Kabir Khan on Ranveer Singh: I am really fond of him

Filmmaker Kabir Khan talks about his fondness for Ranveer Singh.
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Filmmaker Kabir Khan, who is working with Ranveer Singh in "1983", says that he is really fond of the actor.

The maker is all set to present the story of the 1983 Indian cricket team's World Cup victory on screen. It will feature Ranveer as the captain, Kapil Dev. 

Kabir on Wednesday attended Miss Diva Grand Finale as a judge and was asked about the feeling to direct an iconic story. Kabir said: "'1983' is a very special project to me. I feel it's more than a film. I will continue making films but there are some projects which comes to you which are much above films and our individual career and '1983' is that kind of project."

The film is backed by Vishnu Vardhan Induri of Vibri Media and founder of CCL, along with Phantom Films.

Asked to comment on the trailer of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Padmavati", he said: "I really liked the trailer of the film and look of Ranveer. I am really fond of him and I am doing my next film with him."

"'Padmavati' trailer is absolutely magnificent. The story of the film is looking really interesting and setting is also very interesting," he added.


Kabir is hot af. Hey Kabir, you should do aecting

I think Kabir khan is hot.

I feel like ppl praise him out of fear of Deepika as she is the queen of Bollywood otherwise ppl who don’t like Deepika openly dislike RS like Anushka, RK etc

Yeah, it's not as if Anushka has dated him or that RK is competing with him or anything...

Salman doesn't like him. Despite it U are working with him. That means u are really love him . Good luck bro

Salman is too chilled out to care


I'll definitely watch but hope it's worth it. KK can be inconsistent.

That's it!!! All directors of him ( manesh sharma. SLB , Zoya , Rohit, Shaad ali etc ) and all co actors ( all girls and boys Farhan, Ali Zafar , arjun Kapoor , Govinda , ) are fond of him .

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