January 2019 Box Office Collection Report: Check out how Uri, Manikarnika helped Bollywood to a great start

Films like Uri, Manikarnika and The Accidental Prime Minister were a great start for Hindi films this year. Check out the round figure of how much Bollywood earned in the month of January.
January 2019 Box Office Collection Report: Check out how Uri, Manikarnika helped Bollywood to a great start January 2019 Box Office Collection Report: Check out how Uri, Manikarnika helped Bollywood to a great start
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January 2019 had some interesting Hindi films releasing. While Simmba, which released on December 28 last year, was still winning it big at the box office, it didn't affect the releases in January. The first month of 2019 had films like URI: The Surgical Strike, The Accidental Prime Minister, Rangeela Raja, Why Cheat India, Bombairiya, Fraud Saiyaan, Thackeray and Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi releasing at the theatres. While some proved to be hits, many flopped and failed to impress the audience.

Vicky Kaushal starrer Uri, Kangana Ranaut's Manikarnika and Anupam Kher's The Accidental Prime Minister are the three films which has made their mark in January. Vicky Kaushal starrer Uri proved to be the first blockbuster of this year and is inching closer towards 200 crores at the domestic market. Kangana Ranaut's Manikarnika and Anupam Kher's TAPM also performed fairly at the box office. However, Uri and Manikarnika are still running successfully at the theatres.

To know how January 2019 proved for Bollywood, we got in touch with Trade Analyst Girish Johar. When asked about Bollywood's January 2019 performance, Girish said, "January has maintained its pace which it gathered in the last 2-3 years. I remember, earlier traditionally it was called a jinxed January at the box office. But that has broken this time being the third time consecutively where we have given back-to-back box office centuries. In fact, Uri may cross a double century mark. So, it has done quite well."

He added, "Other films like The Accidental Prime Minister has also hit the above average mark. Manikarnika, barring its cost has decent collection. The traditional January jinx which was broken 2 years earlier, they are maintaining that record. So, it's a good start to 2019 box office."

When asked if this year's January performance was better than last year's, Johar answered, "Yes, definitely. Last year, we gave Padmaavat and this year, we have Uri and to some extent, we have decent collections for TAPM and Manikarnika."

So, what is the total box office collection for Bollywood in the month of January this year? Girish Johar shared, "Uri is still running at the box office. So, I am assuming 200 crore for Uri, 80 crore for Manikarnika and some more for The Accidental PM so that makes roughly around 330-350 crore at the box office from these films alone. There was a crossover of Simmba.

Well, January 2019 has been a good start for Bollywood. With so many interesting films releasing this year, we are looking forward to witnessing great box office numbers for Hindi films this year!


Another flop from kangana, what is going on.

How is manikarnika tag along Uri? Manikarnika is a big big Flop. U people can't fool us. Is flop, u know it and makers know it. a movie which still hasn't recover its budget. If that is the case, then Race 3 and TOH aren't flop.

Tremendous response to both movies. Manikarnika is terrific because it was not boasted about by hypocritical bollywood walas plus bullies were at full work. The movie has shattered stereotypes big time!

Yes, bullies including you and Kangana are still at work: Lying and trying to save the OTT melodrama- Manikarnika...

Ahahha, tremendous? A movie with 125 budget n still crawling to touch 100cr. Raazi with 35 budget with no republic holiday small screen count is what we call tremendous. This movie had everything going for it but people refuse to watch cause of that arrogant and moto mouth woman. Kangana 7th disaster

Only Uri. Manikarnika is a flop. A very big one. It still hasn't recover its huge budget. Common 100cr n it still struggling to cross.

Hi,kangana down there

kangana is a wonder woman! Despite so much manipulation and despite releases like Uri (congrats for super success), Thackery (same day release, also did decently) and ELKDTAL (flop), Manikarnika has held on it own. Major props to Kangana for its massive success.

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