Kangana Ranaut: I will expose each one in Bollywood for ganging up on me; WATCH VIDEO

Bollywood’s bold and fearless actress Kangana Ranaut never minces words. The actress at an event spoke about Bollywood ganging up against her. Read to know more.
Kangana Ranaut: I will expose each one in Bollywood for ganging up on me; WATCH VIDEO Kangana Ranaut: I will expose each one in Bollywood for ganging up on me; WATCH VIDEO
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Bollywood’s Queen actress Kangana Ranaut never minces words and always speaks her mind out. No matter how many times she will be asked the same question, the bold and fearless Kangana will speak for the things she wants to. The actress who is currently riding high on the success of her film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi recently interacted with the media at an event. Ranaut spoke about how Bollywood has never supported her during her film’s release and promises to expose each one for ganging up against her.

At the event, Kangana was asked about the trend in Bollywood where celebrities have been praising and promoting each other’s film through social media. The Queen actress was asked if she expected the same kind of response from B-town celebs for her recently released film Manikarnika. Like always, Kangana Ranaut had a bold and no filter reaction to this. She said, “I’m 31 and a filmmaker, I don’t need anyone to promote me. I have won multiple National Film Awards, so I don’t need them to promote me or my film.”

Further adding, "These people should be ashamed of themselves. Some of them are my grandfather’s age. And these Bollywood, I used to call out them for small things like nepotism, sexism and pay parity but, now I will get after their lives. I’ll expose each and every one of them. Bollywood has called for trouble by ganging up on me."


Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons ahead of its release. Director Krish left the project mid-way, following which actor Sonu Sood also walked out over his tussle with Kangana. Mishti Chakravarty, who is also a part of the film, recently slammed actress for chopping off everyone’s role in the film. Nevertheless, Manikarnika opened to rave response and is earning pretty good at the box office. 

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delusional paranoia: hearing or seeing things that aren't there

everybody talking about nepotism . hating starkids are those who were eager to watch star kids. there were atimes when people wanted to see the star's daughter or son on big screen. n now when this queen of lies says the word nepotism everybody started hating star kids. but are still wants to watch them for example Sara ali khan. nepotism is everywhere not only in BW. its can get u the good chance in films but if u r not talented then you will be rejected by film makers and by audience. if there is so much power in nepotism then all the superstars have to be star kids na. why tushar kapoor is not a superstar? why sonam kapoor's movies are not hit? where is athiya shetty? so many star kids came but no one got success as their parents got.so the success and stardom is depend on the talent only. if you have talent then no one will stop you neither this nepotism nor any one. look at akshay kumar. he is a superstar. i think these people blame others when they dnt want to take responsibility. even being a superstar amir khan took all responsibility of TOH then why can't she? she behaves as if a movie of her becomes hit then its all just due to her and if it becomes flop then other people are responsible for it.and at the top of that her bad mouth. she talks much but do nothing to prove her claims. regretting supporting her in hrithik episode.

Kangaroo should be charged with bullying and harassment.

Kangana is going to drain the Bollywood swamp !

Pancholis's ex hates Amir, Kat and Anu with the same passion as Alia.

Bollywood is busy working on their own projects and don't have time to watch and support 100 movies a year.

Is she going to expose Salman, Amir, Ajay, Dutt or just attack other female rivals she is jealous off?

The Nation loves the stars she is attacking.

Box office and trade show is proof of what the public wants and they judged Manikarnika as a FLOP.

Pancholi's ex is delirious cause her movie flopped.

KR is Rakhi Sawant of BTown.

One cannot make change by being so full of hatred. Change has never come thru that. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

She is mad because her movie has not done well even though she wants people to believe that it's doing great(The budget was over 150+ Crores). None of the celebrities promoted the movie thru Twitter/Instagram like they do for other members of the fraternity(So many people promoted Alia's Gully Boy on their Insta stories). She is mad that that they don't want her to succeed. She feels like she made a good movie and it won't do as good business because they have chosen to behave like Kangana does not exist. I feel why she is angry but her approach is completely wrong. She sounds crazy.

For those saying NEPOTISM doesn't exists or nepotism cannot make you a start is downright wrong! With NEPOTISM you get work, keep getting work, then get them shoved on people's faces, keep churning mediocre talent and as a result see where bollywood is...it is only glorified by poor indians. Rest of the world gives a shit. It illegally and shamelessly steals concept, screens, stories, music from the western world and shamelessly puts nepo kids to act and it goes on. There is no creativity, no talent and no passion. These repo kids want to become stars, wear expensive european brands and get photographed in the airport- thats all its about. They will continue hating Kangana because she is everything they are not-and she has the courage to stand on her own two feet and give them shit!!

she is brilliant in manikarnika&her haters cant digestit..esp kjos posse..hence not seen any btown celebs praising her performance.

STILL playing the victim card.

There are so many outsiders in Bollywood (Deepika, Ayushman, Rajkumar Rao, etc. etc.), no one complains about nepotism as much as Kangana. We all know that Kangana is the problem. Someone called her the newest Rakhi Sawant and sadly, I have to agree. She's always getting into fights and creates unnecessary drama.

She should be stopped. Please don't support her acetic antics. One person's support looks like thousand people support in her delusional mind. If any one loves her please help her get some professional help. She is paranoid and destroying her bright talent and any encouragement for these out bursts further harm her career. Loving her means helping her present a decent human side to audience. Only then her pictures are received well at box office. Please know the difference between supporting a person's self detrimental acts and loving a person.

Does she mean she’s gonna talk sbout her shenanigans with Ajay D/ Sanjay D/ Salman

You don't have respect for Rani of Jhansi with the way your tone was when you made the chachi comment. You berate every successful heroine in bollywood, yet you call yourself a feminist. The list goes on. Give it is a rest kangana, movies is not for you. You may be a good actress but your voice and diction are pathetic. Now it is evident you are very bad as a director also. So it is safe to say you should go back to your old profession. Hiring your sister is also nepotism.

Kangana is toxic. She needs to be dumped somewhere

Looking at the comments the same party is posting again and again against kangana. It's so obvious

That's how Kansans does daily. Praising and defending herself daily on pinkvilla. Waste actress

She is vengeful cobra. It is better if no one responds to her comments and ignore her or she can fatally wound the person. Everyone has one or two secrets in life. She has no shame or dignity in her bone to bring these secrets in one’s life to public.

this woman never praised anyone and now she is dying because no one is worshiping her the way she thinks she deserve. pathetic looser she is.

STFU she doesnt want anyone praising her but promoting subject of the film because it's a good subject. While these Bollywood redo-liberals cry out for rapes happening in the country, they can at least promote a film where a women/mother's and a martyr's journey is shown .

someone plz give her attention or she will burst. bloody attention seeker.

I can't believe I trusted her through the Hrithik episode. Now I can see signs of paranoia. If you don't, your issue. Don't back this lady up or she'll end up like Parveen Babi.

it has been on and on about nepotism, right? then why is tushar kapoor not as huge as srk in terms of how well his films fare? i could go on and on about govinda's daughter, or suniel shetty's daughter.what she is saying simple doesn't exist. the people have to decide ultimately. you have to promote your movie, it is part of your job. do your job and let it speak for itself. no one can make or break you if you have talent. how about those who came in with no backing? like srk? i havent heard of him being critical of others.

Nepotism doesn’t exist in audience love n box office figures...nepotism exist where the outsiders r not invited in parties...or if invited nobody takes picture with them....n even when they get themselves noticed a fake blind is posted about them to ruin their image....or a potential talented actress doesn’t get a movie lead caz the nepo famous person daughter is debuting....etc etc....

Honey, your haters are imaginary. No one actually likes you.Personally I like you as an actresses but you are a very toxic person in real life. No I wouldn't want to be friend with you...

Kangana Ranaut doesn't need anyone to promote her film. The film spoke for itself. It failed. It had the marks of a self-obsessed actor/director.

What to do with someone who possibly can't help what she is doing? "A person with grandiose delusional disorder has an over-inflated sense of worth, power, knowledge, or identity. The person might believe he or she has a great talent or has made an important discovery." She needs to see a doctor.

This isnt what mania or grandiosity looks like. Please do not trivialise psychiatric disorders by throwing in your own understanding of it. They are not defined by singke sentences

Salute to Kangana for exposing them. I am waiting to know the 2 faced Bollywood.

Kangana you are the power house. Believe in yourself and you don’t need them.

Love you Kangana. You don’t need their support. We are with you.

Great all oppositions fans vs KR fans. What she says is a reality!!

"I hate you!" but "Love me, love me, oh why don't you love me?!" That's Ranaut Meltdown Queen in a nutshell.

Kangana Ranaut's disappointment at the failure of Manikarnika has turned into rage. She has become a toxic person.

Who would have thought Hirani would be investigated. People are changing and thinking better. Indian cinema especially BW need channeling. So yes and who better then Kangana. Actors have always kept their distance because of her tallent now BW is because she is coming to their other territory too.

ENOUGH KANGANA...in exposing them you are becoming a villain

Double standard Kangana, you can disrespect and destroy director Kris's hardwork and bad mouth him yet the film is largely based on his vision who are u fooling all you did is destroy the movie and its integrity. First accept ur bulling tactics maybe then people will respect u, ur insanity is scaring everyone.

It’s a pshycological disorder when a person thinks the whole world is plotting and ganging up against her. When you have problem with everyone, it shows the problem is actually with you. She is seriously mental and needs help.

You’re right. She is a bit of a narcissist, which is technically a mental disorder

No one takes her seriously. Stop blaming Bwood and blame the public who is not watching your movie.

loved her interview..in the blue sari..you go girl..do expose them

sush had planned on making a movie on rani ki jhansi lng time ago as well..wish she had done the movie.

I want to know what Amir and Kat and Anu have to say about her attacks.

BW already exposed her lies by ignoring her.ur mv is a flop accept it n move on. you can use any many sensational statement as possible but no one gona reply u. this is karma hitting u back

I don't understand why the idiots reacts to every statement of this psycho.She wants reaction from them so that she can start her tirade against them playing table tennis. Sensible ppl will ignore. She is starting her cheap tactics of media trial

Ahaa.this delusional lady...the witch hunt begins

KR is the Nation's laughing stock. Jhansi ki Rani would be ashamed of her for bullying, threatening others.

Nepotims ki maa, KR has given her own sister a job as manager. She has no right to call out anyone else.

Krish handed the movie over to producer 100% complete and she destroyed it by cutting important characters out and copying plus reshooting Krish's work frame per frame and calls herself a filmaker.

She is so bitter and vicious cause her movie flopped with the 120 crore budget.

Paranoid yet again. She has Delusions of Grandeur.

When does her next film Mental Hai Kya releasing ? Looks like she has already started publicity for it.

She is embarrassing herself more everyday. She is digging herself a deeper hole that she may not be able to come out of it. Bollywood is a big bad world, this kind of language is not acceptable in any field, corporate or non corporate. She talks like a cheap roadside woman, that is why no one pays any attention to her.

KR - If no one likes you, and want to support you, it is their choice and sure an educated woman like you can understand that. You can't jump up and down and try to "buy" love or liking.

Kangana needs to calm down haha.

She ruined Manikarnika. Her dialogue delivery and diction are really bad.

Not a single person takes kangana seriously. They know she is not in her right state of mind and doing all this for publicity.

She considers herself an A league and wants KJo and his buddy to notice her. Bollywood gives out over 100 movies a year. All these A and B list stars can't talk about over 100 movies. What makes her special?

haha !! LOL !! she is becoming a child whose toffee has been taken away with each passing day. Go ahead, We are waiting for the expose.

Omg kangana is so entertaining...it will be great if she manages to keep her words and expose them...but as usual she just hallucinating...

She looks like a wamp without photoshop

She is completely mental

This woman is mad.

Just imagine what Poor hrithik has went through. He is a victim . She actually harrssed him and forced him to file an fir.

has she forgotten that the BW she is talking about is the one who is giving her work till now ignoring all her madness & atrocities!!!

Whole Bollywood has exposed kangana and her lies.

Itni problem hai isko Bollywood se toh nikal kyun nahi jaati hai

Did she supported Padmavat and Deepika?NO! She refused to sign the petition. So why complaining now?

Kangana, you didn't support me. You have ganged up against me. I will expose you.

Kangana most anticipated movie tanked badly at the box office. She couldn't digest it and blaming Bollywood for its failure. Her hrithik episode flop as he exposed her lies. Now trying hard to to show herself was a victim by using a victim card.

Kangana is exposing herself day by day.

Liar kangana. You are not 31. Lol multiple national awards because of your political background still it doesn't justify your bad attitude neither it's a licence of being a good human.

Yeah Kangy. Get on the job right away and expose them all. That has got to be the only objective in your precious life from hereon. Keep us all updated Wonder woman.

seriously kangana plz shut up. its understandable that bollywood ganged up but plz dont stoop to der level and create more rivalries!

This woman lives in her own world, her thoughts always revolve around revenge. She pulled Karan for nepotism but what happened?? all his movies last year done business of 100Crs+ . They don't bother about u, so focus on ur work.

Again playing a woman card and a victim card.

Most negative person in the world.

What the hell is her problem she is behaving as if everyone is planning against she thinks they don’t any other work at all

Now she has problems with Aamir and alia too. Sick.

KanganaRanaut is just another Rakhi Sawant. After debacle of Manikarnika all she wants to blame Bollywood Film Industry for this. It's nice to see that most people are now not taking her seriously except some of paid PR bots.

More power to u Kangana!! We all are with you!!!

Bollywood treated this woman right. She deserves it.

Oh you don't support my flop, means you are ganged up against me. If you support and praise me, I will teach you a lesson by stealing the credit and defaming you.

Haha it's rightly saud: silence is the best revenge. Kangana is effected by their silence.

Just because they ignored her and her flop (they did this to many)doesn't mean they are ganging up against her.

No one is ganging against her. Stop lying kangana .

She needs help.

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