Kangana Ranaut gives her take on award shows, offends the editor of a leading magazine

Kangana Ranaut speaks to noted journalists about award shows.
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Kangana Ranaut’s name has become synonymous with controversies, especially this year when her personal life has been dragged in the public sphere ever since she started promoting Simran. She revealed intimate details about her alleged affair with Hrithik Roshan. Kangana has been bold with her revelations and is one celeb who chooses not to give diplomatic answers. This year, she took on Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Pancholi, Shabana Azmi, Apurva Asrani among others.

Kangana spoke to noted journalists in a podcast about award ceremonies and shared her view on it. She said, “I remember one incident where I was late for an award function. They told me in advance that I was receiving the award for Metro and that I had to be there on time because it was for the supporting category. I got stuck in traffic and I didn’t make it on time. I started to get calls asking me where I was and telling me it's almost time for my category to be presented. At one point the calls stopped coming. When I reached the venue Soha Ali Khan had received the award for Rang De Basanti because I didn’t reach there on time."

Kangana also shared another shocking incident, “I was in the United States for my screenwriting course when I got a call from Filmfare in 2014. They told me I was going to get an award for Krrish 3 and they requested me to come back for just one day so I could attend the awards." I told them I am doing my course and going back and forth will cost me around 10 lakhs. Because I would miss my classes I told them it’s not possible. They decided to give the Best Supporting Actress award to Supriya Pathak for Ram Leela instead. The editor was so mad with me that I didn’t show up for #Queen that he still doesn’t talk to me. The next year they made sure I didn’t get the Best Actress award for #TWMR and then I got the National Award. Then they got trolled.”

These revelations did not go down well with the Senior Editor of the magazine. He slammed Kangana in a series of tweets. Sonam Kapoor too backed the editor against Kangana’s comments. Check out the tweets and let us know your views in comments!



How many of you actually listened to the entire chat?? Perhaps one or two... giving the misinformed comments below. LMAO.

You know if she gave an interview like this after a year or so, I wouldn't say anything but Kangana is always negative. Nothing positive has come out of her mouth since last year, so I think she is silly for even discussing this topic. She doesn't come out sounding smart or like she actually cares, she just wants to bring someone down.

With that said, any celebrity who fully supports Indian awards is just sad. It's pretty much given that most people are buying their awards and sponsors/organizers hand out awards to people who are willing to give something back.

You know if she gave an interview like this after a year or so, I wouldn't say anything but Kangana is always negative. Nothing positive has come out of her mouth since last year, so I think she is silly for even discussing this topic. She doesn't come out sounding smart or like she actually cares, she just wants to bring someone down.

There are so many celebrities

I absolutely believe Kangana on this. Sonam and the other star-kids are part of the inner circle with all these magazine editors, they have a grudge against Kangana for making 'Nepotism' a national topic of discussion and the fact that she, an outsider from a small town, is a natural fashionista while the star-kids spend so much money and time trying.

Everyone is here trusting this liar. Her big lie is that she was nominated and on her way but soha won that award but the truth is konkana won the award and liar KR wasnt nominated. lol

Jitesh Pillai falls in the same Kjo category. My god the way he speaks! The gossip uncle.

A fool sitting in a hole digging it deeper. Keep digging. But its hilarious how she things Sonam isn't worth the fight. I mean she didn't hold back against biggies but wouldn't give a damn about Sonam who keeps baiting her.

Kangana is an attetion seeker...and properly she think sonam is below her standards...

Her Never ending Dramas

Yawn.So what else is new

nothing new my dear, just that, another lies of Stalker got exposed

She lied about getting nominated with Soha. I cant stand this woman. I mean, i know awards are a joke too. But, this woman is a Bigger joke for defending National awards

As if National Awards are Legit. She didnot deserve to win for her lame mediocre performances either

How good these awards are we all know. Many actors including Ajay and Akshay told earlier that they give you an award if you'll agree to perform or attend the function so nothing new here. The only difference here is that kangana just gave some examples in details which people like Jiteish who likes to party with these popular actresses and give them all awards didn't like. I am not surprised that Sonam supports him. She and some other actors-actresses are the reason why these awards still exist because only these people take them seriously

Jitesh parties with Supriya Pathak? That’s a new one.

Two wrongs don't make a right. First clean your own backyard lady. Then you can indulge in your entitled finger pointing. PV please post

free entertainment.

Jitesh is so clearly lying. He even tweeted that Kangana was communicating with Team Filmfare when she said they didn't talk to her, when she was only referring to him specifically. Of course, whenever she nearly names and shames, the other party's defence will automatically be "She is lying/ hallucinating!!!" We've seen this time and again.

Fact is that she's been saying this for years, like most of what she says (she doesn't constantly change stories), only this time she gave specific examples, so certain people had to respond as she has spoken generally about this before.

It's funny how whenever Kangana says something she gets flak for it, perhaps her reputation precedes her at this point. She's not the only one to point it out and in fact we all already know that the awards aren't completely legitamate, just like we know there is nepotism in the industry.

All these awards are a joke, and the biggest joker is the one who hosts them mr Karan Johar!
Hats off to Kangana and Amir who do not attend any of these “Fixed” award ceremonies!!!

What stands out in all this is Filmfare giving Kangana an award for Krrish 3 ! Supriya deserved it more, had a better role & was a popular choice too (cos FF is all about the popular star / role ). Kangana did deserve awards for her other early movies , unfortunately those movies didn't make too much money & thus are largely ignored by the popular awards !

That's not the point tho! She was talking about the politics of the awards and not about who actually deserved the award. If they told her she was getting the award and then decided to give it to someone else that's just not right.

Depends on whose version of the truth u choose to believe - Kangana's or Pillai's . Popular stars win awards because not many people will turn on their TV to watch a Naseeruddin Shah talk (no matter how great his performance) . They need sponsers for TV revenue after all . Other factors are who is financing the ceremony , which star endorses the financer's products , who gives the magazine the most advert revenue ? It's not so simple as u phone up someone & offer awards to them . And yes , your relationship with whoever is offering awards is important.

National awards are a joke too. Which is why she, Arjun, Akki, Saif won. While those like Aamir n PC didn't get for Dangal or Barfi.

Rishi Kapoor said he bought filmfare award for the movie Bobby, What is your explanation for that Mr. J?

what Rishi said doesn't mean what kangana said is true, she claims the man called her for an award for krish 3 and the man denies it totally. tell her to stop hallucinating.

Of course the man will deny. Now he has a team hallucination he can join to prove the woman wrong.

Kangana is a liar .its proved now

Filmfare awards are legitimate ?!! Yeah right, given the editor's logic box office collections shouldn't matter it's the performance so why Vicky kaushal didn't win a filmfare for best debut? Even sonam's brother had issues with filmfare awards

U rock kangy ❤️

Poor kangana...kjo loves starkids more than her...hrithik wouldn't accept thier imaginary relationship...ranbir refused her advances...deepika didn't congrats her personally...pancholi sent her fesh biryani ...her father didn't celebrate her birth...shabana and javeed threatened her...Salman told her to do katty batty...kat had a rumoured affair with her hrithik...hipsdontlie hates her...farhan supports hrithik against her...and now this jitesh is refuse to talk to her ...bad people hurting this little Angel...
pls post PV don't be biased...

I remember reading an article few years back. It said that Aishwarya was getting an award for something and Sonam was upset about it. So, the organizers had to create a new category and give her an award in order to convince her to attend and perform. I am not supporting Kangana in this, but Sonam should be the last person to be involved in this issue

She will say any Vivid imaginative Lie she wants. Just DONT ask her for Proof. Then, her phone falls into water and laptop goes into repair

I like how everyone is calling her lies out immediately. From Anand Rai to Aamir to Jitesh lolol

Kangana is so selfish...and this post made respect amaal malik more...simply bc he pointed out how this Indian awards are so biased when they nominated aishwarya and ignored randeep...and amaal wasn't trying to play the victim or gain anything by brought up the issue...while this wonam is pathetic...

Queen of Hallucinations shud know that she was not nominated that year with Soha at all and KoKo won filmfare that year. There is no end to her lies.

Whatever may be the specific issue here.. the fact remains that no one believes any award show... people may just watch for timepass. I dont.. because none of the deserving people ever win. Aamir Khan, Konkona, Tabu, Naseeruddin Shah.. these great actors hardly win anything. At the most they get so called critics award.

Which makes sense too bcoz they are not popular. I wud be surprised if any of them (except Aamir) won Popular awards. They deal with arty films which has very limited audience

Everything else this less despicable than this woman. Despise her totally

We all know the reality of Bollywood awards. Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgan wont step into any awards function. Akshay openly said that awards are given in exchange for performing at the shows. It is an open secret that awards are distributed on the basis of availability of stars. Then they create faltu categories like diva of the year, glamorous queen of the year, best jodi of the year to keep everyone happy. All the winners know they are winning beforehand. They hust act surprised. LOL

What truth you talking about guys?!...she didn't receive her award by herself and disrespected this awards after queen success so why they should give her an award for overrated twm2?!...yes this awards are fake and lame...then why she dying to get them...and pls there is way better actresses like konkona sen sharma who writes and directs but never get her due or brag about herself....

He is lying! Of course they sell awards and give to known ppl only. They don't give any awards to proper talents.

i dont understand why this dumb papa ki beti has to shade kangy each time? n this jitesh is truly lying. this happens a lot in bolly awards we all know that. theres a reason behind kanganas anger be it for awards or industry rules. shes struggled in the true sense that shes come down from a remote village and faced so much. hence to a lotta extent her verbal vents are justified. not like u dumb papa ki beti that has lived in a bubble all ur life flipping magazines wearing chanel. pv post this!

Poor Kangna! Pie in the face :)

I love that she is completely ballsy about everything now, and everyone else just denies her truths.

Kangana says the truth which is bitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go girl!

So up her self.. this gal is a shocker

This Jitesh Pillai is so dumb and Sonam stop the buttering please!

the big liar at it it again.

I thought she doesn’t care about awards? Why does she sound so desperate for one now?

sonam is sooo again dumb

and Kangana keeps proving to us she is a liar and psycho

Plz everyone in india knws dat awards r no longer genuine. U only win awards if u attend or perform at awards night else why those winning are ALWAYS one from the crowd in attendance???

Lol! She just got told! Everyone knows Sonam isn’t going to go against Kangana unless she’s very sure of what’s being said. Sonam didn’t even take sides on HR and KR battle, evethough she’s good friends with Hrithik since childhood. Sorry Kangana this one is ridiculous. Supriya Pathak deserves that award over your act in Krish 3 any day. Nobody is buying they would’ve given that award to you over Supriya Pathak, throwing your colleagues under the bus to make yourself look superior isn’t going to cut it here. We may have bought the Soha versus you lie but the Supriya versus you is a no brained. Get a life!

No, Sonam's just a gossip who simply must butt in, she requires no knowledge of facts whatsoever. No one's saying that she DESERVED the award for "Krrish 3", that's exactly the point, that her performing at the show will be for TRPs in exchange for the award, over the other contenders.

I hope kangana will entertaine us with her carzy tweets again...I wonder how her fans will support her this time???...

Now her supporters "trolls"like gohar,Chandler,rakhirai will jump on this guy and bash him right,left and center...while this woman desperately needs medical help...

Everyone will troll her now...but I think kangana have a serious mental problems...she imagine this things again and again until she believes it...and when someone prove her wrong she gone crazy like her break down during simran promotion...but how Harvard will welcome someone like her with no real experience just short ways and delusions?!...

Kangana did got her award for critics filmfare choice that year yet priyanka deserved to win for barfi she didnt win yet she isnt complaining now.

She did got the filmfare best actress critics for TWMR the year ahead why she lying now

Oh please. The awards are all fake and everyone knows it. Sonam coming to the rescue is no honor. Fake media

we all know award functions in India work like that.. thats why i never watch them again..

Jitesh is extremely supportive of nepotism. I’ve noticed him severely preferring Alia over parineeti, and sonam and kareena over others. People like that don’t deserve to have power in the industry. I’ve never seen him genuinely compliment Priyanka chopra either to the extrent that he does to Alia kareena and sonam.

what has Nepotism got to do with Jinesh exposing one of her lies yet again. your craxay woman is crazy, kindly go n help her

During the podcast Rajeev Masand mentioned that Sonam had asked Jitesh why they would give her the Best Actress Critics award over Best Popular award since Neerja made more at the box office than Udta Punjab. He basically just wanted Alia to win the main award that year. It's upsetting that Sonam is back peddling.

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