Kangana Ranaut is all set to make heads turn at the 72nd Cannes Red Carpet in a saree; Read On

Kangana Ranaut will soon be making her presence felt at the prestigious 72nd Cannes red carpet. The actress will be donning a saree at the occasion as a representation of the Indian cultural and heritage.
Kangana Ranaut is all set to make heads turn at the 72nd Cannes Red Carpet in a saree; Read OnKangana Ranaut is all set to make heads turn at the 72nd Cannes Red Carpet in a saree; Read On
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Like every year, many Bollywood celebs are expected to make heads turn at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this time around too. From the lovely sashaying gowns to the chic suits, it will be interesting to see the sartorial display of the celebs. Amongst others, Kangana Ranaut has recently announced that she will attend the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. Kangana is a true blue fashionista, so it is no surprise that the actress has been planning a unique look with her stylist Ami Patel.

Kangana Ranaut has been currently on a shooting spree for her film Panga for which she had to undergo some drastic physical transformations. The Queen actress will be paying a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the country with her outfit as she will be donning a saree curated out of the rich fabric and the forgotten weaves of India. She will be joining hands with ace designers Falguni and Shane Peacock for her look in the occasion.Kangana Ranaut will be representing Grey Goose in the event and she recently went on to reveal that her outfit will abide by the theme, “Live Victoriously.”

She revealed further about her look as, “The clothes I wear will have drama. At the same time, as an Indian actor on a global platform, I have the responsibility of endorsing our weavers and wearing outfits that reflect our rich cultural heritage. My stylist Ami Patel and I have been brainstorming for a few weeks. We, along with Falguni and Shane Peacock, are designing a unique saree. The idea is to revive the forgotten weaves and bring them to the fore so that the world is more aware of our rich fabrics and culture.” Kangana further revealed how having a distinct sense of style is important. She added, “In 2012, I attended Rakesh Roshan’s birthday party without eyebrows. So, dressing riskily has never been a deterrent for me. I was one of the first actresses to start wearing sarees to the airport. I use fashion as an expression of myself. When I was seeing the MET Gala pictures, I thought to myself that in India, the real queen of camp would be Rekhaji. It’s wonderful how our women Priyanka (Chopra Jonas) and Deepika (Padukone) are making their mark there.”


I shudder at the desire to represent culture and heritage - plenty of 'costumes' have taken their place instead of clothing because of that effort. But given that she did a brilliant job with this 60s look, there is hope.

See-through saree should serve her pr-purposes. If not, ...she can always claim Hrithik designed it. #me!me!

Can't stop talking about Roshans, can she?

She cant change anything anyway. If Ash was to wear saree that would have some impact

I can’t wait to see her look. She gave many interesting looks last year, it was a fab debut. Now that she has a better understanding I expect full blown swag.

No one even paid attention to her.

Really looking forward to her spin on saree!!’

Another one of the Bollywood actress who will get her 5 minutes of Fame at Cannes and will be totally forgotten after that.

She is just going for a few days, some fun and fashion for her Indian audiences. It’s not that big a deal. No one goes to Cannes and get infinite publicity for attending the event.

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