Kabir Singh Trailer: Shahid Kapoor as an alcoholic doctor and a rebel nails the role to perfection

Talking about Kabir Singh, the same is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Murad Khetani, Krishan Kumar and Ashwin Varde. The original blockbuster starred Vijay Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey in the leading roles.
Kabir Singh Trailer: Shahid Kapoor as an alcoholic doctor and a rebel nails the role to perfectionKabir Singh Trailer: Shahid Kapoor as an alcoholic doctor and a rebel nails the role to perfection
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Shahid Kapoor who was last seen in Batti Gul Meter Chalu is all set to feature in Kabir Singh- a Hindi remake of the Telugu superhit movie Arjun Reddy. He is sharing screen space with Kiara Advani in the same. The promo was released around a month back and was well received by the audiences. In the same, we get to see the dual avatar of Shahid. In one, he is the simple guy-next-door and in another, he is as an intense and alcoholic, cocaine snorting doctor who indulges in fights if someone rubs him off. And now, the full-fledged trailer has been released. Check out the trailer right below.

The trailer opens with Shahid Kapoor as an alcoholic and drug-snorting doctor who has anger management issues and tries his best to forget his former partner Preeti (Kiara) and goes on the path of self-destruction. Later, we get to see his other sane avatar of Kabir Singh. We get to know how he meets his girlfriend in college and how he is madly in love with her and is overprotective about her. By the end of the trailer, we get to see his rebel avatar.

Talking about the movie, the same is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Murad Khetani, Krishan Kumar and Ashwin Varde. The original blockbuster starred Vijay Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey in the leading roles. The story revolves around a successful young medical surgeon, who later becomes self-destructive when his lady-love is forced to marry someone else. The movie went on floors last year in August and will hit the screens on June 21, 2019.

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Sorry, but in my opinion a lot of people wouldn't even know Vijay and the actress. Shahid looks amazing in this promo and has given a smashing performance!

Lol you guys are funny. I am sure if this film was the first one made, then you'll be praising Shahid's performance but since you watched the Tamil version first, you bashing him without watching the film.


He is far better than Zabardasti Ka SUPERSTAR RK

No thank you!

Oh the shit talkers have arrived! Ranveer fans are attacking Shahid now. Please ask your Ranveer to learn acting from Shahid! Shahid is an underrated actor for sure, his talent and skills have grown over the years. Whereas Ranveer is super overrated, always blowing his own trumpet on how deep he went into every character and his interviews are damn boring!!!!! Please give Shahid a chance!

i think shahid has some good ones, but a lot of his movies are pretty ham and overacting.

Ooh..the haters here are burning...Lol
Bahut hard Shahid!

Shahid looking pale and lifeless...

Pretty sure that’s the point

Hope you get your due this time Shahid. ATB for the best actor trophy.

Shahid has the ability for such a role, but he is overacting like he did in many of his films.

rebellious doesnot mean who have to do drugs, and shi@ , People need to come out of that stupid norm in indian society !

The original is far better. Vijay Devarakonda was smashing impressive. Shalini did good in her limited muted role. I would have loved to see Vijay and Jhanvi in this movie. The hero's age is in his 20s. Shahid looks older and Kiara looks older than 22.

Stop with this over praising Shahid, he is an just Okay actor and looks very bad in front of all the Rajs , Vickys and Ranveers..Trailer is just showing selected scenes and iam sure he will be bad in the film

Aww.. jalan ho rahi hai?

Shahid is good.. I don't deny that. He is on par with Ranbir and Ranveer in acting. But loud acting is considered good acting in Bollywood . Vijay had the raw animal energy in Arjun Reddy that's lacking in Kabir Singh. The only good decision was to retain Sandeep Vanga Reddy. Rest now its upto audience on how they take this movie. Those that are hardcore deverakonda fans will probably not like it as much. I have seen the movie at least 5 times so far.

All those so called Kjo's actors who can't act, please study this movie as Shahid has shown every emotion. It will be a master class. It takes a lot to become an actor, but Kjo has made a mockery out of it.

Even though Shahid has proven he can act in movies like Kaminey and Haider, he's totally hamming in many scenes here. Also, do most people in India believe that rebelling means drinking, smoking and cursing and nothing else cuz that's the impression I get from most Bollywood movies. I mean I have disobeyed and rebelled against my parents even as a child and did what I wanted but I didn't do that by drinking,smoking, swearing, sleeping around or cursing unnecessarily. Just stuck to what I believed in. Also why don't people understand subtlety???

So they don’t curse shit in Hollywood movies ?

I didn't claim no Hollywood movies curse. But have you seen the Help??? The maid does rebel against a sexist lady for what she believes in and it was more subtle. She did not rebel b

She rebelled against oppression while keeping her dignity intact. Not by smoking drinking cursing or sleeping around. Kangana's Rani in Queen rebelled as well by refusing to take back her fiance who humiliated her and ditched her when it was convenient for him. That's my point that rebellion doesn't have to conform to those norms. One doesn't have to lose their dignity when rebelling by behaving loose in the steroetypical way. It could be as simple as standing up for what you believe in like Neerja also did.

Perhaps the point is that people are different and they react differently to the same situation. The help was also set in a different era, you cannot compare them. May ve some people are subtle in hiw they react, but there are people who also turn to drug and alcohol.

Vijay and shalini pandey were definitely far better than the hindi remake and both lead actors. Kaiara didnt looks like even a patch of what shalini did. For first time watchers, this may look impressive. But it could have been better. Sandeep didnt have the drive, maybe. The first promo was good though.

May be shahid is too senior to instruct him something

most of the people watching the movie will be firt time watchers.

All he needs is a little luck .His last hit was a decade back. He is a bundle of talent no doubt with star performing parents .

He’s looking HOT!

Shahid is so versatile. I loved his intensity, but the romance in this blew me away. We have very few good lead actors and Shahid is one of them.

For this role, he might have used some emotion from his break up with Kareena. He surely must have gone through such phase

If anyone in bollywood could have done justice to Vijays Arjun Reddy...it was Shahid Kapoor!

He’s looking hot in his fit avatar!!! As usual, he’s delivered in the acting department...Kiara has the innocence and much better presence than the original female lead

Haven't seen the original but surprisingly great intensity from Shahid. Quite effortless. THIS is what I was hoping for in Padmavat but that's another story ;) well done!!

The originality and genuineness in Arjun Reddy was so pure and naive and a top notch one ! Comparisons are inevitable ! Was having high hopes and curious to see Shahid in Vijays shoes . Fairly enough... tough to forget Vijays superb performance !!

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