Jhanvi Kapoor to make her Bollywood debut before Sara Ali Khan?

Jhanvi Kapoor's film will reportedly release before Sara Ali Khan's Kedarnath.
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The two-star kids, Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan, have been making headlines for their Bollywood debut. The two are slated to debut with their respective movies in 2018. Both Sara and Jhanvi have already become paparazzi's favourite.

There was once a time when the two were supposed to make their debut with the same production house- Karan Johar's Dharma Productions. However, things did not work out fine and now Sara will be making her debut with Kedarnath alongside Sushant Singh Rajput. 

On the other hand, Jhanvi will be seen in the remake of Marathi movie Sairat opposite Shahid Kapoor's brother, Ishaan Khatter.

Kedarnath was earlier scheduled to release around June but the makers have now pushed the release date for December 2018. On the other hand, Jhanvi is all set to begin shooting for her movie around December and the film is expected to release around June-July next year. 

If Jhanvi's film manages to meet the scheduled date, it is likely that she will end up making her debut before Saif Ali Khan's daughter. 

The two have been spotted hanging out together on various occasions. Recently, the two even posed with Karan Johar at Deepika Padukone's party which she hosted for close friends to celebrate the response that she has garnered till now for Padmavati. 

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Jhanvi is awesome i dont know why the troll and comparisons. There is a lot of expectations from Jhanvi as Sridevi is talented and ofcourse they will join films as they are from that background.

The thing i love the most about Sara is that she is educated, unlike this 12th pass Jhanvi. I know education isnt required in acting but it tells a lot about you if u r educated.

Gosh what will happen to BW the day when DP, PC, Kat, Kareena etc retire? We'll be left with these lot. I miss those late 90s, early 2000's times. Rani, Preity, Ash, Kat, Kareena, PC, Bipasha, Lara, wow so nostalgic!

I KNOW, everyone already hates our current star kids, Alia, Sonam, Shraddha... the girls sadly stop working after marriage, for so many reasons, they want to settle down and have kids, people don't want to watch "old" actresses, and worst, husbands don't like their wives working! People better find our new Anushka, Deepika, Priyanka, girls from outside the industry, quick.

"paparazzi favourite" pffft, let's not pretend they don't call the press themselves to drum up publicity and interest

sonam kapoor's thoughts with her hands on her waist -oh my gawwd !!!these r two going to be actresses...???

both these babes r going to suck at acting..lets hope their nepodaddies keep giving thim movies for the sake of it..

Really...I was hoping that this two won't debut at all...but it's ok...sh!t happens...

Well she got her nose fixed for movie debut. How will she fix her bad hindi and lack of acting because of her language barrier.

What language barrier she was raised in Mumbai? Ohhhhh you mean because she's half South Indian how could she possibly know Hindi?

Language barrier means not knowing hindi. She only spek in english. Look at her interviews she was unable to properly converse in hindi in front of reporters and admit that i don't know hindi. That is called a language barrier.

Lol bw r full of nepotism people who dosent even know r gonna act in movies in a lead role

during the promotions of English Vinglish, Sridevi came to an event with Jhanvi and people were asking her questions about Jhanvi so she said why dont you ask herself so the reporters started asking questions in hindi & Jhanvi was replying in english and her hindi was so bad, worse than Katrina. She said Mera hindi achaa nahi hai...lol!
Wonder how much hindi she learned in these 4-5 years

Nose job Jhanvi.

Don't care for either of them, but Sara seems much more real.

Here we go again with Sridevi/Boney chasing after remakes. They remade so many telugu hits and most were flops in Hindi. Let's hope Sairat remake will do well. Above all I hope Jhanvi Kapoor has some acting skills

Nepo this Nepo that. The same public are making another star kids movies mega hits (Varun Dhawan).

Nepotism!!They are not star material!!
Manisha..those women are stars!!It's not looks or skin color,figure BUT the magnetic attraction and a face to remember!!

Rani is from film family too if you didnt know. Her parents were producers. Her entire family including Kajol, Ayan are from film fraternity.

Sara is awful looking n Jhanvi is just average!

Sara looks more promising than Jhanvi. Who cares if she's Sri Devi's beti? She is in this acting game just like others. She should not use her mom's name to get what she wants. Anyway Jhanvi has been overexposed but Sara is very refreshing.

Please release soon so we stop seeing them

Im interested in jhanvis debut the only reason, she is sridevis daughter.

Jhanvi comes across as an air-head.

Waiting for Banita Sandhu's debut in October.I pray that she snatches all the attention from these starkids.

We don't care when Jhanvi debuts.Nobody is interested in her.

I would request all bollywood casting directors and bollywood people go to small towns take auditions there real India and secret super stars are there . If you love cinema this is your duty to cast talent actors not star kid. Indian deserve good movies and good actors.

I really pity these girls if their debuts turn out to be flops for them. They would have to struggle with public humiliation. In the past, there were many star kids who were launched but disappeared without people noticing. Disadvantage of social media.

I hope Banita Sandhu whose debuting in October opposite Varun will win the Best Debut Filmfare Award over these two. I'm sick and tired of seeing these two already.

I'm not feeling either of these nepo children, but I do appreciate that Sara didn't take the easy route and debut with sugardaddy KJo. The fact that she chose a more out-of-the-norm (and riskier) movie clearly shows that she is serious about acting and not just riding on the coattails of a sugardaddy like KJo. We shall have to see how they both fare, but for this point only, I appreciate Sara and am hopeful that she goes on to do well, even if Kedarnath were to flop. As for Jhanvi, the less said about her the better.

ok, Madhuri.


I just hope both of them can speak Hindi well enough

who will win best debutant filmfare award for 2018.

Banita Sandhu

There is something very fake and snooty about Jhanvi you don't see in Arjun. And not Sara, she is beautiful, and seemingly more easygoing than Amrita.

Amrita clearly wants Sara to hang out with Jhavni, that's why they are good friends. Amrita controls Sara.

ok Madhuri.

Oh God, the hero is a star kid too? Well, next gen Alia and Varun.

Varun & Alia are much better than these two.I would prefer them over the Jhanvi & Ishaan anyday.

Alia ben, best be watching your back. Karan's got his new girl. And he's quite quick to backstab.

They are set up for a rivalry. Let's see who succeeds and who will regret their choice.

We don't want to see these girls PERIOD!!!

Bothr average looker

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