Kalank: Madhuri Dixit opens up about replacing Sridevi & how difficult it was to digest that she is no more

After Sridevi’s untimely demise, Madhuri Dixit replaced the late actress in Abhishek Varman’s Kalank. Kalank stars Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Aditya Roy Kapur and Sonakshi Sinha in lead roles.
Madhuri Dixit opens up about replacing late Sridevi in Abhishek Varman's KalankMadhuri Dixit opens up about replacing late Sridevi in Abhishek Varman's Kalank
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It’s been almost a year to Sridevi’s demise but it is still hard to believe and digest that the Lamhe actress is no more. But like they say, the show must go on and therefore, after Sridevi’s demise, director of Kalank, Abhishek Varman, roped in Madhuri Dixit to replace Sridevi in the film. As we speak, Varman’s period drama has wrapped up and Madhuri Dixit has shot her role in the film but recently, while promoting her latest outing Total Dhamaal, this 51-year-old actress got talking about how difficult it was to digest that Sridevi is not anymore.

“What took time was to digest the whole thing that had happened. It was so shocking, I was like ‘you want me to do this role?’ because even they (filmmakers) were stuck. They had to go on,” Madhuri informed PTI, adding, “As a person, it was hard to deal. As an actor, you know the role, the script. It’s a different matter altogether. But to accept the truth was very difficult.” After Sridevi’s demise, daughter and Dhadak actress Janhvi Kapoor took to Instagram and posted a picture of Madhuri Dixit with her mother and thanked Madhuri for taking up Sridevi’s role as she wrote, “Abhishek Varman’s next film was very close to mom’s heart ...Dad, Khushi and I are thankful to Madhuriji for now being a part of this beautiful film.”

Sridevi died on February 24, 2018, by accidentally drowning in the bathtub of a hotel room while she was in Dubai to attend a family wedding. Later, the actress was brought to Mumbai three days and cremated in Mumbai with state honours. On the work front, Madhuri Dixit was last seen in the 2014-film Gulaab Gang directed by Soumik Sen and next, this diva is gearing up for her latest film Total Dhamaal co-starring Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, and Esha Gupta. Total Dhamaal is directed by Indra Kumar and it is the third installment of the Dhamaal film series. Total Dhamaal will hit the theatres on February 22, 2019. Post Total Dhamaal, Madhuri will be seen in Abhishek Varman’s Kalank co-starring Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha, and Aditya Roy Kapur.

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Sridevi must be very happy to have such a negative hateful fans. Even after her demise they have to spill venom on madhuri. Sridevi ruled 80s and madhuri ruled 90s. It was madhuri replaced Sridevi. Going ga ga over how great Sri was not going to change a fact. Whole world knows Sri was such a great actress and bashing madhuri will not do any good to sri's soul. Let's move on. PV pls post

Sridevi had God gifted talent but a self made women. Hard work, dedication, hard core professional. No actress has that charisma, acting potential like her. She has a legacy of work which should inspire all actors.
Madhuri on the other hand has grace, Madhuri is a dancer and a self made women and that’s what she will be rembered for.

Madhuri Dixit was famous for her looks same way Aishwarya Rai was in previous decade and Katrina was in this decade. Beside their stunning looks what's common between these actress is that all of them were the best dancer in their lot and all these actress enjoyed immense popularity among men for their sex appeal but another thing common between them is all three of them cannot act. While Madhuri didn't have to bother much because nobody paid two hours to word called acting in 90s. Aishwarya Rai too had a easy run as their was no social media. Kat too had easy run however with the likes of actress like Vidya, priyanka and kangana she is facing a tough time.
Sridevi mam was a legendary actress. Marriage, pregnancy, age never became a barrier for her. She willingly left bollywood otherwise she would have continued her reign as a top actress untill her sad demise and would have given her fans many more brilliant films like mom and English vinglish. What an actress she was...........

Mon flopped, and Sri's mouth wouldn't move in English Vinglish. What an actress she was...

After reading these fan war commens what I feel let's wait till kalank releases and see if that role actually deserve which actor..if it's mere blond in the eye role with only song n dance then I think madhuri should do well..however if tthat role requires emotions and intense expressions..then it would be surely a challenge for her...finally let's remember the powerhouse of talent Sri devi for the roles she did in lifetime rather than the ones she rejected or got replaced may be thesent roles did not deserve her expertise in phenomenon calling true acting

noone is saying madhuri is a bad actor.
she's a great actor.
but she's nothing compared to sridevi.

at the end of the day madhuri will go down as one of the khan's costar.
sridevi will be the biggest superstar india found, post Big B's angry-young-man phase, and pre srk's chocolate-boy-romance phase

at the end of the day sridevi's going down in history as an actor, and madhuri's going down as a dancer and a look.

not that sridevi cant dance and isnt hot.... she so can and she so is.

You aren't going to write the history either! Madhuri Dixit will be remembered amongst India's Greatest Actresses along with the No.1 Box Office Star

madhuri - karisma - kajol are all in the same league of acting. which is very good, but not in the league of sridevi, vidya etc.

madhuri making her 100th comeback with every film and failing each time, till sridevi finally gives way to her with her own offers.

second best always madhuri - a beautiful smile and a graceful dance isnt enough to help you last 50 years in the indstry the way sridevi did.

Hate to break it to you but the role in Shiddat/Kalank was first given to Madhuri. She rejected it because the role was too similar to that of Chandramukhi. Then your beloved Sridevi got sloppy seconds. And then the role, rewritten, went back to Madhuri. Destiny or maybe karma.

Madhuri never spoke bad about her any colleague even though she was always a object of negative publicity from her contemporaries

Madhuri’s talent is like sun, it shines brightly and you can’t help noticing it. And if you try to block the sun it shines even more intensely. That’s why even in roles like Prahar, Parinda and Devdas she towers over her male leads.

Ugh both ladies are legends in their own ways. Stop the fan wars

Madhuri was a great dancer but a very average actress.

Since pinkvilla doesn't allow me to do the thumbs down thing, at least let me comment on two things:
- if anyone calls average the roles Madhuri in played films such as Devdas or Mrityudand, or Dedh Ishqiya, or Beta, or HAHK, or tens more, this tells me it is either someone who has no idea about good acting or is simply a hater. Comments like these are beyond ridiculous.
- it's sad that the legacy of Sridevi is tarnished by a vocal few "fans" on social media who can't get over the fact that Madhuri was more successful in the 90's than Sridevi and that she is still in demand. This is pathetic and it needs to stop.

Well said!

Funny how pinkvilla doesn’t let users give the negative comments a thumbs down. At least it didn’t work for me.

Honestly, did Sridevi appreciate her fans being so hateful to Madhuri? She’s gone, shouldn’t her legacy be one of positivity instead of her fans spewing hatefulness all the time? Jeez.

Both women worked very hard and are talented. They both deserve respect. Period.

Exactly, but apparently some fans are only capable of spewing hate. It's not Madhuri's fault that Sri died. Take that bitterness somewhere else.

I love Madhuri but Sridevi is Sridevi. The powerhouse of talent

Sri is dead and gone. Her family is happy that Mads has agreed to do Sri's role. Life goes on. Don't live in the past still talking about Sri and Mads rivalry. Don't compare them. Sri had her talent. The same applies to Mads. Even Sri would have been delighted that Mads is doing her role. So why are you guys a bunch of sour puss? Why such animosity against Mads? Such riduculous reactions!

Madhuri Dixit is no less talented than Sridevi

Madhuri is so self absorbed but it's not her fault. I guess it's the film maker's fault to think theye can easily replace Sridevi with Madhuri greatest insult to Sri ever. She was in a class all by herself and still unparalleled. Would have been better to get more talented actress than Madhuri, that would have been a fitting tribute to Sridevi.

There was nothing self-absorbed about Madhuri's comment - absolutely nothing. She was even courteous enough not to mention that she was the first actress to which the role in Kalank was offered, when the project was still titled Shiddat. Sridevi was talented but so was/is Madhuri and many other actors. Madhuri's talent will shine, again, and no amount of delusional nonsense about "insult" or "unparalleled class" will change it.

Sri is not here and still has to spill venom on

This lady knows she can't get popularity based on her acting...She uses all means to make herself into news.

Yet another dumbo has spoken. LMAO. Madhuri has lead roles in two huge projects releasing soon. She was asked a question while promoting those projects and answered it honestly and with class. I know, for dumbos it's unthinkable.

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