Justin Bieber reaches out to ex girlfriend Selena Gomez as he worries about her

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Justin Bieber's personal life took an interesting turn in 2018. The Baby singer entered 2018 with Selena Gomez, as the couple known as Jelena, reconciled in November 2017 post Gomez' life-threatening kidney transplant. However, a few months later, Jelena broke up much to the dismay of their million fans. A few weeks later, Justin reconciled with another ex-girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin. Shockingly, in June, Justin and Hailey announced their engagement. On September 13, 2018, the couple got married at a New York courthouse.

While Justin and Hailey were in marital bliss, Selena was a victim of her kidney transplant and Lupus disease complications and had consecutive mental breakdowns. She then admitted herself to a rehab to recover. Many suggested that one of the reasons for her breakdown was seeing her ex Justin and Hailey's extreme bouts of happiness. Just like Selena, Justin too seems to be of the same opinion. According to Life & Style magazine, Justin has been trying to get in contact with Selena over the holidays to check up on her.




March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.

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A source shared that Justin blames himself for Selena's recent stay in rehab and has been extremely worried about Gomez' health. 

While that is an extremely sweet gesture by Justin for Selena given their past, we wonder what Hailey has to say about Justin's actions and if she approves of it.

As for Selena, the singer-actress is in a much better place and is out of rehab, recovering from the complications and keeping her main focus on health.


Anonymous : If he is worried about selena Gomez then he need to divorce haliey baldwin and be with selena again that is a smart thing to do
REPLY 2 2 years ago
Anonymous : I love to see jelana together again
REPLY 1 2 years ago
Anonymous : I love Jelena .... they r so cute .... hailey is a out and odd woman
REPLY 4 2 years ago
Anonymous : After years of seeing Salena and having affairs almost every time he saw her,maybe she is far better off without him.She has many people who like her, and in the end, she will no doubt be far far happier with someone more stable and trusttworthy.
REPLY 15 2 years ago