Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor and Boney Kapoor join Anshula Kapoor in London for a holiday

Janhvi Kapoor and sister Khushi have taken off to London with dad Boney Kapoor where they will holiday for nearly a week. They will join Anshula Kapoor who is holidaying there.
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Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s daughter Janhvi Kapoor will debut in Bollywood with Karan Johar’s Dhadak. The film is a remake of the Marathi superhit film, Sairat and stars Ishaan Khatter opposite Janhvi Kapoor. The film’s trailer released on June 11, 2018 and has created a storm. Ishaan and Janhvi’s chemistry and the glimpse of the film’s story has excited the audience. After the trailer launch, fans on social media have been raving about Janhvi and Ishaan.

Janhvi and sister Khushi have taken off to London with dad Boney Kapoor where they will holiday for nearly a week. Janhvi and Khushi were to join Arjun and Anshula Kapoor in London in the first week of June. However, due to the film’s trailer launch, the plan was postponed.

Janhvi, Khushi and Boney Kapoor are now in London and have joined Anshula Kapoor. Arjun Kapoor, who wrapped up the shoot of Namaste England returned to the city today with Parineeti Chopra, after spending a day with his family.

“Yes, we are in London for five-six days. Janhvi and Khushi are with me, Anshula had arrived earlier. Arjun will spend a day with us before leaving for Mumbai,” Boney Kapoor confirmed to Mumbai Mirror.

The family left for London on Monday and once they return, Janhvi will start promotions of her debut film, Dhadak.

Arjun and Anshula Kapoor praised Janhvi after the trailer of the film released on their social media accounts. They called the trailer ‘magical’.

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so much publicity 4 months after moms death tells me the girls were probably not that close to the mom. i feel really bad for sridevi

There are too many articles about this new found love between Kapoor kids suddenly. It was very nice in the beginning but now seems fake ( I hope I'm wrong). Arjun who refused to talk about his half sisters before Sridevi's demise now talks about them all the time, writes about her half sisters, having arguments with trolls who criticise them and all. If your feeling is really so deep and you are not playing "best brother " then you can tell it personaly to your sisters and not write emotional messages on your instagram. I'll always be there for you, I'll protect you etc... I think Arjun knows that people started liking him after his support for his father and sisters and continues this play, same goes to Anshula.

All this is to prove Boney and the Kapoor family is innocent and are not responsible for sridevi's death.

He has always posted long emotional messages for his family. I think it is cool that he is trying not to differentiate between the way he treats janhvi and the rest of his family on social media (even if there might still be a bit of awkwardness in real life) just because he fears the media will make articles out of every pic because of their interest in the whole half-sibling equation.

That’s true.. people hardly know about anshula.. she is posting way more pictures with girls than necessary, it looks like attention seeking.

We do all grief in different ways, but this is all just a tad strange to me....

What to believe.. boney says they left to london on moday, dharma production released a small video stating janhvi and ishaan sat down all the day and read comments on youtube for their trailer and news is reported that soon after trailer launch janhvi headed to sanjay leela bansalis office and she was there for 3 hours and karthik aryan was also spotted. How many things she will do in one day.

well..they r going a bit overboard to the point where it starts to seem fake !!!

Aft I lost my father, for months I just dragged myself to work. Coz I had to. Id sometimes wear the same dress 2 days in a row. Getting ready for parties was beyond even comprehension. My father was 70. He wasnt ill, his death was sudden too. But yes he was not young. Here this family is hving weddings n vacationing in Uk. This is pretty strange.

When you lose someone dear suddenly one of the biggest realizations you have is how volatile life on this earth is.. it’s short and can end anytime with just as little as blink of an eye. You realize holding grudges , sense of hatred all of it is of no purpose as you are here today and gone tomorrow.

I lost my dad in between my exams all of sudden too. My dad was my world. However, I was super strong I lite his pyre n went back n have rest of the exams as the exams were both important to me n my father n my family. My way of coping with the loss was going out with friends so I could never be alone. I Infact went on a holiday to UK with my family 1 month after losing him so that my mum would have a change of place. Took her shopping, partied with her as we knew that was what my dad would have wanted for her.

The point being each of us have different ways of grieving. Doesn’t mean I loved my dad any less. Live and let live.

Ohh shut up, no one is interested in your vocations and in your theories.

They are putting each & every details of their outings together.They make sure to get spotted together all the time.It's for publicity.

They always do. Most of the family is active on Instagram. Why should they get conscious now just because news portals are scrambling to make articles out of it?? It is not their problem if the media is selling the whole half-sibling angle like some never ending soap opera.

This looks strange? Staged? Sridevi dies in mysterious circumstances (no known illness, no visible accident (road, etc.), several theories float, boney came just to surprise, heart attack, drowning, alcohol) all gets brushed under the carpet quickly.
Soon after Arjun starts getting sympathy vote for his new fund good son/ brother image, pillar of support and what not, jahnvi khushi seem only mildly affected by their loss - at least in public, may be they pose and laugh in public and cry and grieve in private? Hmmm,.
Boney (who is probably better actor than his daughters) manages to shed tears though. There are occassional articles about how Sri was his "jaan" (now that should be private too, you don't need to shout that from rooftop) specially anytime any controversy theory would be out (240 crore insurance cover, etc.). And if anybody dare question their sincerity towards Sri or question the circumstances of her death, out come daggers claiming we are disrespecting Sri and she "might" have died due to alcohol, and how our noble prince "may" be actually trying to protect her "honor" by hiding that.
PV can you kindly post this.

It’s strange after Sri passing away these guys seem to be playing happy families all of a sudden each other’s best mates and love for each other.. it’s very odd behaviour indeed. Was Sri the only obstacle to them being a family or is it some facade.

I am all for this family but does anyone else wonder what made them stay apart for so long? Was it just Arjun-Anshula's hatred for Sridevi or did Sridevi not want them to get close? This new found love for each other is rather strange. They are not just close..but they seem to be kind of obsessed with each other like there was no animosity between them ever.

I think the new found love for each other comes from their shared experience of similar pain. You know how people tend to relate their feelings and are empathic toward someone going through the similar situation. But whatever the case may be, it is good to see the little ones being comforted and the older ones sharing love.

Yes it’s al very strange

hmmm... don’t have time to receive award for sridevi at cannes but have enough time for vocations. Really??? are they any worth without sridevi tag.

OMG!!! we believed, you all came together but what’s the need to say all this, why should people care for your personal life and your vocations, the only person people care for was sridevi and still we care for her because she earned it, what did you people achieved.....

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