Jaya Bachchan on Amitabh Bachchan's health: He has pain because of heavy costumes

Amitabh Bachchan, who is currently in Jodhpur to shoot for Thugs of Hindostan, on Tuesday wrote in his blog that he is getting his team of doctors to visit and set him up again. Jaya Bachchan opened up about his health.
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Amitabh Bachchan has been shooting for upcoming film, Thugs of Hindostan, in Jodhpur. Seem like the hectic schedules have taken a toll on the megastar's health as he has fallen ill. A team of doctors flew down to the sets in Jodhpur to attend Big B and there are reports that senior Bachchan might return to Mumbai if his health deteriorates further.
Today, Jaya Bachchan was asked about Big B's health. To which she said, "Amitji's health is fine. He has pain in his back and neck. The costume is pretty heavy and that's why he is in pain. Otherwise, he is fine."
Big B in a cryptic post had confirmed being unwell and had assured people that he will keep them posted. 
He wrote, "I am getting my team of Doctors in tomorrow morning to fiddle around with my body and set me up again .. i will rest and keep informed in process .."
Here's what Big B shared on his blog early morning:
"5Am Blog ... from rajasthan...Ya .. so .. its 5 am .. the morning after the night that began yesterday .. for work .. some people need to work for a living .. and work hard  .. Its been rough .. but when ever did any be achieved without it .. there is struggle and disappointment and pain and sweat and tears .. then the expectation of all working out ..
sometimes it does, most of the times not .. that not is the catalyst .. when they say not, it is the right impetus to say and deliver that it has been successful and achieved .. continuation .. regularity .. perseverance .. good nature, shall all be available in several chapters of the ‘gurus’ that preach such .. but at times the practical leaks through and catches through to the peak .. many a victory has been had by the middle of the road person and temperament .. the class by the middle, the one unexpected .. the one not attentioned to .. they be the deliverer .. 
we all are that .. in the largest of percentages .. and proud .. in the darkness of the night .. the aesthetic beauty peers about the premise .. its majesty, abundant pristine and inspiring .. never shall it be truly known what transpired truly within those walls ..
there must be a secret .. a door to wisdom and perhaps the worldly wise .. nothing ever came disguised in incompetence .. it would never be the dignity and reserve of the surroundings .. they are because we made them so..
I am getting my team of Doctors in tomorrow morning to fiddle around with my body and set me up again .. i will rest and keep informed in process .."


He should have married Rekha!

whoever says he shud hv married to rekha im dead against .. u cant marry rekha its his mistake he got carried away n got himself invoved with character lk rekha (which many men do at some point of time in their mrrd life) rekha thought of it as golden opportunity of settling down ... she is not 1% suited for him ... jaya is much decent perfect wife ... if my husband does this n if that female turns out to be sume 1 like rekha .. evne thougt im 365 days 24 hrs smiling .. i will bcum like jaya... bcz my life is my family n my husband .... i will never forgv rekha as well as amit ... both r equally responsible ... n rekha shud undrstnd infact all females shud understnd that a marrried man blongs to sumone else ... this applies to all in extra marital affairs (i know its just not possble)

Stop signing him if movie requires locations other than Mumbai/ London. He is 75 year old man. You can fool people but you can not fool yourself.

someone should check up on Rekha she must be worried sick, hope she's Ok

Just admit that he is old and he works way too much for his age.

Amitabh bachchan is no writer, he should stop trying.

Jaya Bachchan is a stupid! He should have married Rekha!

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