Kalank song Ghar More Pardesiya: Alia Bhatt exudes magic with Madhuri Dixit making for a magnificent watch

The new song titled Ghar More Pardesiya from Kalank is OUT and stars Alia Bhatt and Madhuri Dixit. The song sees Alia perform Kathak for the first time with Madhuri making drool only with her expressions. Check it out.
Kalank song Ghar More Pardesiya: Alia Bhatt exudes magic with Madhuri Dixit making for a magnificent watchKalank song Ghar More Pardesiya: Alia Bhatt exudes magic with Madhuri Dixit making for a magnificent watch
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Kalank’s new song Ghar More Pardesiya shows Alia Bhatt performing Kathak for the first time onscreen and trust us, she is magic onscreen. From acing the expressions to lip-syncing the classical number, the lady is beautiful as she matches Madhuri Dixit to every beat. Though Madhuri isn't dancing, her expressions are enough to leave us in awe. Alia Bhatt matches each expression with Dixit making for a stunning watch. Both the ladies will leave you besotted with their chemistry. 

Speaking of the cinematography, the sheer magnanimity of the frames and the background score, and music is top notch. Karan really had tried his level best to match the beautiful world we usually see in Bhansali's world. Varman uses Ramayana's tale to make a beautiful musical where Alia is drawn to music and dance, even crossing rivers, a metaphor to her going beyond boundaries for love. 

Kalank stars Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjay and Madhuri Dixit in pivotal roles. Set in the partition era, the movie boasts of an eternal love story spread across a communal conflict. The first look for the movie has managed to garner a lot of praises, getting compared to the magnum opus and world usually created by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The magnificence and the scale of the movie scream grandeur and one cannot help but wait with bated breath to watch it on the big screens. 

Kalank has been directed by Abhishek Varman and has been co-produced by Dharma Productions, Fox Star Studios, Nadiadwala and Grandsons. The movie sees Varun play a blacksmith while Alia plays the enchanting Roop, Sonakshi plays an innocent Satya while Aditya plays Dev, Sanjay plays a man of few words Balraj. Madhuri is the beautiful courtesan Bahaar. 

The movie which was earlier scheduled to release on April 19, is now scheduled to release on April 17.


Only Aditi rao hydari could have nailed the dance and would have looked perfect in this part. She has the presence and grace. Also a bharatnatyam dancer. Yet we dont see her getting many opportunities

I would've liked to have Kriti Sanon in this role she has the height, looks and star quality. Alia looks unappealing in this looks too forced and fake

PV and the commenters here praising every talentless bimbo and starkids now just to put alia down...I am sure if sharddha,disha or sonakshi were in alia place you will tear them apart...yes alia is overrated but others are not better...

Jhoot boley kaua kaate!

Why isnt anyone talking about the set. It looks preposterous. More like a mythical movie a la bahubali instead of pre-partition India. The costumes seem completely out of place as well. Difficult to understand the premise pf this movie or even the song

Ok I must say Alia's dancing has improved a lot since SOTY days. She looked very confident and elegant. However was I the only one thinking any minute Madhuri will join in the dance? And disappointed ahe just stood there. That must have been tough for her... Agree, the Devdas movie look just very boring

Aalia looks completely misfit for this role, and dancing is, no words, woman does not have it, and such a shame that Madhuri is just standing there.. I hate KJO,such insecure people.. Not sure why even Madhuri agreed to to this phaltu film. Madhuri seriously need to work with some amazing directors who can give justice to her acting skills.

Alia was basic as you can get. I don’t understand why Madhuri didn’t dance. They ruined an average song by not letting Madhuri dance and by letting Alia dance

The whole point was to promote this song as Alia's song and elevate Alia. Which is ridiculous because everyone can see neither her graceless steps nor her idiotic expressions work, but Johar was ready to pay the price (i.e. sidelining the real talent here and risking public humiliation of Alia). He is stupid like that.

Song is horrible. They could’ve used Madhuri’s talent instead, Alia and the song itself ruined it. It was nothing great, they should leave these type of songs to Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Thought this was a pre-partition 1940s setting...then why this ancient look? Terrible sets by art department...Epic fail

Pre or post partition doesn't matter. Whatever it takes to put the rat somewhere.

SMH! Faceless people will just come on the net to talk and run down others effort, like really? And I'm Kareena's fan.

Papa KJO make sure Madhuri don’t get to dance so Beti Alia can show some classical dancing skills. But what a tragedy is this? All she does is circle around. Remo choreography is bland and boring. Miss saroj mam dearly. As usually madhuri looks gorgeous and those expressions are mind blowing. Dharma queen knew that madhuri will eat her live if they dance together.

I tell you this girl wants to be deepika in reel and real lol ! Hmmm....what is the reason....did someone say raymond ? Poor chap. None thought that his life would turn out like this.

WTF ! I tried to give a thumbs up for this comment and it was reduced by one !! Clearly PV is manipulating the comments, likes and dislikes.

I am a huge Alia fan and no this was not good! it was cringe worthy! Why would Kjo try to compete with SLB?!!? *facepalm*

The strategy is to use a lot of big names and talented actors to prop / support alia for hit movies so that she can then be credited with those hit movies. Case in point Highway and Raazi....neither randeep nor vicky got their just due for those movies. Alia has the best PR strategist in the business karan J. So where is sonam ....what is her take on this ? Notice how Alia's name is being linked to bigger and sexier stars in an effort to make it look like she is in the same league.No matter what karan does she will never be in the same league as ash kareena priyanka deepika kat etc. Even sona is a better actress and way more hot than her. Alia looks like a child playing dress up period !

Why sonam should care about this?...she is just another nepokid and even alia is better actor than her...

Why was MADHURI not dancing?????
A question asked by almost all the people.... And me too.

To give space to Jerry. Mad is there so public don't throw rotten eggs on the cinema screen

Why was MADHURI not dancing???????

Madhuri's kotaywalli look is making me throw-up... comes all the way to do kotaywalli for money

Madhuri's kotaywalli look is making me throw-up... comes all the way to do kotaywalli for money

Kjo and Alia so insecure. Alia is not even a microscopic patch on Madhuri. Imagine a dance song with a Madhuri not dancing!

Okay. But if she was expecting the kind of response Madhuri, Aishwarya, Katrina or Nora fatehi gets for dance number then she is wrong.

Alia doesn't know how to dance or at least practice well before you shoot. Alia is just circling for most part. Not keen on watching this. Same vibes after trailer watch of Thugs.. So saving my money

Flop music. Was hoping for something way better.

It doesn't look like bhansali movies at all but like bahubali...especially like the song kanna nidurinchara...I think it's the same singer too...everyone here is so obsessed with kjo,alia,bhansali..and repeating that puppet comment...no one see it's a small budget copy of bahubali...

what the hell did Alia just do. It was this bizzare acrobatic circus with no grace like she got seizure towards the end of the song. Kahin yeh KJO ke career ya Alia ke career ka Kalank nahin ban jaaye. I thought KJo loves Alia as his kid then why would he take her weakest talent i.e. classical dancing and make her dance with Madhuri who beats her 10 times just with her presence and facial expressions at double Alia's age. Madhuri has trained in classical dancing since she was 4 year old and has won national level compeitions as a school kid in Kathak. Man KJo do you hate your protegee that much?

Madhuri needs to have the guts to reinvent herself. This Chandramukhi-Begum routine is too boring now.

You have zero idea about her role so shut up.

Omg seriously! Madhuri isn’t dancing. Who wouldn’t use a talent like that? Anyway, everything seems too clean for a 1940s movie. Feel like there’s this lack of effort from the director, actors except Madhuri is only trying best she could with limited space

Why is Madhuri not dancing? Insecure much KJO? Alia will never be able to match her steps and expressions.

Its like aalia went to her pappa kjo- pappa pappa i also want movie like deepika and kangana (major padmavat, ram lela, baji rao mastani vibes) and pappaa okay beta here comes kalank
Nepo rocks

It will be definitely way better than Deepika's expression less Mastani though.

Alia has a great screen presence that many new actresses don’t have. People are trying to belittle her achievements by always linking her success to Karan. Karan May be helping her but he not the only reason she is successful. She is a good actress and People love to watch her onscreen. Do you think Karan would take her if she was giving flops?

Didnt like it, its just like kjo is copying sanjay leela work

I big case of nepotism here she sucks when she is near Madhuri and dance step is wrong with the movement

i am jealous of alia, but why, being nepokid she has always got appreciation for HARD WORK, MEATIER ROLES....BUT WHY NOT OTHERS GOT THE SAME.
I hate hindi films bcz of this, stopped watching it.

The costumes and choreography were not good, alia showed effort but an average watch

PV has posted 5 articles on this song to make up for Alia's lack of expressions

same old expressions by Madhuri ! Bored!

Alia= parents day dance, lol, so manly

Bye K Jo puppet. Go home. Very irritating .

Alia dances well but Madhuri is not dancing. How is she matching her step to step?! Duh!

Such a shame that Madhuri is just standing there and not dancing, Alia must learn from her how to dance with expressions and najakat, she was ok but that charm is missing. She is just like Kat Deepika, who can dance but no emotions while dancing...None of these new age girls know how to dance with expressions...

u r right ,only one actor of this generation can do that and is known for that but it yet to make her screen debut

So true!!!!

Lol I mean here you have this amazing dancer Madhuri and this idiot Alia is dancing, this can only happen in KJO movie..

Alia was not good in the song. Let's be honest.

Madhuri’s expression in the song is magic!! Alia cant beat her in any way, although she performed well in this song, but madhuri is ever green!

I hope Sonakshi has a proper role in this. Would suck if she's overshadowed by ALIA.

Alia and Ranveer are versatile

Alia dances very well..

Alía is magic on screen? Seriously, Pinkvilla, how much did Kjo pays you to praise and promote his little puppet? How much do you get from treating Alia like royalty and trash her biggest competente: Shraddha, Kriti, Sara, Disha?

Shraddha and Disha can't hold a candle to Alia's talent. Give credit where it's due.

First give Disha patani opportunities like alia and then point a finger at her alia pr. Disha is an outsider and whatever today she is because of. her hardwork and not because of some nepo dad . Does your alia hold a candle to Disha patani's looks and body ?. Shraddha is definitely more beautiful than alia and better dancer than her. By casting alia in multistarcast films like gully boy, brahmastra, kalank and Takht , Kjo is shoving her on our face. Can alia be ever a diva like Deepika, Priyanka, Katrina or kareena ( another star kid like alia). Never.

Of course Alia is magical. Most talented actress in the current bollywood cinema.

alia - over-rated, below average looks, lacks screen presence.

Start throwing kids dirty diapers on the cinema screen to send out the message but then the treachery is that ex and current beauties/ superstars are also placed in the movie to control public anger.

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