Janhvi Kapoor on Arjun Kapoor: I look up to him and take his advice very seriously

Janhvi Kapoor gave her first ever Television interview recently as part of the promotions of her debut film Dhadak. Janhvi talked about Arjun Kapoor in the interview.
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Janhvi Kapoor gave her first ever Television interview recently as part of the promotions of her debut film Dhadak. Janhvi will star with Ishaan Khatter in the film that has been helmed by Shashank Khaitan. She plays the role of Parthavi in the film that is the remake of the Marathi hit film, Sairat.

Before the trailer launch of the film, Arjun Kapoor had taken to his social media account to encourage and support Janhvi. He had posted, “Tomorrow you will be part of the audience forever @janhvikapoor cause your trailer comes out... Firstly, sorry I’m not there in mumbai but I’m by your side, don’t worry. I just wanted you to know this profession is amazing if you work hard, be honest, learn to take the accolades with the brickbats, respect opinions, yet follow ur own path & instinct. It’s not gonna be easy but I know your are ready for all the madness that will ensue. All the best for #dhadak! I’m certain my friends @shashankkhaitan & @karanjohar have presented you & @ishaan95 as the modern Romeo & Juliet with elan !!!”

Janhvi talked about Arjun Kapoor in an interview to Mumbai Tak and said, “I take his advice very seriously. I look upto him. Abhi abhi main London main unse mili thi aur trailer abhi abhi launch hua tha aur maine kuch comments padhe aur main thodi low thi aur unhone mujhe salah di aur himmat di ke tum acting se itna pyaar karti ho aur kaam karte raho, aur kuchh manye nahi rakhta (Recently, I met him in London after the trailer launch and I was feeling low after reading a few comments. He advised me to continue working and not think about anything else as I love acting so much).



Not sure if Arjun is the guy to go to for career advice . his own career is nothing much to talk about .

He is just advicing her on how the industry works and these silly comments of trollers like you should not be taken seriously.He is protective.Maybe sridevi's death have brought them together

this is actually funny...you will look upto him.. for what??? pls someone ask her this in next interview.

People who hated each other for half of their life and don't want to see each other face. gets too close and lovey-dovey all of a sudden. its strang e and fake for sure.

Hello Janhvi, Listen to every one and chose what is best for you. I have seen your hindi interview on Mumbai tak. You are so honest. Wish you all the luck.

Don't take him too seriously Janhvi, he's not a good actor. Or Karan, he'll just tell you what you want to hear as a nepo-kid. You'd probably be better off with Sonam and Anil and all, they are successful.

He was just being supportive and you don't need to be some certified acting critic or an amazing actor yourself to say what you felt after watching something on screen

Sometimes it not just abt acting, it is also Arjun's experience in the industry that counts a lot...Take advice of experience ppl as they have gone through that phase and made mistakes.......BTW, KUDOS to Arjun for being such a Supportive brother....Many can learn a thing or two from you

Exactly! It is about how to deal with people, how to react to certain situations etc. From her interviews so far, looks like she takes comments to heart, and he seems to have already stepped in and given his advice about how to not let that bog you down.

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