Kangana Ranaut: I swing between being a bi**h and Buddha

Kangana Ranaut gets candid about gender bias in Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut is one actress who never minces her words and is an advocate against gender bias that is very evident in Bollywood. Whether it be the wage gap between a male actor and a female actor or for the actress to always be just the love interest, Kangana always wages a war against such stereotypes and makes her own mark in B-Town. 
"By and large, the system is not comfortable with an actress being intelligent. Too bad if she is smarter than the male lead. And worse, if she is smarter than the director," Kangana quipped to a leading tabloid. 
Does Kangana's intelligence oblige her to go solo and be the main lead instead? On this, the actress revealed, "I have no choice but to go solo at this point. I face prejudice and people joke about how I am the bully. I swing between being a bi**h and Buddha. Have you heard that I am a witch apparently."
Kangana exclaimed, "This talk starts only because they want actresses to be dumb and pretty. I can't act dumb. I can't sit on a set pampering the male ego, just because it's the easier way to get your way around men."
"To expect men to stand up for feminism is silly. They are used to being a priority in every field. It was a life of comfort for them — women were looking after their homes, giving them sex. Suddenly, women are coming out of this chauvinistic spell and asking relevant questions. That is bothering the men," the actress stated adding, "Women, too, are sometimes more chauvinistic than men, perpetuating the 'men are better' complex."
On the work front, Kangana will next be seen in Simran which is directed by Hansal Mehta and is slated to release on September 15, 2017. Kangana plays a Gujarati NRI who is a kleptomaniac.

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I completely agree with her...

I don't think Sridevi, Madhuri, Juhi, Aishwarya, Priyanka, DP survived because they pampered to male ego. WTF was she doing in movies like Double Dhamaal and Rascals if not pandering to male ego? A lot of men stand up for feminism and believe in equality. There is a huge difference between being a feminist and being an ego maniac. Your fights are for your sake and your sake alone, you are not fighting for women's cause. Don't make your fights a women's cause. STFU already!

To say that you can't expect men to accept strong, smart, and qualified women, is the same as saying you can't expect women to be anything but irrational, manipulative, unintelligent, baby machines! There ARE men who support women's equality!

I agree that the tone is inflammatory but I think what is meant is that you can't expect a class that is comfortable to be your savior. Men cannot be expected to fight for women's rights because it doesn't affect them the same way. I think the point she is making is good, but somehow her tone comes off too aggressive.

soo much talk, can she do something like make a movie, its not easy business, and show to world instead of no use talk. when movie is over she hides behind, how many time we saw her talking between rangoon and now, anything for movie promotion now a days

Did Mira Rajput leave all those comments? Honestly you'd have to be her to disagree with the basic facts Kangana is spelling out.

Wow. Its amazing how people label her as having some psychological problem. Its a classic text book case of name calling a strong opinionated woman. From hysterical, on her period, emotional, shrew, bitch, psycho, crazy, slut, lets now add bipolar. Its shameful and I hope to god its not women saying this.

I think the definition for being smart has changed in today's world. So called loud mouth people are considered to be brave and smart. BITCH! Yes! You are! but no where close to being a Buddha or a Saint

She is very bright for the industry she belongs and for her age. So yes she comes across someone who has head on her shoulders

I agree with her completely! I have been turned down for jobs because I was 'too intelligent' and apparently more intelligent than some men who were interviewing me. I was being paid less than my male colleagues who were lazy and dumb as a squid and more so they lacked the linguistic competence needed for the job. I was told by my first dates that I seem like 'high maintenance' and more often so I had to take a step down to make them feel equal. I had female friends telling me to not wear heels because I am already tall and men don't like women taller than them. I had men trying to 'compliment' me by calling their other dates 'dumb and stupid in comparison' and I was told that I seem to have 'no hesitations in talking to strangers' for me being an effective and confident communicator who could cut through their crap. I never saw the world from a gender lens until I graduated and entered the real world. It is true if you speak up, people label you as a trouble maker or insane, and I live in the so-called 'developed world', so I can't even imagine Kangana's struggle where men at large have cultivated predatory behaviour!

If you were "too intelligent",you would not be on Pinkvilla writing an essay.

Congrats Kangana for being so brave !!!!

I think the term for that is bipolar?

Spot on...But thats sad

The term for you, if you're a man is MCP and belonging to "women against women" group if you're a woman! Get a life and stop using mental illnesses to bash people.

You need to stop glorifying mental illness and portraying it as anything other than what it is!

Men DO stand up for feminism! OMG, women's cause is going to greatly suffer because of this blfvh

Women, especially in India are brought up with a slave mentality instilled in them....have seen it in my own home while growing up....

She's Bipolar. And a big idiot


She shud apologize to Buddhists for even linking herself to him. She is a blot on womanhood

Cant even promote a film without taking a guy's name for attention. Talk about Irony!

Even since Adhyayan dumped her, she was been desperate to get linked to a Top star to strut around. From Ajay to Ranbir to Hr. But none of them are giving her a second look. Her parents shud get her married for her ur mental stability. She seems to bbe too physically desperate.

Agreed, I think in exactly the same lines when she speaks about women catering to male ego but never found enough fellow females who think the same way, forget dare to question or challenge the patriarchy...IT IS much easier to pander to male ego and manipulate to get things you want...but fighting is also an option...very happy that finally a Youth Icon and a Role Model is bringing this out in the open for a debate and asking uncomfortable questions...PV plz post

Split personality, needs psychological treatment,

I think you might be one to recognise another....

I think we need to know what being a feminist REALLY means

I prefer an evil kangana, than an actress with good girl poses who does not kill a fly, pretending what is not
like kangana many of us are the same, not criticized so much

  I'm not saying that she is an example of a woman, but it's real, let's accept it as it is so we want to be accepted by others

Its called Bipolar

She is a handful, glad she is giving us women confidence to be more assertive in our respective fields. The male domination is cancerous, its not helping society at all.

I support her and I do support feminism being a male

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