Kangana Ranaut accuses Karan Johar of killing Sushant; Alleges he is promoting his kids through book promotion

Updated on Sep 02, 2020 10:14 PM IST  |  3.3M
Kangana Ranaut accuses Karan Johar of killing Sushant; Alleges he is promoting his kids through book promotion
Kangana Ranaut accuses Karan Johar of killing Sushant; Alleges he is promoting his kids through book promotion

Karan Johar has been away from social media for a long time ever since the nepotism debate emerged again sometime back after Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise. However, the filmmaker did come online to wish everyone on the occasion of Onam a few days back. On Tuesday, he announced his first-ever authored children’s book that is titled ‘The Big Thoughts of Little Luv.” Reportedly, the book showcases the story of the twins Luv and Kush. However, this wasn’t received well on social media.

Netizens mercilessly trolled the filmmaker and even threatened to boycott his book. Kangana Ranaut has also taken a jibe at Karan Johar in her latest tweet that reads, “Karan Johar, Aaditya Chopra, Mahesh Bhatt, Rajeev Masand and entire army of blood thirsty vultures the mafia media killed Sushant, only son of the family succumbed to bullying, exploitation and harassment in Bullywood and here KJO promoting his kids! SHAME…” The actress has been voicing her opinions regarding nepotism row for a long time.

Entire army of blood thirsty vultures, the mafia media killed Sushant.
Kangana Ranaut

Meanwhile, check out Kangana Ranaut’s tweet below:

Talking about Karan Johar, he joined the bandwagon of celebs a few months back who turned off their comments on social media after receiving constant backlash from netizens. The filmmaker has, however, enabled the comments section on Twitter. However, a few sections of netizens have lashed out at him from time to time whenever he shares something on social media.

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Anonymous : Why are these guys silent... These guys and there families have a huge contribution to Indian cinema... This lady is destroying the entire Hindi film fraternity... If not now when will this guys speak up...
REPLY 3 1 year ago
Anonymous : What if her supporters target KJo's kids because of this lunatic woman's false propaganda and hatred. She is disgrace on film industry and Indian woman. Her life is full of negativity. She tried to trap Aditya Pancholi, Hrithik Roshan, Adhyayan and don't know how many. She needs to keep her mouth shut or Mumbai police should arrest her and put her behind bars until she comes back to her senses.
REPLY 3 1 year ago
Anonymous : Kjo will die soon for his nepotism..
REPLY 2 1 year ago
Anonymous : Yeah a day after this lady...
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : Someone give her medicines please. She is becoming mad day by day. Are kum se kum bachcho ko to rahne do.
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : Shame on kjo
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : For what?
REPLY 3 1 year ago
Anonymous : So just recently I have noticed how the narrative has changed, so all these paid bots are coming to save Karan and his elite group of pathetic minded people. If you go through the comments you can easily see there's a paid PR machinery going on. All the comments are either same or similar and written by one or two people i believe. I mean like really how much are you people going to buy. I feel so sad the people of India are probably the stupidest in this world. Karan Johar just calm down and don't splash your money like there's no tomorrow. What you get today can be taken away but I still wish you well. Insha Allah just like everyone of us karma is waiting for you. Great fan of Bollywood From New Zealand
REPLY 6 1 year ago
Anonymous : Yeah when we ahem ahem ( the smart lot) decide to speak our minds... we are paid bots..... buhahaha but not ur fault dear.... I get it... ur mind like the person u follow is so tiny and ignorant.... so not ur fault.... since u said we are paid bots... let me check my bank a/c .... maybe my account has increased.... oh wait no new transactions in my account.... damn... sorry but noone paid me... still a regular audience who can make my own mind without having to follow some ignorant lady's toxic rants.... now thats ots cleared up.... why don't u crawl back to the toxic hole that you came from.... bye felecia
REPLY 11 1 year ago
Anonymous : If anyone is a fan of Bollywood will never support her...
REPLY 3 1 year ago
Anonymous : we agree you started the nepotism topic and for a good reason but please shut up now. This is getting on our nerves. Please get a life, leave Karan and kids alone. You are pushing it now. There's a limit to everything. Now what is he supposed to do, promote someone else's child? Listen to yourself.
REPLY 26 1 year ago
Anonymous : Oh god this woman just won’t shut up. In name of fighting for SSR she is promoting her own agenda ..Karan, Deepika, Alia they should file a defamation case against this nut case. Enough is enough
REPLY 28 1 year ago
Anonymous : Just stop this already. ENOUGH !!
REPLY 20 1 year ago
Anonymous : Indian population is so stupid! No wonder Kjo's been fooling india with same love stories over years and earning crores. Kjo is playing with emotions and using his kids to promote himself. He stayed away for few months and then came back with a book and stupid indians again accepted. India ka kuch nahi ho sakta, it's too easy to fool indians on the name of bollywood and cricket.
REPLY 16 1 year ago
Anonymous : It's high time you stop believing evil liar Kangana. She is definitely seeking attention with all her lies and propoganda and playing with your minds and emotions. Don't be a fool to be fooled by an evil person like her!
REPLY 12 1 year ago
Anonymous : It's high time this bully, terrorist, psycho and liar needs a good hiding. Pls arrest her and punish her for all the lies, hate she is spewing. We all have had enough of her lies.. She is a disgrace to humanity. Only the stupid BJP ministers and illiterate people will believe and support her. She is totally mad. Media is too blame for publishing every nonsense and lies she speaks. Shame on her. Karan pls sue her. Everyday she has a new target, when will she target herself and family? Kangana you need to be in jail or need to go to mental asylum. Pinkvilla pls post these comments.
REPLY 35 1 year ago
Anonymous : didnt she posted some pics of her niece nephew recently and family poojas, what is it called if not family promotions, she is getting bored everyday sitting at home and toxic to world
REPLY 39 1 year ago
Anonymous : Sau choohe kha ke billi hajj ko chali... Our mahaan jobless kangana !
REPLY 30 1 year ago
Anonymous : This woman ... crazy .... hallucinating Toxic Delusional Ill mannered Opportunistic Liar Woman in susbstance abuse Involved with married men Having sugar daddy in past Having sister as manager n attacking neps Double standards personified .. Chaploos of ruling political party... HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF HER !!!
REPLY 30 1 year ago
Anonymous : Shame Kangna , I was watching your interview where you remembered the belittling and taunts you faced cause you were a girl .. the same girl grows up to pass nasty comments about babies only because they are fathered by a man she hates! Time to introspect your standards
REPLY 41 1 year ago
Anonymous : Mad woman....
REPLY 21 1 year ago
Anonymous : Now this is the limit KANGANA, How can u attack innocent children. Karan is their offcourse he will play his role in doing what fits best for his children. honestly hats off to karan johar for silently tolerating this psychopath. Kjo should give a tight answer.She is using sushants death for publicity. She has been on Karan 's case for a while , isn't she spoiling his career. Why does she always play the women victim card. Karan we love you ,stay strong and ignore this psychopath maniac . Kanaga your A EMOTIONLESS CREATURE. STOP targeting innocent children.PINK VILLA PLEASE POST THIS.
REPLY 38 1 year ago
Anonymous : Pagal aurat. She's a total nutcase!!
REPLY 29 1 year ago
Anonymous : Very cheap shot Kangana , talking negatively about innocent kids , shame on u
REPLY 36 1 year ago
Anonymous : Someone should make a film “ dumb of the year” and should have Kangana as the lead role ......
REPLY 35 1 year ago
Anonymous : And you as her co-Star !
REPLY 5 1 year ago
Anonymous : She is suffering from side effects of LSD.. she needs to be drug tested
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Anonymous : I love you kangana but pinkvilla only Posts hate comments on ur posts lol
REPLY 17 1 year ago
Anonymous : Awww are you Rangoli or that pathetic 3rd class PR team of ignorance queen Kangana... cannot take the heat the stop spewing ignorant hatred towards others
REPLY 13 1 year ago
Anonymous : I am sure Sushant and Karan had a big fight after he decided to release "Drive" on Netflix after wasting Sushant's time, they probably told him it will look like "Dhoom" and ended up making a crap movie. Same with Aditya Chopra who took 2 years from Sushant and never made "Paani".
REPLY 20 1 year ago
Anonymous : Honestly would you watch Drive in the theater? I love Sushant but Drive was horrible!!! It was even a pain on Netflix. Didnt understand how someone like sushant could choose a script like Drive. Nevertheless, every artist have flops and hits ...
REPLY 31 1 year ago
Anonymous : you need to shut up now. What is this personal grudge against him? He has money, he'll do what he wants to. If he doesn't promote his kids, your village will? Just super annoying to see these posts. In lockdown I think she's gone mad
REPLY 36 1 year ago
Anonymous : Oh no! Here comes Kangana to whinge and whine some more.
REPLY 27 1 year ago
Anonymous : She’s fight everyone has forgotten about Evil Karan
REPLY 4 1 year ago
Anonymous : Sue her for defamation.
REPLY 27 1 year ago
Anonymous : Ugly Karan snake
REPLY 13 1 year ago
Anonymous : Mumbai Police and PMO please provide us with security. Who will save us from this insane woman on the loose.
REPLY 50 1 year ago
Anonymous : hahahahah
REPLY 1 1 year ago
Anonymous : as soon as the news of CBI not finding any evidance of murder came out, KJo and his PR started to whitewash his image. We all understand KJo. Go back to the hole you were hiding past few weeks.
REPLY 23 1 year ago
Anonymous : People writing hate comments, first check your phone data. NCB may knock on your doors anytime soon :) Stop being a bully
REPLY 37 1 year ago
Anonymous : Haha...if they start taking out weed smokers, then entire college depts can become vacant.
REPLY 8 1 year ago
Anonymous : This woman is so dumb
REPLY 78 1 year ago
Anonymous : i saw the headline but didnt read the post. I am sick of this stupid woman and her hallucinations. She is so obsessed with all the so called nepotism people! They are sick of you and we are also sick of you Kangana. Leave them and us alone! idiot people like this one live and nice people like SSR die!!!!
REPLY 80 1 year ago
Anonymous : What fascinates me is that she is keeping her eyes on karan, hrithik and alia etc. They must give me sleepless nights. Kangana ji please boycott them like you tell us to do. Lol
REPLY 76 1 year ago
Anonymous : NCB. Please arrest Kangana. She is definitely on something. This woman has gone bonkers.
REPLY 79 1 year ago
Anonymous : Don’t you know, drugs were “forced” down her throat as per her. Lol. Seems to have affected her brain for life
REPLY 34 1 year ago
Anonymous : Kasol aise hi famous nahi hai
REPLY 3 1 year ago
Anonymous : #arrestkangna ASAP
REPLY 72 1 year ago
Anonymous : Kangana we r with u and we will boycott all these retards and their kids. We dont want to see these old boring producers or their kids anymore. They can't stand competition from others. Same old dumb content same old ugly faces. Plus their ugly faces are on all the billboards evetywhere.
REPLY 19 1 year ago
Anonymous : I am asking Mumbai Police, entire Bollywood to do multiple cases against this toxic lady and put her behind the bar for lifetime. This is now disgusting. She is on high weeds. Test her 1st. I urge CBI to call This Ksngana and grill her for spreading non stop lies. Please. Pv post it.
REPLY 75 1 year ago
Anonymous : Agree. She needs to be locked up. I also think media should boycott her. Don’t give her any attention. Why would you publish everything that a crazy person says? Everyone’s had enough of her. Her career is over. No one in Bollywood would want to be associated with her. With her recent antics, I doubt even BJP will give her the ticket she’s hoping for since her career is over. And she really has dug her own grave, can’t blame anyone
REPLY 37 1 year ago
Anonymous : She was saying how her mom was worried about her safety.... see her hypocrisy... attacking two kids who are still not even in their teens.. .. money can't buy you class but it also shows that it cannot buy you morals.... u have vindictive against everyone... my god I will rem' this day forever... if anyone from her family enter bollywood or in film industry... just watch.... u are so against nepotism, right.... lets see in the future... and didn't you fire so many capable applicants to hire your own sister as ypur manager.... evil hypocritical devil incarnate.... shame on you... you picked on 2 young kids today... God will be watching... lets see if you are even blessed enough to have one yourself
REPLY 73 1 year ago
Anonymous : Utter rubbish
REPLY 51 1 year ago
Anonymous : Bollywood sucks
REPLY 18 1 year ago
Anonymous : All are toxic!! KJO with his coffee with Karan theatrics and Kangana with her constant rambling. All of them have no work due to the lockdown so they kill time by spewing venom on each other. Bollywood sucks!
REPLY 36 1 year ago
Anonymous : She is on weed
REPLY 55 1 year ago
Anonymous : ya..if and at all if they do any narcotics test, they should first start with her because most of the cases the accuser themselves will be main culprit.
REPLY 34 1 year ago
Anonymous : just like SSR's family.
REPLY 7 1 year ago
Anonymous : If I was in Karan's place I would have sued this woman, she is not allowing anyone to live peacefully. She is projecting her hate and toxicity on all of us daily.
REPLY 80 1 year ago
Anonymous : In India you dont get any money suing. Moreover dumb people will believe whatever Kanga says. They dont need any logic or reason
REPLY 50 1 year ago
Anonymous : why doesnt kjo just take her to court?! shes targeting his kids and everything he has done....kjo plz speak up...or have your legal team deal with her.
REPLY 74 1 year ago
Anonymous : This is getting too much. problem is no one else has that much energy to keep up with her. Please leave children aside, she is stooping too low.
REPLY 72 1 year ago
Anonymous : people please stop encouraging her, if you still have conscience; only if dead you will call her brave for all of you lost empathy and humanity since you are dead anyways. Attacking Kids posts too. shame shame.
REPLY 67 1 year ago
Anonymous : she is not fit to be a human, leeching on kids posts too. vultures eat dead, but she feeds on live that too kids. and all people who say sushant ki tarak these kids should die then karan will know...are you even listening to your selves??? Kangana is the main influencer to encourage such people, how can she even sleep at night? she is 33 yr old women who harasses kids/others and then talks about her struggles. just disgusting. pinkvilla, you need to first start by atleast not publishing kids related harassing topics by your bossini. shame on you first.
REPLY 70 1 year ago
Anonymous : If she is striving to normalise mental illness, so whatz wrong with herself getting checked once and see if she has any kind of issues? Just like any normal checkup. You can take revenge thatz fine but continuously harrassing including kids outing is dreadful behaviour on her part and also on us to encourage it as a society. Atleast seek therapy kangana. There is nothing wrong with it.
REPLY 70 1 year ago
Anonymous : Just another day in kangana's life...
REPLY 44 1 year ago
Anonymous : Now this woman has lost it
REPLY 54 1 year ago
Anonymous : Nothing anymore surprises me about this woman. She can say all she wants but no one takes her seriously anymore. She has lost all her credibility.
REPLY 61 1 year ago
Anonymous : Kangana can now be officially booked for cyber bullying. She’s a spoiled brat seeking attention by throwing tantrums.
REPLY 63 1 year ago
Anonymous : This woman is pathetic. She is a nut case.
REPLY 52 1 year ago
Anonymous : Mad lady again. Somebody please take her to mental asylum. ANything for publicity???
REPLY 49 1 year ago
Anonymous : She has practically accused the whole world of SSR death save for herself.
REPLY 52 1 year ago
Anonymous : This woman has been trying to provoke people by her constant ramblings By making personal and derogatory comments. Calling someone a murderer without substantiated proof has become so casual for her? All of this because she has people enabling her stupidity. Not that I side with Karan Johar’s favoritism but surely don’t side with the toxicity this woman has been spewing all around. She has sooo much hate in her that she’s gone beyond all possibilities of expecting decency from her. With this tweet, she can be booked for cyber bullying. Talking loudly doesn’t Always mean taking truth. She and her buddy Arnab needs to realize that
REPLY 61 1 year ago
Anonymous : I thought it was the BHATT FAMILY? Has Kangana changed her mind who it is?
REPLY 40 1 year ago
Anonymous : I thought Kangana was going with RHEA BEING A GOLD DIGGER?
REPLY 34 1 year ago
Anonymous : CBI proved all of them wrong. Hope CBI catch the evil sisters.
REPLY 15 1 year ago
Anonymous : yeh sach mein pagal hai lol
REPLY 41 1 year ago
Anonymous : She’s really crazy! If I was them, I would sue her.
REPLY 51 1 year ago
Anonymous : She used this same false-claim that failed...ALMOST 2 MONTHS AGO
REPLY 51 1 year ago