Janhvi Kapoor: I don’t want to force myself down people’s throats

Janhvi Kapoor has marked her debut with Dhadak that released yesterday. It is directed by Shashank Khaitan and produced by Karan Johar. Dhadak also stars Ishaan Khatter.
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Janhvi Kapoor has finally stepped into the film industry with her debut film Dhadak. Produced by Karan Johar, Dhadak is receiving a positive response from the audience. Janhvi Kapoor is being lauded for her screen presence and her chemistry with co-star Ishaan Khatter.

In an interview with DNA, the 21-year-old talked about her relationship with her late mother Sridevi, about working with dad Boney Kapoor, nepotism, her future projects, and much more. Janhvi has always said in interviews that she is a filmy kid since her childhood. When asked about it, she said, "Absolutely. My mom and dad used to call me ‘full drama’. Mom had many videos of me as a kid where I was doing some dance moves, and suddenly the next moment, I was on the floor (laughs). I still have many of those videos!"

Speaking on the much-debated issue of nepotism, Janhvi said, "It’s important to understand that it exists in every industry and it’s a bad thing if the person who has been given an opportunity is complacent or takes it for granted. People shouldn’t think that something is their birthright." She further added, "Look at Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, and Ranbir Kapoor. Their films have done well and they have entertained so many people. I’m not putting myself in their category, but what I’m asking is for people to not love or hate me because I’m someone’s child. Give me a chance to prove myself because there’s nothing that I love more than acting. I feel a sense of responsibility towards anyone who feels that I don’t deserve to be here as there are so many others struggling to get into films. I recognise that this opportunity has come to be a little easier than it would otherwise have. But I’ll work that much harder to prove that I am worthy of it."

When asked about the pressure that she feels because people have certain expectations from her, given that she is Sridevi's daughter, and also, the young actress is being compared to her mom, Janhvi said, "Yes, definitely. Earlier, that was something my mom would worry about. She had once said, ‘I hope you’re not compared to me because I have done 300 films and this is your first’. I, somehow, never thought about it. I hope that since my family, especially my mom, has got so much love I don’t disappoint the fans. I am trying to create my own identity, too."

Janhvi was asked whether she has always maintained that she would not mark her debut under their home production. To this, she replied, " Yes. For Dhadak, I went through a bit of a process with the readings and all. Papa would have done anything to launch me. But I want to earn as much credibility as I can before working with him."

Speaking about whether there is another project for her in the pipeline, Janhvi said, "I wanted Dhadak to come out first. I don’t want to force myself down people’s throats. I want them to know me as this character and then let them decide whether I’m worthy of another opportunity."

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I've been reading about her since 2013 and she's only debuted now, half a decade later. What else is left to push down our throats?

I heared about her since longer than that.

Stop lying u already are shoved.so many articles about u everywhere.so shut up.

You shouldn't! Unless you want to join the ranks of Rakhi sawant n mallika sherawat lol that's what too much publicity and making a big deal about every little thing you do, does!

Well u r

why don't you pass on some of this valuable gyan to your so called very private hypocrite cousin!

i feel like she reads pinkvilla lol. she doesnt want to be like alia bhatt basically.

I watched the movie today in Boston. Surprisingly, the newcomers kept the movie alive, in spite of the loose script. Ishaan's hold on his character was consistent throughout the movie. Janhvi had glimpses of Sridevi in almost all her scenes, and that says a lot about her acting. The only thing she needs to improve on is to keep her character consistent. The character was giving different vibes in some scenes and different in others. That doesn't mean that she was bad. She was brilliant in all her scenes, and she looked absolutely beautiful, just like her mom! I'm a die hard fan of Sridevi since my childhood and I was happy that Sri has Janhvi to carry forward her legacy. I definitely want to see more of her. Janhvi, please sign good movies like Deepika...you have it in you to be the next female star.

The reason that the script and Janhvi's character were not consistent was because they tried to borrow from Sairat sometimes. Ishaan was able to build a new character, very unlike Parshya. But, Janhvi was sometimes Archie, and sometimes a new character. Even the script was yo-yoing between Sairat and a new story. Janhvi is a good actor, no two ways about it. I want to see her in a completely new story. She'll be number two in just one more movie. Number two because that position is not firmly taken by anyone yet. Deepika is firmly at number 1 and it will take a few more movies for Janhvi to get there.

If she means what she says, then it's fantastic. I hope it is not just for public votes.

Very good plan, do not do any fake link up for Karan!

She is faking linkup with ishan.everwhete he is mentioned as her bf..

Girl no need for the effort.. Karan has already pushed you down our throats !! Another Alia in the making.. so over dharma movies seriously fed up

So then perhaps consider asking your godfather KJO to stop posting an article when you do something as simple as stepping out to the gym. The public will give you 93 chances because you are Sriji's daughter. Even the most talented outsider could not garner that sort of leeway. Why not let your work speak for itself? On another note, why does Karan find it necessary to promote half of these talentless nepo kids by posting bs blind items, open letters etc? Having seen the film myself, I will say that Janhvi seems better than Katrina but still lacks the ability to emote or utter an dialogue without sounding shaky. I really wonder what she could have been learning at the Lee Strasberg Institute. However, I have no doubt she'll follow Sonam's route: subpar acting but still given the privilege to be part of commercially successful films. Ironically is anyone else laughing at how film critic's have given Dhadak 3-4 stars lolololol.

I really enjoyed Dhadak.. Janhvi's acting was too good. Really felt sorry for her character in kolkata.. specially when they argue on street.

she shouldn't go the alia route. that will differentiate her as a future star .i really hope she is not publicized to no ends. immediate success and popularity that alia has doesnt mean long term success..i hope she realizes that, and has a natural career rise and earned on her own merit instead of people pushing the strings for her.

You are a disgrace

Then why are there 8 articles about you on pinkvilla every single day? And it has been like this long before your debut.

Karan reads all the comments on PV and thats why he groomed Jhanvi the way we would like her.

LOL. You're doing EXACTLY that

You already are look at the articles on PV. already sick of your face.

She is definitely in a motive to remove alia from the favourite position of kjo.. alia shud try to b independent now.coz m sure kjo will drop alia in one or two yrs.

But Alia will be bahu kappor in the next two years no worries for her

She already started attacking alia:0 she is eyeing her kjo:p

Hindi movie goers have no choice.. Nepotism is everywhere

Dhadak may be a bad remake, but it’s not a bad film. Janhvi you are here to stay dear. I thought you will look plastic and make me uncomfortable, but you have amazing screen presence and was just looking at you when you are on the screen and last 15mins.. oh god.. baby bump and acting like a mother and those cotton sarees.. you just reminded me of sridevi in EV and may be 90 percent of the people who watched movie recognised you are not bad actor and in some scenes you nailed it and tears were rolling down my eyes, you are definitely worth my money and time janhvi. All the best, try to do strong characters like this in your future.

Wonderfully said. This girl has her head on her shoulders. She is not day dreaming like Sonam, Kareena, Varun and Saif who are nepo kids too but have taken the public for granted. All the best Janhavi, I hope you gain success like your mother in your career

Varun has never taken his audience for granted.Go & watch his interviews where he talks about the audience.You will understand.

Totally agree with you

Ishaan is being praised everywhere and this girl is still talking, you could at least learned a thing or two about acting instead of giving speeches, the movie is garbage but I hope the boy stars in other good movies, as for you Janhvi dear you can't act so live with it and do something els....forced down people's throats, what a joke, there are 100 something articles about you and your non-existing talent on pv, what do you call that

Amazing girl! So grounded and level headed answers from such a young girl. Sridevi raised such an amazing girl. Love her.

Janhvi!! you are a good actress and you got great screen presence. You just need good directors and great material to work with.So dont rush and chose your projects wisely..

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