Julia Michaels on Anxiety ft. Selena Gomez: We liked the idea of a song where we're talking about our anxiety

Julia Michaels collaborated with Selena Gomez for the song, Anxiety which is part of the former's EP titled Inner Monologues Part 1. In an interview, the actress got candid about how they went about working on the emotional track.
News,Selena Gomez,Julia Michaels,Anxiety,Inner Monologues Part 1Julia Michaels gets candid about working with Selena Gomez on her latest track, Anxiety.
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2018 was not the best year for Selena Gomez as she had to head to rehab for mental treatment but the singer-actress plans to make 2019, her year, both professionally and personally. While working on a healthier and happier lifestyle, Selena is also getting back to the music scene. We will have to wait for sometime for Selena's next album but the Taki Taki singer collaborated with Julia Michaels for her EP, Inner Monologues Part 1. Titled Anxiety, this emotional track comes straight from the hearts of both Julia and Selena.
While talking to Billboard magazine, Julia spoke about why it's important to be more open about anxiety, which is something the millennial generation battles with. She strongly feels that it's something that's not a taboo and should be emotionally invested in more. While talking about her collaboration with Selena, the Issues singer shared that Gomez found Anxiety to be amazing. Julia felt that the song worked best for both of them because anxiety is something they both struggle with. They have talked about this quite often and it's something very relatable for them.
"We also liked the idea of doing a song together where we're talking about our relationship with anxiety. We're not talking about our relationship with men or us fighting over somebody or something like that -- those things that are typical duets for women. Or a female empowerment thing. This is a female empowerment thing, but it’s completely different. We're not throwing our fists in the air, but we're saying, “Hey, we have anxiety, but we're okay with it," Julia added.
Have you heard Anxiety? What did you think of the track? Let us know your views in the comments section below.
Meanwhile, Selena will be the voicing the role of Betsy, a giraffe in Robert Downey Jr's The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle also starring John Cena and Tom Holland.

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you guys are amazing

you guys are amazing

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