Janhvi Kapoor on Sridevi's demise: I wanted to shoot for Dhadak the next day after the cremation

Janhvi Kapoor shared that she was in a state of denial during her mother and veteran actress Sridevi's demise. The actress also stated that if it weren't for Dhadak, she would have no purpose in life to keep going.
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2018 was touted as THE YEAR for Janhvi Kapoor as she was gearing up for the release of her dream Bollywood debut movie, Dhadak. No one was more excited to see Janhvi embark on her movie journey than her mother and veteran actress Sridevi.
Alas, a few months before Dhadak's release, Sridevi breathed her last in Dubai due to accidental drowning in her hotel bathtub. Janhvi was in the midst of shooting for Dhadak when her beloved mother passed away and in an interview with Filmfare, the actress shared that she was in a stage of denial at that time. 
Talking candidly about how she is yet to accept living her life without Sridevi, Janhvi shared, "No. I haven't got around the acceptance stage yet. It's just that there hasn't been time or I haven't allowed myself the time to come to terms with everything. There's a stage of denial that we're all going through. I wanted to shoot the next day (after the cremation). But the shoot got cancelled. I was like, No, I must go back, I need to be on the set." 
"I thought I was going to lose my mind if I didn't do that. And I would have, promise you, if I didn’t have Dhadak. If I didn't have the opportunity to act or be in front of the camera, there would have been no purpose in life to keep me going," Janhvi concluded.
Meanwhile, Janhvi has a major reason to smile as her earnest performance as Parthavi in Dhadak has won many hearts and the movie will soon be crossing the Rs 50 crore mark at the box office.

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Its really getting old. Stop cashing your mother's death and live for something less shallow then bollywood movies.

Gosh.. I totally understand what she’s saying. She’s right now in the zone where her work family friends are keeping her occupied. The day she goes in her ideal state... it will come as a rude shock. Don’t know how Khushi is managing. It’s their mother after all. Mom is everything to her kids. More power to Janhvi & khushi.

I remember when I was detected with cancer and undergoing treatment I went to work as much as I could.. I didn't want to stay at home and feel sorry for myself. We always devalue our work but a lot of times it can help us to get through difficult circumstances.. Kudos to Jhaanvi for having handling things so maturely and also to the other siblings especially Arjun and Anshula for all coming together..Boney Kapoor is truly blessed to have such wonderful children..

More power to you girl! Sridevi has raised her kids very well ! So well spoken, her interviews are great to read..honest but intelligent

distraction and avoidance ..... we all do it

Ok next please

She is now using her

Janhvi is lucky that she has work to divert her mind, orelse it works be soo scary.

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