Jim Sarbh REACTS as Nawazuddin Siddiqui slams Ranveer Singh’s method acting 'critics'; ‘Not an attack on process’

Jim Sarbh addresses misinterpretation of his video and clarified that it wasn't about Ranveer Singh, expressing admiration for the actor.

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Jim Sarbh REACTS as Nawazuddin Siddiqui slams Ranveer Singh’s method acting 'critics'; ‘Not an attack on process’
Picture Courtesy: Jim Sarbh Instagram

Jim Sarbh recently addressed the rumors about his remarks concerning his co-actor Ranveer Singh in a post. He clarified that he holds Ranveer, his Padmaavat co-star, in high regard. Sarbh further explained that his comments were intended for actors who tend to overemphasize their acting methods, not specifically directed at Ranveer.

Jim Sarbh breaks silence on controversial comment

Jim Sarbh addressed the speculation on his Instagram, explaining, “I usually don’t respond to speculative videos and articles, because they’re boring and I assume people know better. Of course, just like some of you, I assumed wrong. Too many people have forwarded me things, and now journalists/interviewers are ‘identifying’ me as a ‘critic’, despite me never having mentioned anyone at all, let alone @ranveersingh.”

Picture Courtesy: Jim Sarbh Instagram

He also wrote on his post, “Nothing I said refers to Ranveer Singh." He added that the video being circulated was from the promotions of Made in Heaven Season 2, which took place five years after "Padmaavat" was released.

He emphasized that he had always spoken highly of Ranveer as a co-actor and still held that view. He also noted that his comments were not an attack on the acting process, which he deeply respects and loves. Instead, the video was meant to poke fun at actors who exaggerate their process. He pointed out that many people tend to talk about their work more than actually doing it.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui defends Ranveer Singh's acting and questions on authority to judge

Sarbh’s response comes after Nawazuddin Siddiqui's support of Ranveer's acting. In an interview with Shubhankar Mishra, Nawazuddin, without naming anyone, questioned the critics by asking if they had tried to understand the actor's process or his lifestyle while developing the character. He pointed out that critics were simply judging without knowing what the actor was thinking during the character creation.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui elaborated on the challenges of immersing oneself in a character, describing it as a very painful process. He criticized those who dismiss the seriousness of this effort, stating that without such dedication, iconic performances like Heath Ledger's in The Dark Knight wouldn't be possible. 

Siddiqui also questioned who has the authority to judge whether Ranveer Singh should undergo a painful process for his roles. He noted that it's easy to make such comments without knowing what the actor experienced. 


Jim Sarbh's viral comment on method acting

During an interview with The Quint, Jim Sarbh commented on actors who claim to have needed therapy after immersing themselves in their roles, without specifically naming Ranveer Singh. Sarbh dismissed these claims, saying, "You didn't even know your lines on the day, what nonsense." This clip was later posted by a fan page on Reddit.

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