Janhvi Kapoor on nepotism: I underestimated how angry people are; wrong to think it's my birthright to be here

Janhvi Kapoor is on a promotional spree for her Bollywood debut, Dhadak. She talked about the nepotism debate in a recent interview and said that she wants to earn people's love.
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Janhvi Kapoor is on a promotional spree for her Bollywood debut, Dhadak. The film directed by Shashank Khaitan is set to release on July 20, 2018.

In an interview to Reuters, Janhvi addressed the nepotism debate. When asked if she feels its wrath on social media, she said, “I underestimated how angry people are. They are pissed off. But I can’t judge. I can understand where their frustration is coming from. It must be hard. I do feel cornered and bullied at times. Like, “why are you so angry?” Maybe I suck, but give me a chance.”

She further added, “I feel a responsibility towards them as well. I understand that you feel like you have been robbed of an opportunity that has been handed to me. I’m sure there are people who are more talented than me, and more good looking than me – I promise you there are. But I am not going to pass on this opportunity just because…. It’s a big deal for me. Why the hell should I give it up? The only thing I can do is value it and make the most of it. It is wrong and messed up if I take advantage of it, am complacent and think it is my birthright to be here. I know it is not. I know I need to earn people’s love. I know I need to work ten times harder because there is a stigma attached to how I’ve gotten this opportunity.”



This was a damn good response. Matter of fact and mature.

guys whats wrong with you all here she has already a PR Team they taught her Everything what to say what Not to say how to handle questions she has zur backing of karan johar and his entire Team!!! they prepared her very well they knew that nepotism question will arise and told her how to answer!!!

isn't it amazing someone is teaching her all this and the best part is she is learning to be nice so just let it happen

if all that was required for this honest response, was a PR team, then varun, alia, kareena and countless others wouldnt have reacted to nepotism questions, the way they have.... afterall, they all have hyper-active PR teams, and karan behind their back

haha, i dont think this is kjo's doing - kjo himself is always very defensive about nepotism, as are varun, alia, kareena, ranbir and pretty much everyone in the industry...
if anyone's prepared her for this ( although i think it was quite spontaneous), its her mum - sridevi is the only one with the humility to think this way and teach this to her daughter

K Jo has trained her well in smooth talking.

oh i think SHE needs to train karan in smooth talking.... its so easy to call bluff when karan acts 'sincere'.

That dark patch under her armpit is her real skin color, bleach and more bleach

Another annoying jery, if your monitor realised the meaning of nepotism a year ago the hard way I think you had a pretty decent time to rehearsed your lines, now take that fake cute act and pink water bottle and disappear, PV post

why so much hate?

At least you could have asked the doctor to give you an Indian nose not some white girl fake nose

i didnt know noses could be white, brown black, etc.... i had no idea they had races of their own!

I guess within nepotism there are degrees/categories of nepotism. In this case Janhvi must be the Higher Class Nepo Kid so you see her interviews and articles plastered everywhere for movie promotion and Ishan must be the Lower Category Nepo Kid so he is been pushed to the background a bit ... Truth be-told, Ishan is wayyy better actor than Janhvi and is more captivating in trailers than the "Trying-to-look-pretty-and-behave -pretty-all-the-time" Janhvi. Everything you said here is just for creating the right effect sadly, wish you believed in it too... actions speak louder than words!

this article is hitting a 100 comments now - if it had been on ishaan would have been so much debate? no.
it takes more than just good acting, for a film to do well, and ishaan although good at acting and dancing, seems to lack the X factor required to create his own niche in bollywood.

and you know janhvi personally, therefore you are able to deduce that this is just a show and that she does not believe at all in what she said?
because i find what she said to be quite believable - read more than just the title of the article, and you'll probably agree with me.

well, high class nepo kid or low class - janhvi is definitely bringing more attention to dhadak than ishaan is ... if you tell someone, ishaan khatter ki movie aa raha hai, nobody will go watch, if you say sridevi ki beti, janhvi ki film aa raha hai, people will still get motivated to visit the cinema...

if ishaan is getting pushed to the background, its because audience wants to see more of janhvi... not the makers' fault, nor janhvi's fault.
i agree the guy is a good actor, but he does not grab eyeballs...

Mature girl.

Janhvi we get it, you are humble and different, so stop commenting and writing long paragraphs, ywan

The first time I saw the trailer for Dhadak I was like really?? Well, since then I’ve lost count at the amount of times I’ve watched it, even he song promo’s! Ok her dialogue delivery could do with some more work. But the freshness, innocence which she portrays and how Ishaan compliments this is actually pretty good. Once the movie does well, her confidence will rocket! And that’s the boost she needs.

she's down to earth. she will connect and click with the audience and has already started to. if she is talented that is only better obviously. alia fakes it in comparison after success has come her way. way too inherently self absorbed, and even worse cause she is not a looker by any means. she does not have that mass appeal at all even though there is always some media force and other industry favoritism associated with her and their greediness to see her on top.

Too many posts of jhanvi on PV.yawn

Wow. At her age, she has handled this question with much more grace and intelligence than "veterans" like Saif, KJo, Ranbir, Alia, Varun etc. Well done!

Really hope she ousts Alia forever!

Yes you are taking away chance from the talented actresses. You have been served with the best movie remake on platter. Learn something from Rinku Rajguru, she has crazy fan following just because of acting skills. Go out and look at the audition lines and talented artists s waiting for their turns. Stop faking this humble and down to earth behaviour. We know all this is to get audience for your launch movie. We have already seen Sairaat so pls Thank you

lol noone outside maharashthra even knows rinku rajguru, 'she has crazy fan following', my ass.

I like her already. All other nepo kids need to be like her

You need to work more than 10x harder. It takes everything you've got!

She's looking very different from before pic,has done cosmetic things?

You already won our hearts jahnvi kapoor .you are humility personified just like your late mum Srideviji.rest assured very soon you will be a celebrated star in bollywood.much much love to u

Wow! this is the best answer about nepotism from a star kid. Dil Jeeth Liya!!

I know life is not fair.. we do get angry but I get angry at those talentless star kids who walk around as if they have achieved something in life. Reality is they are nobody without that last name.

But I got to say if star kids had this kind of attitude, we public would not even care about nepotism.

Keep this attitude, J— you will be a superstar one day!

She is well sorted and humble ...hope she stays like this..there is something called love from audience which makes you a superstar apart from good looks, talent and opportunties.. that has to do a lot with the offscreen image ...and i guess she is going to get that kind of love from ppl

Seems like an honest answer she seems a lot more intelligent than alia at any rate, let’s hope kjo doesn’t ruin her

Janhvi's humility mixed with hard work, talent and looks will make her a good actress in bollywood. She just need to work with good directors irrespective of success. Thats how they learn..

Humility please all an ACT KJo giving her tips and trying to win us but being humble (not)

Very very sorted for her young age..she dint even get an IVY education but she is so articulate every time she speaks...always reminds me on Prithviraj Chauhan gaffe by Alia who was older than that she is, then.

Not getting into an ivy league uni doesn't make someone less articulate lol... Kuch bhi

acting evidently wasnt the only thing sridevi was good at - she has brought her daughters up so well, and that shows in the honesty with which janhvi talks.

Very correct! They were brought up well. If not for the fact that everyone knows when Jhanvi was born one would think she is much older with this kind of maturity

its smart that she acknowledges it.

the activity on this article is uneblievable..
so much talk about janhvi's talent, her attitude and all but damn! this girl can definitely grab the eyeballs, on screen and off screen too

she just won me over with her honesty

janhvi is like the girl next door - honest, relatable, lovable too

sridevi is one smart lady
and she knew her daughter so well... janhvi IS so affected by hate!!
girl ignore it!! get off social media!

that was brutally honest
and i like her more for it

wow.... this the the one page where i see alia fans active

No she is not faking it. Its all coming from her mom. After all your mom is the biggest influence in your life, they way you turn out as a human being. Sri was so close to her children and this should not come as a surprise when they sound more dignified, graceful, and polite. Even though sridevi had a language barrier, uneducated she was still never tom tommed her achievements. Thats something you born with, or that comes as your soul. Jhanvi and kushi are far more eloquent and now it would seem too good to be true when they speak what they imbibed with their mom. They highly deserve a chance. If Alia could with all the drama and boyfriends and fake rumours, this girl should too.

I like the fact she said on the record that she realizes she can fail. But she does deserve to TRY!

I won’t watch her movie unless reviews are amazing. But I can say, I think she sucks based on the trailer but I now have respect.

i dont think she sucks necessarily...u cant compare her to more experienced actors, but her acting in dhadak is definitely better than alia's in soty or deepika's in om shanti om - so if you consider the starting position, she is quite all right

Her grace and humility are definitely virtues she has inherited from her Mom....If she can even be half as talented as her mom, there's no stopping her!! Really hope she succeeds...

Damn who is training her! Such politically correct statements that even seasoned politicians can't make... No wonder she sounds fake n unbelievable

i actually think she is so real in this interview
give the whole interview a read - she just bursts,and the very language she uses makes it apparent it is quite heartfelt...

she is not being politically correct at all whover is training her is training with honest from the heart down to earth answers.

Wow i am damn impressed by her answer. I like the way she conducts her self plus her interviews are very good.

oh so you think that she came up with this answer on the fly. I am sure every repo kid has an answer ready given to them by their coach/godfather/parent/PR rep

Karan had said during SOTY interview that he trained all 3 members of the cast in how to give an interview.

and who is that coach for her?
karan who also launched alia and varun (who have no idea of their privelege?
its pretty heartfelt, and seems to be on the fly tbh - noone talks like that infront of the media otherwise

She is a very sensible young lady, impressed:))

Damn that’s what you call an answer!!! So truthful, heart-felt and original unlike the Alias and Kareena’s of the world who get all terribly defensive and try saying that nepotism is overstated, which only exposes their insecurity. I loved it when she said that she wouldn’t give up her dream just because her way in was easy, and people are pissed about that.I’m with Jhanvi, hope she goes far!!!

Alia has proved herself in multiple movies. She looks good. This girl is yet to prove herself. Alia is Soni razdan's daughter(though her dad is an acclaimed filmmaker) this girl is a super star's daughter and going by the record seeing Esha Deol and Abhishek Bachchan...super star's kids dont usually reach the same level of success as parents. So dear Jhanavi focus on work, and talk less.

she will go a long way if she is talented otherwise she will be like Athiya...

She is too good to be true! I can see Karan learnt from his mistakes and groomed her the way we would like her. Let's see how long she can play along!

Saw her trailer and she can't act, her dialogue delivery is horrible. The way she speaks in wrong, her Rajasthani accent/voice is beyond repair. Learn to act first, join Indian theatre or study theatre, don't give a audition at your home to Karan Johar. Yes there are people better then you who should be in your place so stop taking away their chance. Bollywood is letting me down yet again.

Well said. Her acting skills looks zero from trailer and songs. Why dont they join some theater to omprove skills rather than gping for nose surgery and lip enhancements

yah... but the whole of india doesnt know what the rajasthani accent/voice is meant to be like... so that judgement goes away and doesnt make a huge impact on pan india...
in lootera, or even devdas, the bengali accent and dialogues were terrible (saying this as a bengali)... i cringe when i hear it, but people around me love it - they dont know the language they dont see the flaws...
same case in dhadak too

Even the general idea of the Rajasthani accent/voice is not there, her Hindi is also terrible. With movies like Devdas and Lootera at least the actors could speak Hindi without any issue and their dialogue delivery was fine making us look past their Bengali accent. I am an Indian American and my Hindi does not have any accent, so its not hard to learn the nuances of a language. When you are playing a character you have to make people believe in that character and if you do not sound right people will see right through you. I am not saying that the movie won't do good or she wouldn't become famous. Let's be honest the worst of movies do good and worst of actors become popular.

First time when I saw the trailer I was not able to listen to audio clearly as I was traveling and I felt she was good, but when I rewatched it I felt there is something wrong with her speech, she is speaking rajasthani like english without any diction or pauses or dialogue modulation, this is all because she doesn’t know any Indian language from childhood, if anyone dubbed her dialogues it would be great, the same thing happened in pehli baar song, there was depth in her eyes when she sees ishaan but her dialogue delivery ruined it.

She is the exact opposite of alia. confident, not arrogant. graceful, not immature, and secure, not insecure.

Yup exact opposite. Alia is talented, this one is not

you werent saying that about alia after her first film were you. I am sorry...but alia is sppon fed like a baby. karan has a weird obsession with her and she herself acts like a 15 year old who needs to be handed and praised everything. even jaahnvi wont be as spoon fed.

who cares about talent, can't you see how many star kids are around without talent. but the qualities what jahnavi has will earn love from people. she is very clear in her head that the opportunity she got is mostly due to nepotism and she accepted that openly and also she values it. the way she explained that why she will not let go the opportunity shows her maturity. every single star kid in fact even actors who are not star kids got defensive or gave politically correct answer about nepotism only jahnavi gave a sensible and practically correct answer. if this is how sorted a person she is she will be very happy and can absolutely handle any situation

At least this girl has acknowledged that there are others more talented & better looking than her ! All the rest have blathered on about eugenics or pretended it's not true .We already know that nepotism is when an Ayush Sharma gets a movie as a reward only for marrying the right woman ! Career wise it's going to be an uphill task for her just like it is for Abhishek Bachchan - the bigger the star parent ,the greater the expectations . Jhanvi should concentrate on her acting & movies -not be sidelined by clothes & the mire of boyfriends for publicity .

I am VERY impressed by her answer. That is the wisest, most mature and honest, from the heart response. Like she is completely aware and conscious of what people are saying, what the issue is which does exist. IT is refreshing to see her address "as it is." I applaud her for it!

She still sounds very entitled tho.

Yes she is, this happens when a sudden tragedy happens and all the legacy and 50yr work kept on her just born shoulders and bashed and judged left right and centre. It looks more like outburst of her feelings. Everything would be different about her if sridevi is alive.

Yes she is, this happens when a sudden tragedy happens and all the legacy and 50yr work kept on her just born shoulders and bashed and judged left right and centre. It looks more like outburst of her feelings. Everything would be different about her if sridevi is alive.

The girl can talk that’s for sure..

She answered quite well. But people are justified in their anger - you get your audition by the head of Dharma (Karan) coming to your house and doing it! Most people have to sit for hours/days/weeks/months for auditions and will still not get it because a star kid like you has given a passable audition in your own house.

yah.. but dharma is not obligated to go into villages searching for talent.... they can cast whoever they want to

Hmmm.. this is why sridevi thought this will hurt her, look at her interviews she seems deeply affected by all the hate. Be away from social media girl, as of now work hard and let your work speak.

Great response

Now that's an applause worthy response...So young yet such mature nd insightful take ....Keep that attitude on nd u will go places.

Using the sympathy card

where did sympathy came from in this article ??? her answer is not butter coated, it just hits the right cord.

you underestimated it.. and you are right about it, how many people commented about nepotism? 10k.. 20k.. 30k.. 40k.. but you know at least 3million people should watch movie in theatre to get 40cr collections. Hate is only on social media, but there is a big world outside social media. And don’t think people will come to see janhvi kapoor and they are giving you chance.. No, people will come to see sridevi’s daughter. and more than your name, mass audience will remember you as sridevi’s daughter until you do some good work.

Her statements would have more credibility if she had actually studied acting, started with small roles or indie films, worked her way up, and not overexposed herself to the media before her debut. You could have done things the hard way as well but you chose not to. But she is undoubtedly smart and answered the question very well.

That’s what she said.. why will anyone leave bigger opportunity and start from zero, even if she wants to start from zero she can’t because she has to carry legacy of her mother and surname attached to her.

Please this girl has not even studied acting

yah, most people in bollywood havent studied acting
you learn on the job, not a big deal -.-

This girl will be loved more than Alia just wait and watch.

its very easy to write such comments but do u realise how hard it is for Jhanvi to compete with Alia who already is among the top actresses of this era..

actually i dont think short term success makes a top actress. alia is doing very well for herself...but she is not in the league of kat, priyanka, or deepika. there is hype around her and she is popular...maybe 1/2 of her success is self earned. she acts good...but she needs to last a good 10-15 years in the industry and that too be mainstream.

i don't think so, only magazines put these statements out that alia is a star, take katrina she cant act at all but she is considered a star, put aside the item songs there is not a single scene that can be remembered

magazines?her last movie crossed 100 cr and her acting was very good..u are actually putting more pressure on Jhanvi by saying she will be better than Alia even before her first movie

She’s is saying everything a star kid should recognize and think about and she is saying the truth. She’s not Alia who blocks it out and gets defensive. Alia will still think she is the best looking girl at the most talented and that’s why she is entitled and it comes across through her attitude and her early disgusting interviews. I wish jaanhvi success.

beauty with brains

Finally someone addresses the real problem- take notes Alia/Varun etc.

This girl is smart. This question was asked to a lot of stars from the industry and not one person handled half as well.

What was so smart about it? ALia is pretty. Jhanavi is not.

alia is not pretty no matter how many industry people tell her she is. She is a cute girl and can look pretty with the right makeup and grooming...thats about it.

i find jahnavi way beautiful than alia, beauty fades away with time what remains or remembered is behaviour of person. I always liked Jahnavi but now i love the girl after knowing how sorted she is, she will go places if she is careful of not falling into trap off unnecessary publicity stunts of having boyfriend. Sridevi was never forgotten and loved equally by 3 generations of people so much so that every single person took Sridevi ji going away as personal loss, millions mourned for weeks and even now whenever the thought comes to mind that Sri ji is no more it hurts, Sri ji earned all this love and the reason is she was a lovely person, never show off her star status and can see that in jahnavi too, she just needs to carry that on, work hard and she will definitely leave everyone behind.

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