Kailash Kher threatens parents of victims who have spoken out against his sexual misconduct with legal notice?

IFTDA President today tweeted to request Kailash Kher to stop threatening victims' parents with legal notice. Sona Mohapatra has also blasted him.
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The #MeToo movement is gaining steam with each passing day. Many men and women are speaking out about being subjected to sexual misconduct. Predators have been named and shamed on social media and action has been taken against some already. Sajid Khan, Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor and others have been accused of grave misconduct and repeated harassment. Kailash Kher has also been called out by multiple women of touching them inappropriately. Singer and music composer Sona Mohapatra also shared an account of her interactions with Kailash Kher.

Today, Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association President Ashoke Pandit posted on Twitter that Kailash Kher should stop calling and threatening the parents of the victims who have named and shamed him publicly. He posted, “Will request @Kailashkher not to call up parents of those victims who have complained against him and threaten them of sending a legal notice. @ZWattal.” Sona Mohapatra also slammed Kailash Kher and shared that she will support the victims in every way, even legally and asked them not to be intimidated.

She also questioned as to why Kailash Kher is silent now. Kailash Kher had reacted to the allegations against him and had said that he respects women and ‘his state of happiness’ has been misconstrued.

Sona tweeted, “Dear Parents,Girls,Women who are being intimidated in such a manner be it by Kailash Kher or anyone else, please know I will personally help you fight ur case, legally & every other way. There are many more like me who will step up to help you fight the good fight. “


I met him several years ago as a TV Host in New York. He was doing an interview. He seemed unusually friendly for a celebrity, although I don't have any experience of harassment from him. I was in a room with several Indian men from the media and he seemed to be trying to speak to me or flatter me. I couldn't understand what he was saying because I don't speak his language, but maybe if I did, there may have been some clues as to his predatory nature. Now that these stories are coming out, it doesn't surprise me that he's a predator who uses flattery to bait his victims (since his face and height wouldn't never bait anyone).

hes got the face of a rapist

These men think they can threaten women with legal action and we women will do nothing?? I request all the women to come together a raise a fundraiser for the MeToo movement NOW !! All the women in the country !! C’mon!!

Never liked the way he talks.. creep

If I remember correctly he also touched underage girl inappropriately in some singing show. I believe it was Sa Re Ga Ma on Zee Tv.

Boycott Teri Diwani.. Boycott all his songs, yeh log kahna se aate hain, Bombay aur Bollywood ko kharab karne

This just goes on to prove his guilt. If you are innocent, go the Varun Grover way, point out the flaws in the victims' narratives, be open to investigations. Threatening the parents. Scums!

Another sick creepe in Bollywood! Kudos to women like Sona! We will not bow down this time. Enough is enough! Times up!

Kailash Kher ? is it April fool day ? who is he harassing ?

Lol. Which pre historic cave were you sleeping in ?

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