Kangana Ranaut on Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and other contemporaries: They pretend I don't exist

Kangana Ranaut, recently, in an interview, spoke at length about her contemporaries namely Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and others. Read on to see what she has to say.
Kangana Ranaut on Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and other contemporaries: They pretend I don't existKangana Ranaut on Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and other contemporaries: They pretend I don't exist
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Kangana Ranaut has never shied away from expressing her views on any matter. The actor has spoken about several controversies which came her way throughout her career. Moreover, whenever asked about the fallout or cold war with co-actors or contemporaries, Kangana didn't stop herself from commenting on these issues. Currently, Kangana is busy with the promotions of her upcoming film, Manikarnika - The Queen of Jhansi, in which she plays the titular role. With the film, Kangana will be making her directorial debut as well.

During an interaction with News 18, the talented actor spoke about how she has always praised her contemporaries and their movies, without any inhibitions. She stated, " don't feel so threatened by anyone around. You know like you see I will praise Alia or I would praise Anushka or I would praise everyone. I never shied away from going to Deepika's Piku trial. Everyone I have praised in my capacity. Sonakshi's Lootera I saw and the whole year I praised her. I don't get threatened. Why don't I see same sort of...why is everyone like, "Oh, oh, oh she doesn't exist"? Why is that going on? I exist. My film has crossed millions and millions of views and it is one of the most promising films of this year. So when they pretend I don't exist...nobody ever talks about my teasers or trailers."

Kangana was further quizzed if she feels like an island, to which she replied, "It is not about being an Island. You see other film industry also, you don't have to come out of each other's ass but people exist. When I saw Raazi, I praised it. I didn't think who's film it is. It is a film. That is it. It doesn't belong to an individual, it belongs to society. I don't see a film and think, "Oh, this person's film so maybe I shouldn't look at that side" or something like that. I don't feel like that."

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True but also this by Shraddha Kapoor ‘I really admire Kangana’s journey in cinema. Clearly she is making her own rules & is dancing to her own tunes. Fingers & toes are crossed for Manikarnika ♥️‘

She was asked by Masand and she answered and if she hadn't you the opposition would have said she dogged it! At Razzi she she called Alia a country's acting sweet heart and yes she praised others too YouTube it.

Kangana, it's not that I am taking sides or I am against anyone but a quote that I read yesterday says "Mediocrity is always threatened by talent'. Maybe that's why they don't speak up. Wish you all the best!

There was a blind a few years back explaining her beef with deepika.. Srk and Deepika said to the awards show that they'll only attend if deepika is given the best actress award for happy new year. So deepika got the award instead of kangana and she went up on stage and dedicated this award to kangana. That's why kangana lashed out at her because she didn't like how deepika was being two faced

We'll see her point when Manikarnika comes out and does well

Hmm I doubt this movie will do well... she stole the credit for Sonam and that asked. She stole he direction credit for this one. This will tank too... the trailer does not look convincing at all.

So she praises others only to expect them to do the same? Don’t praise them then if you’re not sincere enough to do so. Stop thinking the world revolves around you. You must first make yourself likable for people to like you.

True that !!

I really hope she shatters that glass ceiling for Bollywood heroines with this one. The first time a mega budget film rests completely on the shoulders of the female lead.

Kangana Ranaut Ma'am I'm very happy to know that you the best human being who has no jealousy with other actresses achievements I also that Deepika Padukone Ma'am and alia Bhatt Ma'am is not prasing you for your achievements that you have achieved with great respect and dignity Ma'am you are the best actress I have ever seen in my life you are the real queen who is selflessly have own personality love you and God bless you with world's all happiness and prosperity in life Ma'am you look very hot with Shahid Kapoor sir please maam do a second time movie with him please maam it's a request

Guys please let’s go and watch and support her film and help it make a blockbuster. Only then these industry wallas mouths will get shut!

Everybody’s mouths are already shut. No one speaks about her.

Kangana i like you as an actor you stand up for all the good cause but sometimes you talk nonsense... When deepika Went on stage dedicated you her award what you said? You made it as a controversy... Sonam usually praises you.. When she did you slammed her... Why would anyone praise you to invite controversy and non appreciable comments from you... Kangana I like what change you are trying to bring but do it in more subtle way... Everyone is not like you

Don't worry because you are way better actress than all of these put together, its the truth now only if you learn some tactics, you need not say such things openly, please concentrate on your work and just do not talk. Talk about your work thats all...

Never seen her praising anyone. What is she talking about?

I think people are aware of Kangana’s record of creating controversies so they’d much rather stay away from her. No one wants drama in their life and there is ALWAYS drama with Kangana.

One needs to see the interview to know that she never attacked anyone and never hated on anyone as well. The words are twisted here

I think she's the only actress not waiting for any Khans , Kapoor , Kumar , Singh to shine in a movie . Says a lot about the kind of role she wants .

Kangna must be secure enough to understand that it’s the audience that validates your work and not KJo and gang!

The audience loves you and that is what matters..

Kangana's never ending search for validation and recognition from other people goes on...

Yeah, okay, according to her everyone is against her and no one praises her work but when DP OPENLY dedicated her award for best actress to Kangana because she thought kangana deserved it for Queen, she went out of her way to be negative and mean about the gesture instead of being gracious. Hmmm maybe that's why no one praises you anymore cuz you don't know how to take a compliment.

Kangana is the first actress ever whose heroine centric film did 100 cr and with Manikarnika she will be the first actress to open 200 cr club for women centric film. I hope kangana gets all the major awards this year giving a tight slap on Kjo and alia.Everyone thinks alia bhatt is the no. Uno actress of Bollywood. But with Manikarnika kangana will remind that no Uno keeps changing from Katrina to Deepika to alia but she is the ultimate Bollywood queen.

You burned the bridge of being cordial to each other long time back. It is pay back from them. You should have kept some people as friends. Just wait until your film releases, if it is a major hit, all these people come back praising the film. I hope they have that much maturity to see the film as film and not as if it belongs to a person. The point is I wouldn't consider taking good or bad about some one who I don't see as nice and friendly person.

That is true. No one has mentioned Manikarnika or twitted or insta it. She is a lone shoulder. No worries.

They just don't want to mention you in any capacity as they have no idea how you will react. As usually it's in the negative. They would rather stay quiet about you then end up on your hit list.

That’s really bad on their part

right whole world is against you - wonder why?

Really? After bad mouthing them so much, she wants to know why they don’t mention her??!! Kangana has run out of dramas to create, to promote her movie and now she wants all these people who she bad mouthed, to promote her movie??!! She needs a reality check !!

these tactics are terrible and untrue. how aboutbu work hard and gain respect instead of constabegfing for attention

It is ironical how she is tagged crazy and delusional, when all we see are hundreds of stories about other actors’ relationships. Kangana has been the only leading lady who has come up sheerly on the basis of her talent and not because of her link ups and masala stories. It is obvious to us audience, who is the real deal and who is the created one served with fabulous dressing, in order to appear real

Women like Kangana, Vidya and sometimes PC are lone heroes. Many so called leading and powerful women are mere puppets in the hands of powerful men in showbiz. They intentionally ignore talented women because it irks men who control them. Notice how men are forming a cabal after a recent hit. Women are easily manipulated.

They needed big heros, khans and KJO and you point blank said no thanks to them.

Because they can't handle the truth and never mind your success.

Genuine she is

insecure people pretend to ignore u bcoz they cant compete with u. not just abt u but its very basic human nature

Alia watch out!!1 She is hunting you!! Youve joined her hate list where Deepika and Hrithik have a permanent spot!

alia is the most jealous and insecure actress i have seen in years.

kangana you're a really brave lady and fearless you're unique I always liked your interviews statements and others I hope your upcoming movie manikarnika will superhit at the box office do always shine and grow I want to say keep it up and also best up luck

Because whenever any one praises you, you take it negatively, use your PR and a drama. We all saw how you reacted and defame DP for 2 years when she praised you openly.

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