wishes to asin!

The Sharmas are superstitious and super protective about their Bahu. Asin has all the freedom to entertain her guests and enjoy but they do have a line. Asin loves that and she has blended well with them.


Congrats! Kudos for not going overboard with details & keeping it under wraps.

It is simple-- there is nothing to go overboard with details??-- The Natural process of pregnancy is a man and a woman who are in love become intimate and that results in woman getting pregnant. it is not a mythical secret to keep it under wrap. And now the pregnant Asin n had delivered her Princess! nothing more nothing less.

I didn't even know she was pregnant. I love her for not milking it for publicity. Congrats on the baby girl.

looks like its the season for baby girls..congrats!!

Wait are people actually being bitter about a woman's pregnancy? Taking digs at her secrecy, suspecting surrogacy or for not looking swollen? Lord Jesus what has the world come to?? Congrats Asin tho.

Congrats on the baby gal . Never even knew she was pregnant .

Wow she dint milk her pregnancy like which is good congrats

She can't milk it. Who would have been interested in covering her pregnancy phase?

. The answer is quite obvious-- the common multiple response/comments on Asin is -- how great Asin has kept her pregnancy as a secret for 9 months-- Beside this--the comments are mostly negative about how the rest of the other Bollywood actresses are flaunting their bumps as if it is illegal to do so!

Yeah, the rest of her body doesn't reflect pregnancy at all, hence the secrecy I guess. But anyway, good news!

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and as a bebo fan I'm proud of her for not hiding during those 9 months and for sharing her happiness with her fans. Every women is different some hide coz of superstition and some feel and flaunt it and share their hapiness

This is the low level fan base Bebola has, random muslims who talk like this. Your idol has made a media circus out of her pregnancy and now baby phase...don't try to make it out like 'not hiding'. Go Asin, class shows in how you handle your private life!

Bebo has nothing left career wise, only with random work here or there so she had to be limelight so was showing off her pregnancy.

So what has Asin got left carrier wise now. So to compensate that, both Asin and Hubby had to keep posting some thing--- like the baby news on Social media?

Baby story is just the beginning!-- Watch this space--Even if it is not by Asin-her Loving Hubby will however continue feedings of Asin "news and pictures" on the Social media to maintain her presence!

Media covers Bebo. Who would have covered Asin?

Apart from the reporters, her best friend Akshay Kumar would have. The fact that even he remained silents clearly shows Asin did not want any publicity.

umm the same medium that covered her motherhood news?

They announced it themselves

And the media made bebo pregnant and announced her pregnancy to take photos and do ramp walks? Talk with sense sweetheart.

surrogacy? She looks totally non pregnant in this photo except for her tummy, also the photoshoot in pink before knowing the gender? Congratulations anyway!!

may be they did photoshoot in both pink and blue and posting pink pics after delivery. she kept her private life under warps unlike other publicity hungry celebs, thats the good part

Now a days the perinatal scan will give the details of the gender before birth. so these tow would have know it's a girl already.

Every one is not supposed to be swelled up all over in pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and as a bebo fan I'm proud of her for not hiding during those 9 months and gave her fans glimpses of her happiness

To each their own. Women don't HAVE TO parade around if they don't want to. Kareena loves attention so she enjoyed flaunting her pregnancy which is not wrong either. Like I said to each their own.

That's how u do pregnancy. Take notes esha, kareena et al

congratulations. she really kept it a secret and not like kareena who acted like she is the first to give a birth to a child.

Wow really kept that under wraps. Only saw their lavish holiday pics till then...

God Bless them

Soooo awesme congratulationZzzz god blesssss mwahhhhh

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