Kangana Ranaut to direct her own biopic post the success of Manikarnika

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi actress Kangana Ranaut reveals details about her next film which is going to be based on her life. Details inside.
Kangana Ranaut to direct her own biopic post the success of ManikarnikaKangana Ranaut to direct her own biopic post the success of Manikarnika
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Kangana Ranaut’s latest release, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi opened to positive response and is earning huge at the box office. A biopic on Rani Lakshmibai, the film landed into a lot of controversy ahead of its release, but eventually, it released and the Queen actress won hearts of the audience with her splendid performance. The actress added another feather to her hat with Manikarnika as a director of the film. Now, we get to know that her next directorial project will be her own story.

Yes, you read that right! According to a source close to the development, the film will be scripted by Bahubali writer KV Vijayendra who is also the writer of Manikarnika. The film will go on floors by the end of this year in October-November. The actress already has her team ready for the film who have worked for Manikarnika. Revealing about the project, Kangana Ranaut said "Yes, it is true, my own story is the subject of my next directorial. But it is not a propaganda film with characters who are starkly black and white, rather it is a sincere, heartfelt account of my journey so far with plenty of lighter moments. I’m emboldened by the love of the people around me, who have never judged me but accepted me for who I am.”

She further added that Vijayendra Prasad who has worked with for her film Manikarnika will be writing the script of the film. “Then, around 12 weeks ago, he urged me to let him write a film based on my life. I was nervous and wary initially, but then, given his stature and the fact that I trust him implicitly, I gave Vijayendra sir the go-ahead to the project.” 

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On being asked whether the film will have characters based on the people she had differences in the past, she said, “How can I show my journey without people, I can’t be walking alone. But we will not be taking any names. The idea is to protect me and my life with all its highs and lows. In the end, it is the story of an achiever, a girl from the mountains who came into Bollywood without any connections in the industry or even a godfather, and went on to carve a niche for herself against all odds, with some memorable films like Gangster, Tanu Weds Manu and its sequel, Fashion, Queen and more recently Manikarnika, bagging three National Awards along the way.”

Meanwhile, Kangana will be next seen in Ekta Kapoor's Mental Hai Kya and Fox Star Studio's Panga.

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Too soon for a biopic

This all anonymous comment has been written by a single person. Who cannot see the female standing up against all odds

She really needs to get treated by a Shrink and get married so that she can focus on some productive work instead of always being a nuisance to everyone around.

Hope Karan Johar produces Biopics of all those who have been wronged by her. Be it Aditya Pancholi or Adhyayan or Director Krish or Victims of her stalking n harassment like Ajay, Ranbir and Hrithik.

She’s totally nuts

Female version of MSG trying to whitewash her crimes. I would have even forgiven her had she atleast shown an ounce of regret or remorse for her actions and words. Instead, she has no respect or regard for other people's consent and continues her evil ways. She is truly diabolical in nature. Those around her and section of media are pushing her off the cliff for their own ulterior motives.

One more producer will be driven mad and into near suicide. After Hansal and Kamal Jain.

She can try all tricks and ways to cover up her crimes. But, Truth will never change.

So this biopic will be her last movie. No one wants to work with her and her movies r flops. All she will do is 'Expose' after that.

Lovely sari!

Is she nuts, she's 31. What story is there to tell? I grew up, I became a model, I became an actress, the end??? Biopics need to have a REASON to be made. Sanjay Dutt is an interesting person for a biopic because his life was full of different twists and turns almost unbelievable like someone wrote them more than even OJ to some extent. The only reason people complained about is because he is best friends with Hirani and was practically a consultant on the movie, leading to obvious bias. Kangana DIRECTING her own movie will mean even more bias.

She lives in an alternate reality. When did her film become a success? It is a Flop.

Absolute gone case

Will be Three hours of Victimhood and Lies. Not interested. Next.

This is what happens when a Female bully n harasser is not punished by law. They continue their retarded acts. Media persons who support her are as big scumbags as her

The lady has lost it. Failure of her last movie bust the last neuron in her head.

Oh this should be interesting. Who would play Karan Johar, Alia and mahesh Bhatt? Lol

What sort of a trip is she on?

Is Kangana Ranaut the only national award winner who can't stop talking about the national awards she has been given????? She has absolutley no grace.

"The success of Manikarnika"!!!!???? What on earth are you talking about?

Awaiting your next directorial film Kangy. Way too talented to just act.

Dekhega kaun? lol @ success

I can't believe this. The height of narcissism.

I have always wanted her to make a movie of her life. I hope she acts in it also. Looking forward to it.

Even Kangana haters will go to watch this movie if ever made, mark my work this will be super duper HIT

I will be interested to watch it. It's interesting how a small town girl with no connections made it big in showbiz, much better than repo kids losing some chunk and launched by KJo.

She didn't have connections but she made big connections with married men

There have been 100s of such films that hv been made. Nothing new

Now this will be interesting

Awesome news - waiting to see Kangy's film and second directorial movie.

Priyanka is writing her autobiography so I don't see any reason why Kangana shouldn't make her own biopic.

She is fascinating.

Her biopic will be like Manikarnika-2. She will go on a horse slaying people at will.

She is crazy!

We all know true or lies of her story. Bring it on.

"Success"? It is the biggest Disaster ever

Hahaha Awsome!!

Drama queen

Final proof that Kangana has gone stark raving mad.

Another new drama begins

The Queen .It will be a Blockbuster for sure .Love u kangy

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