John Abraham urges fans to support Karan Patel & Ankita Bhargava’s mission to save our 'furry friends'

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John Abraham urges fans to support Karan Patel & Ankita Bhargava’s mission to save our 'furry friends'

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors. Right from the first wave to the second, people have been witnessing the worst situation. There has been a lack of oxygen cylinders in the hospitals. A lot of cases were reported, states went under lockdown. But amid all this, animals were also badly affected. They were left alone on the streets and were also seen dying. However, many celebrities came forward, and to join the list is John Abraham. He has also joined television actors Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava’s mission to save furry friends.

He shared a video on his Instagram where he urged his fans to come forward and donate for the ones who cannot speak. The actor wrote, ‘Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: ANIMALS. Here's an appeal to join this mission launched by @ankzbhargava and @karan9198 in support of @official_bezubaantrust that's striving everyday to ensure medical, food and shelter requirements of our furry friends are taken care of, no matter what the situation.”

To note, the television couple is a dog lover and has started a mission for them to support. They always share pictures with their dog. 


When the COVID 19 cases were on surge in Mumbai, the Bollywood actor had given his social handles to NGOs to help people. He shared a post with a caption, ‘Anything and everything to save lives and win this battle TOGETHER’. He was last seen in the film Mumbai Saga along with Emraan Hashmi.

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Anonymous : John is a great guy, love him!
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : YES. THIS is the news and discussion we need, thank you very much. Thanks PV for spreading the word. Even before Covid, stray animals in India face the direst of existences, the government hasn’t effectively curbed stray dog and cat population and doesn’t have any processes in place for their welfare. It is left to individuals and NGOs to take care of these helpless God’s creatures. As I write this, yesterday I had arguments with my neighbors because I feed strays. Today I’m taking a few strays to the NGO clinic. —Animal welfare volunteer
REPLY 4 1 month ago
Anonymous : you are doing a great job. It's true that we all need to do our bit for them.
REPLY 3 1 month ago