Kalki Koechlin: I don't think we provide an environment to our women to speak up about sexual abuse

Kalki Koechlin talks about sexual abuse in the film industry.
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While talking about sexual harassment in the Bollywood industry, actress Kalki Koechlin said that there are women in the film industry who face sexual abuse, however, as they are not popular or successful, people don't pay attention to them. 

After Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed by many actresses for sexual abuse, a lot of Bollywood personalities are talking about the same happening in the Hindi film industry.

Talking to a leading daily, the Dev D actress said, "I don't think we provide an environment to our women to speak up about sexual abuse," says Kalki and added, "We only listen to people once they are successful or famous. There are a lot of women who are at the struggling stages of their career who talk about these things but no one will listen to their story."

Kalki also mentioned that people only listen to those who are famous. She further added, "We are harping on the Harvey Weinstein issue which happened in LA while we have our own issues -- the incidents at High Spirits in Pune, or the TVF incident (its CEO Arunabh Kumar was accused of molesting a woman). You hear about these things for half a day and then it is gone. We need to take responsibility for our own stories. I feel it's about time we start listening to them."

Harvey Weinstein has been in the news when more than 50 women including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lupita Nyong'o and Kate Beckinsale revealed how he sexually abused them.

On the professional front, her film Jia Aur Jia starring Richa Chadha released on Friday. Her next film Ribbon will see her romancing popular actor Sumeet Vyas. The trailer of Ribbon is refreshing and enticing. Directed by Rakhee Sandilya, Ribbon will hit the theatre screens on November 3, 2017.

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Seriously though..I agree about Farhan. I've been such a mad fan of his that I will never truly get over how he failed me as a feminist (and yes i know Kangana was not perfect but he used the shameful not-believing-the-victim narrative which did not even apply in Kangana's case!! they made it a sexual harassment case when that was not what either party was claiming) and muddied the waters. How could you, Farhan? How?

amen sister!

Amen sister! I just wish women would stand together when someone of our own kind faces harassment (ex the recent case with Mallika Dua and Akshay Kumar). Akshay Kumar should publicly apologize for his behaviour. But more than that ... these things should be talked about because we need to let the younger girls know that incidental or not ... sexual abuse is NOT okay.

What about Mahesh Bhatt? He's an honest chap on the face of it, nothing to say?

Javed Akhtar? Nothing to say??
Akshay Kumar? Huh?

Where are Aamir , SRK and Salman? Why aren't they speaking?
Where's Farhan Akhtar? And Zoya?? Why aren't these ppl talking and raising awareness??

As long as women like you,kangana,katrina and many other actresses who are willing to do anything for success and fame nobody will make the environment to speak up for sexual abuse.

Pls shut up. the actresses might compromise but the fact that giving sexual favours is their only option in order to move ahead is the real systemic problem. stop blaming the actresses. what should they do then? go home, marginalise themselves and end their careers? whether you want to judge them for this or not, they are also exploited and their "consent" is not really consensual at all because the system is rigged against women. PV pls post. PPl need to see this.

absolutely true! i can just imagine everyone siding with the culprit here in India if he is powerful

They do at every film promotion. Madhuri Dixit should speak about Subash Ghai, Tabu should speak about Ajay Devgn..the moment one woman has the courage to speak the rest will follow. It's a watershed moment in woman's history. Surely we can support this..

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