Kangana Ranaut on celebrities sharing videos: Can we alert people rather than turning it in a holiday period

Kangana Ranaut gets talking about her point of view when it comes to the film fraternity sharing videos from home and well, it looks like she is not very happy about it after all.
Kangana Ranaut on celebrities sharing videos: Can we alert people rather than turning it in a holiday periodKangana Ranaut on celebrities sharing videos: Can we alert people rather than turning it in a holiday period
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The Coronavirus lockdown has in fact lead to quite chaos, however, it has also left people staying home as have been the orders. And so, this time is being treated by everyone to do things they have been wanting to do for a while and of course, many have also been sharing videos and photos on social media. And among these people, celebrities have been leading the way as they share updates from their workouts, how they have been spending this time, and other things. And recently, Kangana Ranaut got talking about it and in fact, made a request to them.

While talking about what does she feel about film fraternity sharing videos of workouts, passing their time, she said how maybe in the first week comic reliefs were very welcome, but now, scientists say that it could be community transmission and it is not a joke. She said how doesn't mean we give up, but that we need to be alert. She further made a request to the celebrities and said, 'Can we please understand where we stand and make people more alert rather than turning it into a holiday period.' She added how we will stay inside for 21 days, our country will be one year behind but if it goes beyond, we don't know where will we land. She also lauded the likes of doctors, policemen, the media, etc, clap for their amazing work.

During the chat, Kangana also got talking about isolation and how she has been spending her time reading books. Apart from that, she touched down upon the topic of migrant workers having a difficult time, our leaders, and a lot of other things.

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Kanganas talent, journey and success are so phenomenal that some in bollywood cannot stand her - they habve nothing to say. All the do is plot against her. PR & nepo puppets are only dolls in the hands of their mentors and boyfriends.

Hahah some saying deepika ,anushka and kat are providing awareness. Kat is busy showing how she is the first celebrity doing all housework,anushka showing the good wife she is and deepika the most shameless insenstive creature,is appreciative of corona for environment when people are suffering all over the world.

Kangana is right, next thing PM should ban is PR culture of bollywood. Most puppets who are frothing at Kangana will vanish if their PR tricks are stopped.

Kangana has donated 25 lakhs and her videos make sense. People like twisting her statements.

Okay, so KR and Mahesh babu gave 25 rupees, kapil Sharma gave 50 rupees, hrithik gave gave 20 rupees.And you the genius, apart from criticizing, what have you done? 0 % contribution and pointing fingers at others.

25 lakhs for a celeb is like 25 rupees being donated by a common man

That's right kangana. I request the government to consider paparazzi as an essential service. Bollywood folks are losing their minds over not getting attention.

I'm surprised media does not miss to publish articles when rangoli tweet something obnoxious and spew venom but recently she tweeted something good about amount donated by kangana, and no news publish it.why?Media mafia.

While some bollywood actress are busy putting barren videos and others seeking attention posts by calling those ideas plagiarized, kangana uses this time to make an online interview and discuss about the alarming situation and also donate an amount of money.so clearly, she is what she talks of.

Despite her last release did not earn well in terms of box office, she donated 25 lakhs for Covid.what about celebrties whose films did good business and are just posting or sharing posts instead of contributing funds.

did the lady helping any one or only talking about rest of the world and HERSELF

People critisizing kangana below,she walks the talk and donated 25 lakhs while their fav are just sharing posts to show they care.actions speak louder than words,stars like akshay,kapil,hrithik,kangana,angelina are acting and helping.

She wants to project herself as caring and aware, but in fact she is selfish and evil. I'd rather watch others goofing around than listen to her dishonest views

Sounds like nepo gang puppet, do something and then comment on Kangana

Many me too walas of bollywood donating big money are evil and those who pull women down. Will they me absolved of their sins?

Why don't you mind your business for a change instead of constantly commenting about others woman.

Everyone is doing their bit in this hour of crisis. You do your bit by remaining alert & alerting others (whatever that means).

The govt has already done a great job in alerting and informing people so you keep your mouth shut. We don't need any negativity in this hour of crisis.

So what was her workout video about then?
If she does, it is right, if others do then it is dumb. Why do few people support her hypocrisy like so blindly.

Still finding faults with others? At this time? Why don’t you help people who made you a star? You don’t open your heart and purse but open your mouth either to teach some nonsense or find faults in your contemporaries. Give it a rest. Do somethings significant and worthy enough to help in need. Don’t know what? Just take a look at top heroes from tollywood and your own colleague Mr. Akshay Kumar Bhatia. If you don’t open your heart, please keep your mouth shut madam. This is not right time to find faults. People who post those videos are not hurting anyone. Just trying to make the situation lighter in their own way. People who watch those videos know the calamity we are all in. But we still watch movies to pass time. So we watch these videos your colleagues post just as we watch movies. We don’t get hurt by these videos and neither are you.

Flop tollywood actress PR who is now trying hard to position herself as a hit actor is crying again. No prizes for guessing..

You do what you want or like, let them do what they like, what’s up with imposing your beliefs on others, live and let live, lady

Hun, stop being a control freak. People can post whatever they like.

Lol, Kangana badly needs to meditate and get a healthy mind, spirit and body and let go of she and her sister’s self appointed God level higher authority over all celebrities and common folks alike. They police us and tell us what do but they badly need some rest from their duties

And why do ppl have to always listen to ur nonsense and make sense out of it?!

Ha ha kangana ji Luk into mirror.

She donated 25 lakhs. Puppet women of bollywood who are controlled by PR team and their pimpish mentors cant because their earnings are controlled by men.

She spoke sense but spin masterd tried to twist her words.

Exactly.Atleast someone in the industry makes sense,kudos to her,akshay for donating.

What the f*** did she do other than running her motor mouth and dishing out garbage

They are promoting exercise , it increases immunity , which will help tackle corona virus . Also the celebs are promoting staying indoors and maintaining social distance by avoiding going out for walks or gym

Many celebrities like Katrina, Anushka, Hrithik, Akshay, Deepika, Amitabh and more are providing awareness through their posts. What's the problem with this flop psycho ? let the people live.

Flopsee weeping again


Look who is talking ???

Yes Kangana walks the talk

How will some talentless idiots show their hot bodies (which all they have) in these days which they can't do their cheap skin show in item songs then?

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