Kalank Box Office Collection Day 2: Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt's film shows a huge drop in numbers

Check out the day 2 collection of Kalank which released on Wednesday. The film stars Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Roy Kapur and Sonakshi Sinha.
News,Varun Dhawan,alia bhatt,KalankKalank Box Office Collection Day 2: Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt's film shows a huge drop in numbers
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Director Abhishek Varman's multi-starrer Kalank released this Wednesday. The period drama stars Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Roy Kapur and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles. Produced by Karan Johar, the film received mixed reviews from the audiences as well as the critics.

On its first day, Kalank made a collection of Rs 21.60 crores. This Varun-Alia starrer was also the biggest opener of 2019. Coming to its day 2 box office collection, it has seen a major drop in its collection. There is a drop of 50% approx and the collection of Kalank is around Rs 11.50 crores. This makes the collection of the film Rs 31 crores approx. 

However, there is a whole weekend for the film to bounce back to better numbers. As the film released on Wednesday, the next day Thursday was a working day. It would be interesting to see how much the film collects on its third day and the entire weekend.

Kalank is a dream project of Karan Johar's father Yash Johar. After more than 20 years, the audiences got to see the 90s hit on-screen pair Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt on the 70 mm screen together.

Coming to its reviews, people are praising the performances delivered by the star cast. However, many found the story slow, although the music of the film is top notch.

Are you planning to watch Kalank? If you have watched it already, what are your views on it? Let us know in the comments section below.

This Day That Year


Alia Bhatt is the most overrated and ugly ,yes ugly actress.
She survives because of her father and Karan Johar the King of Nepotism.I am so glad this film is flopping and may the Flop be one of the biggest

Deepika's last film was a 300 cr film. Alia was just a sidekick in gully boy and so will be in brahmastra. Kalank, Takht,Inshaalah and rrr will flop.

Anushka should have done gully boy. She would have suited that role perfectly and her chemistry too would got appreciated. Anushka is better suited for this film too opposite Varun. Alia will look so funny to play a superhero in brahmastra. I feel Katrina is better than her in terms of action and being a superheroine with her athletic body. Deepika should have done films like Takht and Inshaalah and RRR. She suits periodic films so well. But this ugly mouse is stealing the work of A list actresses with the help of Kjo and her dad. So karma was bound to happen.

No reasoning but JACQUELINE FERNANDEZ is the best for Roop's role.

Okay Jacky dear we got u by u know what you are just born to play a bimboo role in superstar films. Seriously you are in industry for 12 years and still you have not got an A lister tag.

Well deserved for Karan aur alia.. Aur karo khutton wali harkatein.. And i totally feel jo bi ladki RK ke saath hoti hai, wo itni daaiyin lagne lagti hain.. same happened with Kat. Now she is so adorable.

These comments are repetitive and seem to be written by 1 or 2 Alia haters and seems like Deepika fans who are hating Alia because she has taken Deepika’s spot as number 1 actress. Deepika is aging, her time is over, now it is Alia. After a few years she will be replaced by somebody else. That’s how it is in this Industry, by hating on Alia, this fact cannot be changed.

Just by one film flopping nobody’s career ends. Major stars have given flops. Some who are wishing that all her movies flop and are talking about her karmas, watch out for your karmas, wishing bad for anyone is bad karma.

Movie flopping is not alia’a fault, so many factors contribute to it, bad story, direction, screenplay. It is immature to make statements like Alia is not beautiful enough for period roles or not suited for such roles, and that alone is the reason the movie flopped. If the movie was well made it would have done well, irrespective of Alia’s looks. All of Deepika’s movies that did well, were because they were well made not because she is beautiful and suits period dramas. Audiences don’t go to movies just to see pretty faces they go to see good content, which was missing in Kalank.

Failure reasons for movie: 1. Nobody wants to see RK with Alia, 2. Nobody wants to see a cast of nepos by the father of nepos, 3. The sets looked incredibly fake, 4. Nobody wants to see Alia. 5. Everyone got tired of Alia's nostril flaring and she's an incredibly unattractive mousy looking girl...Salman Sb re-think Inshallah. Karma for Dharma. TAKHT is going to be another disaster. Nepo papa has a thing for star kids. India has moved on the movie industry is no longer controlled by dynasty BW families.

They should have focused on Madhuri more, her talent shines even more when surrounded by the other 5 Nepo products .

Saw this coming I guess. Alia was sweet and had this innocence, and was like a breath of fresh air when she came into the industry. Then she showed a really cunning mean side by going after her bff's ex boyfriend and PR games with Kjo to bring Deepika down. That Kwk episode was so horrible where all her insecurities and jealousy showed. I liked her before. Now people can see right through the innocent demeanor and know the person for they really are. And yeah, I guess Karma is real.

Ranbir’s curse! She can still make a comeback all she needs to do is dump Ranbir.

Alia looks like man, dressed as women in softer words

Bhansali should drop Alia from Inshallah ASAP. Fans dont want to see Salman with her whatever maybe the story.It will simply not work if Alia is in it to spoil it all. He should take Kangana or Deepika instead.Else, Salman should show who is the boss & quit Inshallah!! Why on earth has SLB taken Alia when she doesnt suit Salman at all??

I believe the rumor was that Salman wanted Anushka, since she fits whatever this plot is for a younger girl, the same way Shahrukh Khan always gets Anushka for movies like Rab Ne Bana De Jodi or Jab Tak Hain Jaan where the age difference is clear, but Anushka is pretty and looks appropriate next to him. But I'm sure SLB shut him down because "she's married", the typical SLB excuse. And now Priyanka after her stellar Kashibai will probably lose Amrita Pritam in Abhishek's movie for the same reason after her wedding with Nick. SLB sucks. I hope his movies flop.

The movie cost 150 crore too.

Alia very well deserves this kind of treatment. I mean why can't she do roles better suitable for her age. Look at what Sara Ali khan is doing. Girl next door types of roles. Ofcourse she debuted with Varun but Varun is 6 years older than her and he exudes maturity in his characters though he is a bad actor roo. This kind of roles demands maturity and better suitable for actress like anushka who can manage to look fierce and vulnerable at the same time. It would have been a treat to watch anu in a period film. But then this annoying alia called Karan for casting her. Like she did with highway. Again highway needed a mature actress like priyanka or kangana. The roles are altered according to her age but she can do this types of role when she turns 30. Right now she should stick to roles better suited to her.

Karma karma & karma for stealing away black lady from deepika and eating away the work of other actresses.


Forget Alia who has zero talent and mediocre looks, but don’t get this hype about nachaniya Madhuri. All Madhuri ever did was blatantly copy Madhubala. Compared to the gracefulness of Rekha’s kathak steps, Madhuri just looks very vulgar and cheap!

Alia is no Deepika Padukone. Next SLB will scratch his head when his movie is released . I heard that he has let go of Deepika coz she is married. What a horrible way that married women can have no career? Hope women like Deepika prove these men wrong. She is an outsider, made her way , married and hope she maintains her success after marriage too

I'm soo soo soo soo soo happpy now lovely Sara can be the numero uno actor :p

Just be..cause 1 film flopped doesn't mark the end of a person's career Alia should focus on improving her dance and acting more.... even Deepika failed in her movies until cocktail happened to her..

Please friends bano

hey karan. i know you read pinkvilla coz you said so yourself. so make notes.
1. alia may be pretty but she's not beautiful. She has neither the grace nor the stature for royal/historic roles. rIP Takht.
2. VD and alia are a cute couple - not a hot couple.
3. multistarrers dont work.

Brahamastra- FLOP
Inshallah- EHHH
Takht- FLOP

and ofc kalank is flop.
poor alia. lets see if rajamouli can save your but trust me south india no stan so idek about rajamouli tbvh.

Did they really just try to turn Nepokid Chucky doll into the aishwarya Rai???? Lol this movie was a complete joke. I was half surprised there wasn’t a gay angle to it seeing as karan joker threw everything else in there alright!

ranbir hurts the luck of all his girlfriends.

This is part 1 of 'Karma fixes Dharma'.
Part 2 with the grand finale of karan's career, is coming next year with historical multistarrer Takht.

bet karan's shitting his pants rn thinking about how to fit into slb's big shows with an overdone starcast where he feels the need to indulge every actors' every whim thereby making a ridiculously long film without a real point to it.
audience has grown up karan. and you should too. say bye bye to passionless projects made with the hope of earning millions, say bye bye to the SOTY2s of the world. or say bye bye to your own hard earned career.

Her step sister Pooja Bhatt at one time was very famous actress like her and gave many hits and then she suddenly disappeared after a bunch of flops, same may happen to Alia.

Sridevi had roop ki rani choron ka raja. Alia has kalank. It's all downhill from here.

Gosh! Judaai was a hit movie. And so was Khuda Gawah!

except sridevi had by then built a loyal enough fan base to come back with english vinglish and big a hit.
unfortunately, alia has no real fans. are there are fans of alia's work? yes. are there fans of ALIA herself? not really.

Frustrated Madhuri fans have gone psycho badmouthing everyone from Kjo to Sridevi to Kangana. Grow up. This is the real aukaat of your flop nachaniya...LOL

Pv they exaggerated the collection.. It's 10cr..not 11..abhi bhi jooht bol raha hai kjo

Alia is annoying to listen and watch, the same with Varun and his tapori voice..more than a warrior he looks like a clown

Yue in India veri negative not suportin

She's become so snooty also in her promotion interviews...god knows what happens to women when they start to date RK. Even kat was unbearable at that time..

Kalank rating on imdb is 2.7 even the worst b grade movies have more rating.

As expected Kalank registers a big drop,Vom is pathetic, the movie is so bad and boring

But according to alia fans gully boy, kalank and brahmastra were gonna do 200 cr business and 2019 was going to be alia bhatt's year. She was in a sidekick role I gully boy which too clearly underperformed. Kalank is a disaster and brahmadtra too will a flop. Lol I am already going ROFL with the though of alia and ranbir as superheroes.

Hahaha..... Brahmastra gonna be her second disaster. Waiting for chapaak to release and queen deepika to show this nepo queen her AUKAAD as she and her pr are constantly claiming that she is no.1 and has overtaken queen deepika. Takht too will be a flop as all Kjo films are flop now, Inshallah too will be flop like bhansali's sawariya and guzarish. Not every rajamouli film will be bahubali. RRR is a big budget flick and it won't recover its cost. Sadak 2 too will be a flop. She may end up being ranbir's wife and mother of his kids or in other words a Kapoor doormat like neetu Kapoor. Hahaha......


I might sound mean but dil thanda thanda hogaya! Finally her bubble will burst and she should know she is no Aish or Deepika..
Her only fame is her last name and Kjo. If given such opportunities again and again, Rakhi Sawant will do better than this rat face.
PV pls post my first comment ever!

Super grand nonsense! Kjo should stick to his genre and not try to be Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The director totally lost the plot and had no idea what he was trying to show. Kjo has killed the industry with his nepotism. Real talent has to struggle while the mediocres are getting movies thanks to Kjo's connections in the industry. i was a fan of his movies and hows, but now he is an immature oldy going through mid life crises and constantly seeking attention with his loud and brash dressing

My goodness the way they tried to shove Alia and Varun to our throats was excruciating. Finally it can stop. If they focused on other stars movie might’ve worked, but nooo Karan auntie wanted Alia to become Parvati, Mastani and Padmavati!!

Poor Madhuri fans...they first had to support her ghostly Kalank poster. Then they had to support Kjo even though he kept treating Madhuri like an extra in the film...then they had to support that pathetic song Kjo gave to Madhuri...now they are trying hard to support this crapfest film even calling it masterpiece. Lol

You’re blinded by hate. The movie was crap. Madhuri was the only saving grace. She’s a respectable legend

Alia is looking too modern for this type of movies. She's pretty, but not stunning. I can't say about her acting in Kalank, i didn't watch it, so i won't say that she can't act in period movies, but unfortunatley this type of films mostly carries on beauty, not a talent (Devdas as a bright example). She should opt out from Salman movie too, because if it will be a flop, she will be ended. And though she's annoying af but she's a good actress so i don't want her to dissapper from movie screens forever. She should understand her niche and her abilities and do not agree with KJo on everything.

Yeah I cannot imagine her as a lead in an intense love story. I can't even see her pull of Shraddha's role in Aashiqui 2.

She called Karan n asked for this movie..she said so herself during raazi promotions..

RK happened to Alia :P

Fantastic movie

Tell Karan Johar nepotism is dead and the audience has changed. He has become irrelevant.

Watta flop. Alia has found success in two niches and should stay there; modern young coming-of-age roles, and childlike non-glamorous average very Indian roles. They just do twists on that, make her a spy, a bride, a rapper, etc. and she works off it. She's not made for glamorous period pieces... now Brahamastra, RRR, Inshallah, Takht... all one after another, it'll be the beginning of the end for Alia, all before she's even 30.

Finally Alias cloud burst and she can settle on earth like the rest of us

Lol. Alia is beginning to feel the curse of Ranbir.

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