Jaya Bachchan declares assets worth Rs. 1000 CRORES; here’s a list of the investments

Jaya Bachchan has been nominated by the Samajwadi Party for the third term for the upcoming Rajyasabha polls. She filed her nomination and an affidavit declaring the assets owned by her and Amitabh Bachchan. As per the affidavit, Big B and Jaya Bachchan have assets worth Rs. 1000 crores.
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Jaya Bachchan has been nominated by the Samajwadi Party for the third term for the upcoming Rajyasabha polls. She filed her nomination and an affidavit declaring the assets owned by her and Amitabh Bachchan.

As per the affidavit, Big B and Jaya Bachchan have assets worth Rs. 1000 crores. Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan have immoveable assets worth Rs. 540 crore and movable assets worth Rs. 460 crore. In 2012, the couple’s immovable assets were worth Rs. 152 crore and movable assets were worth Rs. 343 crore.

They own 34,175 square foot residential property in France’s northwestern coastal region of Brignogan-Plages. They also own properties in Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Gandhinagar, Noida and Pune, besides Mumbai. Jaya owns a 1.22 hectare agricultural plot worth Rs 2.2 crore in Kakori area of Lucknow. Amitabh owns a 3 acre plot worth Rs 5.7 crore in Daulatpur area of Barabanki district.

The couple jointly owns 12 vehicles including three Mercedes cars, a Range Rover, a Porsche and a Rolls-Royce. Jaya Bachchan has declared gold and jewelry worth Rs. 62 crores.

Their watch collection is valued at a whopping Rs. 4 crores. Big B’s watch costs Rs. 3.4 crores, whereas Jaya Bachchan’s wrist watch is worth Rs. 51 lakhs.

They have also declared a pen worth Rs. 9 lakhs.

The couple’s assets have increased by over a hundred percent from 2012. This probably makes Jaya Bachchan the richest Indian MP. She has raced ahead of MP Ravindra Kishore Sinha who declared assets worth Rs 800 crore in 2014.


Damn, the rich.

One thing is for sure. Karishma must be kicking herrself for not marrying into this family!!

Ab Jr and Shweta are lucky. Again, Ab Jr and shewetha are married to two other successful and rich people. Why both of them look unhappy all the time. Like billionaire bill gates and others Amitabh and jaya now should get involved in lot of philanthropic activities. Mr. Narayana murthy and other founders of Infosys also have more or less money like them. It is a fact that rich Indians don’t want give their money to philanthropy. Unfortunate actually. They might be doing but can do more.

All this money and power and the bachchans still care what people say about them here in PV... and they trying hard to justify every move they do by releasing PR articles to fool the public...

All this money and Jaya walks around like a bag lady.

Ash is the top female taxpayer in the Top 10 list so her own worth is equal if not more than the Bachchans

1000 crore is the reason that Aish married Abhi. Nothing else but this and the Bachan name. And remember, this is only the wealth that they chose to disclose. They'll be worth a lot more !

aish made right move at the right time. She claimed all that money just by marrying abshishek. Well played aish!

I always dream what would I do if I had too much money. open hospitals, schools, help the young in building a career, open a free Club that underprivileged people can join and see the experiment. That reminds me also fund for some mind blowing scientific experiments, work towards disclosure and transperancy in world. And go around the worlds historic & ancient places. Go in space.....etc....etc..... Peww

They were completely broke sometime ago when ABCL made losses. This is quite a comeback for them.

This is not surprising at all . They buy land , properties, gold, stock market investments which grow 10 times in value . They get money just for being at certain events from industrialists. Plus brand endorsements , football team , business ventures etc . 1000 crore is not too much money for someone of a stature line the Bachchans . In fact the other day I was hearing about some moderate industrialists in Maharashtra owing 1600 crore worth of property. Another news was a government IAS official was owing Rs 250 crore worth of land by bribes . Even in Bollywood the Khans , Akshay , Ajay Devgan , KJo , Adi Chopra must have assets more than 1000 Crores .

hwo do they keep track of all that money, properties, jewelry etc

And this is why Aishwarya, Jaya, Gauri, Kiran stay in unhappy marriages !

Can they donate some of their money to the poor in India?

Last week, 500,000 free operations for children with a hare lip were celebrated-they returned a smile), paid Aishwarya-that's not enough?

And HOW will Jaya Bachchan help the poor again?

Seems like the bacchans are the richest in BW

And they still couldn't name a property after Karisma for her assurity. They deserve aishwariya

Why should they?

Sounds like that comment was about something in the past like when karisma n Abhi were engaged.but that's in the past,who cares

"As per the affidavit, Big B and Jaya Bachchan have assets worth Rs. 1000 crores. Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan have immoveable assets worth Rs. 540 crore and movable assets worth Rs. 460 crore."

Jaya was smart to have married Amithab even though she was a bigger star than him in the begining. And you guys wanted her to divorce Amithab for Rekha to come in? Hahaha!

I have 1001 crores worth . I win

imagine how much amitabh has ... still they are not at peace still he tweets he has to work hard for living ... sit at home and njoy with jaya ... make her smile ...

People dont work only for money..u may understand this later in life. Amitabh is a talented or may be the most amazing actors of current time. Why should he not work?

How much Abhi, Aish own ?

woah... money may not buy happiness but i'd rather cry in a Rolls Royce than on a bicycle!


is it all legal money, they dont even work, how do they make soo much money, its not like SrB is making tons of movie a year and making multi crs and what Mrs did to society soo far being a parliament member all these years!!! poor farmers dont have lands to ear money but these ppl have soo much agri land

Aishwarya is worth 35.5 million in USD which equates to 2280 million in INR

You count the money of families, count your personal capital!
Do Aish 35? Well, how many Rani, Karina, Shilpa have their money, and not the money of their husbands ??
Do they use their cards, or like Julia Roberts in Beauty?

this is a huge amount but still makes ash far from the richest. rani is worth more because adi chop is almost a billionaire. shilpa shettys hubby was reportedly a billionaire but even if he is worth half a billion that still puts her ahead. asin is married to the micromax guy who is worth over half a billion. gayatri joshis hubby is an actual billionaire. and lisa haydons married dino lalwani who is also worth hundreds of millions. likely twinkle and kareena are worth more too. so ash did well but she is far from richest. but she is still better off than that maduri who did not marry into money and her husband has anyway not been working for many years now. ps. all my money references are in USD and not in rupees. ps. pinkvilla please publish

vikas oberois net worth is 2.5 BILLION USD. its no wonder that gayatri joshi never had to try to work again.

She did not have a strong screen presence!!

Not talking about others,Here talking about Jaya n Bacchan's wealth

good financial analysis. we will keep this in mind.

Gayatri Joshi Oberoi married Vikas Oberoi of Oberoi constructions ... another super rich guy

Also to add perizaad zorabian ( jogger’s park fame ) married to construction tycoon Boman Rustom Irani of rustomjee constructions...

Perizaad and Gayatri come from extremely wealthy families.

Perizaad and her father own Zorabian Frozen Foods.

Who cares about others,talk is about Jaya B

So there is nothing surprising about this.

Time to list work done by Ms Jaya Bacchhan for public good!

Holy moly! I had no idea they were that rich! In any case, money will not buy happiness.

That is just an empty statement. Happiness is a state of mind. Whether rich or poor....nobody can buy happiness. But with money you can buy anything including financial stability which gives peace of mind and some happiness in a way.

Ive heard and seen her being grumpy all the time. Wish she had used some of her wealth to buy happiness and peace

Sadly money couldnt didnt bring her happiness of marriage and her husband’s loyalty or love. Perils of being rich

u dont get .. never get paisa with pyar.. these 2 Ps never come together

this is white money, wonder how much black money?

Whatever happened to the Panama case! How much do they have hiding there?

Come on, Jaya is not on the list of the biggest taxpayers in Bolly city, but there is Aishwarya, by the way, the only woman in 10, and there is Amitabh, so what is the income of Aish herself, if she got on this list ??
Stop talking nonsense-Aishwarya is richer than Abhishek, and getting married for money she did not make any sense)))
The wealth of Bachchanam belongs to all heirs,

Sub se bara Rupayya

This is just jaya’s Property and official. Unofficially they are more rich.

Cbi ?

And that’s why Aishwarya married into this family to get fame name and money

Why would Aishwarya even think of the word "Divorce"? :D

They would have even more than this!

People talk here like Aishwarya is poor !

Aish married well then.

That's the reason Ash got married in this family.

Good Lord! That's a lot of money :D

Wow, this makes Aish the richest bahu in bollywood.

yaaa... but someone i still want to believe Mrs. SRK, Kareena or Mrs. Funny Bones should be around same, more or less!?!?

Who cares

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