It's official: Aamir Khan will be the villain in Dhoom:3.

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Spearheaded by Aditya Chopra, the movie will be directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya (Victor). Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will continue in their much loved roles of Jai Dixit and Ali. The film will begin shooting end of this year and is slated for a 2012 Christmas release. When contacted, Aamir said, "It is indeed a pleasure to be working with Yashji and Adi again. Dhoom is a great franchise, most entertaining and full of fun. Everytime I hear the theme tune of Dhoom it brings a swing to my step. Victor's script really won me over and I look forward to working with him."

Speaking about Dhoom:3, Yash Chopra adds, "It's a great pleasure to have Aamir working with our banner. I am terribly excited with what an actor like Aamir can bring to the Dhoom franchise with his unique star power and level of performance. Adi and Victor have worked over a year to bring out, what I can now confidently say, is possibly one of the best scripts coming out of our production house."

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I guess Jhon is the person who did act really fantastic in dhoom. Along with Jhon should act in dhoom 3 then it's gona be great. Only Jhon is the perfect artist for dhoom 3, I assume.

I luv SALMAN KHAN,,,,,,,,
He is the only star i like in bollywood........

i wish they will cast amesha with Amir. they should give amesha a chance she is a good actress and sexy too..........


I think I will pass this.

hEy karan johar should be in dhoom 3 hunting down SRk
At the climax, he can offer him kuch kuch hota hai part2 or jail.

Dhoom reboot is a bad idea like someone suggested.
Just because they are doing spiderman reboot in hollywood, does not mean they need to do a dhoom reboot in bollywood because there would be much less thrills,rides,stunts, and does not make sense because abhi and john characters never knew each other before the real robbery started taking place and also john never did have a girl as he was focused and knew exactly what he wanted.

They can try but it may not work with the audience and they may get bored.
To make it exciting , villians should not be repeated as well as their girls.

Maybe they can make uday the thief(before he becomes a cop) and abhi hunting him down and then it turns into friendship.It would be a good balance between comedy and action.

In my opinion SRK and Saif are needed to make dhoom 3 exciting.

bring back john, you boring filmakers.When you gonna realize that no other indian actor has that sauveness in him?
I wish I had the rights for dhoom franchise, will not let anyone spoil it including sanjay ghandavi(dhoom 2 director)
There is so much you can do for this franchise that filmakers spoil the chances for it.

I dont want to see it if katrina is in it.Her bad acting spoils good movies.
Abhishek can carry amir like a bride and put him in jail.LOL

if kat is in this I will TOTALLY skip this

plz leave this franchise alone at least !
don't ruin this now kat for all the dhoom fans b/c u ALWAYS do:(

Aamir's intelligence and Dhoom's style - - can it get better than this

This will be THE movie of 2012 -- shove off SRK! Aamir never ceases to amaze everyone with his unpredictability, and he will be amazing in the film. Ya'll are way too obsessed with physicality -- it's all about the performance!

I had heard dat the heroines are Rani and Priyanka!

i really dont knw how to react to this news. on one hand i cant imagine aamir stylish a la hrihik, and as cool as john. but aamir sure nvr fails to stun his audience. may i'll hav to just wait and see.
i do hope, they rope in bebo as the lead.

bet the heroine is kareena his got obsession for her

i meant katrina not kareena .wel katrina cnt act for sure

oh no is camel face karina starring opposite amir HECK!

katrina kaif opposite Aamir khan in dhoom 3 she gna play the bad girl - OFFICIAL

This time they have gone bonkers.
Amir is too old for dhoom3.
Why not karan johar as villian in dhoom3?

i am not that excited. sorry. abhishek is so tall and aamir is so short, it would look quite funny. about the heriones, katrina won't suit him at all bc of her height. the only ones in industry now who can match is kareena or genelia. i would've been more excited if it was someone new like ranbir or imran.

I would like preity zinta to be amir's girl in dhoom3.
Please dont bring underacting katrina kaif and ruin it or the overacting kareena.
Rani would also be a good choice.But I liked amir and preity zinta chemistry in DIL cHATA hAI.
I was hoping srk and kajol would do it.It would be YUMMY!

This will be a joke if ranbir acts in dhoom.

I dont know how Amir kHan is going to handle this character.I dont consider him a better bad guy than akshay or srk.
who is vijay krishna acharya? why dont they use a good action director like abbas mustan(race)?

Amir is also shorter than srk so may not look cool on bike.
I dont want hrithik,ranbir,zayed khan.dhoom villian character should not be for love struck losers.
I prefer Imran Khan,Arjun Rampal,srk,akshay for such roles.

But since amir has a nice serious face to tag along, maybe we should wait and watch.
This is going to be his biggest challenge to keep up the popularity of dhoom.
Good luck amir and get some tips from kiran how to mold a character to perfection.

plz we want aishwarya rai at her own place..she was would be gr8 to see ash ad amir together

Yeah, great social message this time, Aamir.

they should have picked someone much younger like ranbir or shahid, hopefully they pick a great actress though like priyanka or anushka (she pulled off being hot in badmash company) or asin

"BOLLYWOOD" has her head stuck inside s-r-kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk still it seems!

lol....its funny how my comments never get posted...... hmmm....someone is in love w/ Flopishak N Fakshwariya....

nice... finally... aamir will add some serious acting in the movie


PLEASE! He believes in doing cinema for all kind of audiences! Aamir's going to rock in this movie as usual...

after the FLOP called Dhobi Ghat AAmir is desperate to get a big hit. No wonder he has LOWERED his standard and has signed a movie like this

i really dont knw how to react to this news. aamir looking stylish and hot, a la hrithik,oh i dont knw. i cant evn imagine him like that. aamir doing what john and hrithik did just isnt acceptable to me. may be i'll hav to just wait and catch the promos. i wonder who be the lead actress???

Liked dhoom 2.hope this 1 wil b a success.

John is the only Villain who suits Dhoom Movie, even that Hrithik was too stupid in the second part, John is the only one who can do it!

Villains in huge franchises come in all shapes and sizes. To ensure success of such films, which basically have the same plot premise, they need to not repeat the predecessor to make sure it doesn't get boring and essentially have an interesting, star portrayed villain. Since that characters has the best role and makes the movie.

So they've had the rugged, streetwise, real & young villian that worked when there were no expectations (John Abraham), then they upped the ante with a highly stylised, tanned & lean villian played by a huge young star (Hrithik Roshan) & backed up by an even bigger star cast.

Now they have only one option left the intelligent villian, maybe a little mad, eccentric etc. and IMO thats the one that goes down in history. It has the greatest potential for making iconic. And for that you need a top notch actor who can pull off the performance & get in to the skin of the character and is also a huge star (which means one of the khans) and to me Aamir is most suited. He's very versatile, likes to play & get in to skins of different characters & he also changes looks, weight, hair & overall appearences for all his films. I can't wait it could be something special like the Joker in Batman.

Plus Yashraj have spent a whole lot of time working on the script which means they want to offer something special & the director has changed from Ghadvi to Vijay Krishna acharya, who is actually the writer of all the dhoom films including this new one, which means he'll bring a freshness to it as well as knowing the characters & theme that the film works as.

I guess what they will have to do is make him a "crazy physco" STYLE BAD GUY, not about stunts and body beautiful like with hritik and john.
Maybe this will finally be a very good dhoom movie with a GOOD script, which is what the others lacked, they were all style and no substance.

Aamir is very smart he always chooses movies that promise to be a blockbuster and some others which are made solely for oscar nomination. he can't act and lacks expressions in his performances which cleverly gets covered by good script and MULTI-STAR CAST and now he's too 'botoxed' to flash a decent smile. highly over-rated actor I say, BOO you aamir!

Hrithik and John was the perfect villian, but Amir hmmm not sure he's the right choice....maybe the villian is a more older, mature character??

yipppeeee :)

FINALLY someone who works under yrf and CAN act xD

NOOOOO he's just too old 4 a movie like dhoom-3 + aamir is too short to perform action sequences... Ranbir is perfect 4 dhoom-3 instead of this oldhag! OH please tell me this is not trueeee or I'm gonna cry T_T

LOL....whatever happened to his "world cinema" BS!!!


so if amir is the lead actor then who would be the leading lady is the most teasing question !!!! but , i would love to see him as lead.......................... amir is a bit too old for the lead but still i hope he will manage it . and hope that this time script is way good !!!!!!!!

so if amir is the lead actor then who would be the leading lady is the most teasing question !!!! but , i would love to see him as lead.......................... amir is a bit too old for the lead but still i hope he will manage it . and hope that this time script is way good !!!!!!!!

so if amir is the lead actor then who would be the leading lady is the most teasing question !!!! but , i would love to see him as lead.......................... amir is a bit too old for the lead but still i hope he will manage it . and hope that this time script is way good !!!!!!!!

so if amir is the lead actor then who would be the leading lady is the most teasing question !!!! but , i would love to see him as lead.......................... amir is a bit too old for the lead but still i hope he will manage it . and hope that this time script is way good !!!!!!!!

haaaa this is sure gonna be the best dhoom yet and the best Aamir preformance

Awesome, wonder who's the heroine...maybe kareena!

well he will do a fine job just get kareena ur actress ul make a blockbuster! :)

Pls pair Aamir Khan with Rani Mukherjee only then i will watch the film.

John Abraham was the best in Dhoom!!!! He looked so hot on those bikes!!!!

not really excited considering Aamir and his REAL talent as actor. really really hope the script will be a blast and gives justice to his potential.

oh great...we're gona have to see the gay abhishek pretend like he's actually a man and try doing stunts with his saggy body! ugh! gona have to watch it for amir too much luv for him ..

Ah, Dhoom 3 finally! It's great news.

Dhoom 2 was better than Dhoom. Now Dhoom 3 should be even more fun! :D

But what happened to Sanjay Gadhvi? He's great with the Dhoom series. This new director is the same one who directed the disastrous Tashan right? Hopefully it will turn out really good.

Aww.. but will miss Hrithik and Aishwarya pair, who were the USP of D:2.

woow!! aamir gonna rock wid dis rolEE hope katrina kaif is taken opposite him!! gonnna be HAWTT HAWWTT AND HAWTT!

oh yah. this one is gonna break all the records in bollywood.

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