Is Kangana Ranaut insecure of Deepika Padukone’s look in Padmavati?

Kangana Ranaut is believed to have leaked her Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi look after Deepika Padukone won praises for her Padmavati avatar.
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Ever since the first look of Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati started doing the rounds and the Ghoomar song from Padmavati released, there are reports that Kangana Ranaut has been insecure about Deepika. As per sources, Kangana, who essays the role of Rani Laxmibai in Manikarnika - The Queen of Jhansi, is insecure after watching all the attention Deepika is getting for her role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus.

A source told a leading daily, ‘’How else can you explain the multiple pictures of Kangana in a queen’s avatar being ‘leaked’ from the sets on a daily basis? Kangana may be feeling anxious, but it is too early for her pictures to come out much before the release of the film. She may well want to piggyback on Deepika’s queen visuals coming out, but this is more of a knee-jerk reaction.’’

Directed by Krish and penned by K V Vijayendra Prasad, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi also stars Ankita Lokhande, Sonu Sood and Atul Kulkarni. Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi is slated to release on April 27, 2018. 

Meanwhile, Kangana is in Jaipur to shoot the movie. A few months back, Kangana suffered a major injury on the sets of Manikarnika. The actress, who was shooting for the movie in Hyderabad's Ramoji Filmcity, suffered a deep cut on her forehead during a sword fight scene with her co-star Nihar Pandya.

She spoke about the whole incident to a leading magazine saying, "I was doing a sword fighting scene with three men. (Laughs) I guess Nihar (Pandya, who plays Rao Saheb) forgot his cue and he hit on my head. There’s no way of avoiding something so unfortunate like this. Especially, when it’s choreography related. The coordination of the various elements is difficult. It was a bad accident. It exposed my bone and my face was full of blood."

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Deepika does not even know acting.she is so cringeworthy to watch, from Diana to priyanka, they all outshine her.Forget kangana, she is not even in the same league of alia.So kangana seems to be very far from her pathetic acting, she is surving because of her PR relationships.

Deepika already played a Warrior princess in Bajirao Mastani. So, Kangana shud stop trying to act oversmart

Another example of a south indian actress getting jealous of North Indian Aish got jealous of Rani, Deepika got jealous of Kangana, Sonam, Anushka, Priyanka...Sridevi got jealous of Madhuri... Tabu got jealous of Raveen & Karsima... Vidya got jealous of Kareena & Rani. My advice to these south indian people is that they shud stay in their own industry rather than coming to bollywood and troubling others!!

C'mon everybody knows by now what that psycho is. She is obsessed with both hrithik & deepika

Why would Kangana be insecure/jealous? Kangana is a real actress. Deepika is just a stick figure; no acting ability whatsoever.

How dp became fairer than yea skin lightening lol insecure of her trye colour

When pics from tiger zinda hai sets and locations are shared, no problem....but when manikarnika pics are shared, there are comparisons. ..plain insecurity from manikarnika aka kangana getting so much attention.

No one is stealing anyone's thunder but the pics release today are spectacular

Hahah seriously someone super talented would be insecure of this 2 expression heroine.Thanks for the joke deepika PR.Im not a kangana fan but she's much better actress than deepika any day.

How kangana become that fairer?

In whole film industry kangan anushka priyanka . alia these actress are better beautiful and talented then deepika. sorry deepika i don't think so you are more talented then these are lucky but your acting skill are not better then these ladies .and other things you are beautiful just for onscreen but of screen or another event i don't think so you looks beautiful may be your stylist cannot give you a better look. whatever kanaga is better then deepika.

vinlady deepika

ab jaan lelo kangana ki tum log.

Kangna has confidenc

Why would three times national award winner feel insecure lol about stone face 'I think' girl

Maybe her political connections has something to do with those awards ?!

Hrithik and Deepika's political connections couldn't get them a National Award.

Who cares about 3 national awards winner who can not bring people to watch her movie. Rangoon, katti batti , simran what next ???

Her crowd pulling "stardom" will only be clear when she'll take up a solo woman lead movie, not resting on the shoulders of shahrukh, slb, amitabh

Dp is so important for her boyfriends n those bf r many

Kangana is not important for her boyfriends n those boyfriends are many n all married post it please pv

You are comparing Goddess and Devil (FYI DP is Goddess)

So what should Kangana do? Not release pics? She has fans too who like to stay updated FYI.

LOL. I don't think so. If Leela and Mastani never affected anyone, why would Padmavati?

The real enemy of Kangana is only Deepika.

Rani >>>>> Kangna + Kajol + Ash + Sridevi + Deepika

How is Deepika fairer than Kangana in these pics?

what nonsense

DP looks mad and insecure. She is going crazy because she has lost to PC in Hollywood, Kangana/ vidya in acting, Kangana in per film fee, Anushka in good films, Katrina in glamour, Ash in beauty and Alia in new roles. All she can do is sign brands and suck up to SLB to stay relevant.

The pics were released on the day Groomer came out hahaha not shocking at all!

Groomer??? Lol

Delusional DP fans.

Kangana rocks

Actually its Deepika who is getting insecure of Kangana bcoz Kangana is filming Manikarnika with Deepika's ex Nihar Pandya. Deepika is afraid Nihar will tell about Deepika's dark secrets of past to Kangana and Kangan will expose Deepika in interviews like she expose Katrina


Actually I felt the same

Wah ulta chor kotwal ko Dante wohi haal hai., this is too much Deepika is so insecure, she knows she is not looking beautiful, she is looking dasi of a queen and she is bringing Kangana here.. Slow Clap

Hello Rangoli aunty. Tabiyat kaisa hai aapki. Just think of happy thoughts. Negativity is not good for baby. You don't want your baby to turn out into another psycho kangana or crazy Rangoli na. Relax and meditate aunty. Good for you and the baby.

Lol kangana is so insecure. She knows Dp looks gorgeous and getting praises while no one talked about kangana below average looks she is bringing superstar dp here. Please post it pv it's important

who said deepika is gorgeous?? she is no more gorgeous

Pinkvilla aunty is Kangana herself. Confirmed news. I always knew that.

Good try Deepika! Go begin promotions and start your prep for Sapna Didi!

no sane person with get into any kind of association with kangana right now ...with her motor mouth... everyone wants to stay away... least of all deepika since we already read her emails about how depressed Kanagana was with DP ignoring her.

ok aunty Kangana yours truly Deepikpadukone

‘’How else can you explain the multiple pictures of Kangana in a queen’s avatar being ‘leaked’ from the sets on a daily basis?-------> Which idiot wrote this? First of all I don't remember seeing every day new pics from Manikarnika set, secondly if a pic from the set of a movie is leaked that doesn't mean that it's done to take away attention from an other movie. I think it's just a media made up story to start war between these two actresses and among their fans. Why would Kangana be insecure of Deepika's look in Padmavati when her movie is coming next year? It's not like both movies are going to release same day that she'll be insecure. This doesn't make any sense specially when Rani Laxmibai and Padmavati's characters are very different

Agreed, the person who is being quoted is just expressing their opinion. How would they know? Also, they are implying that Kangana's pics stole the thunder from Deepika's 'Padmavati'.

hi rangoli

She shouldn’t because seriously deepika look is really like a mongol!

Deepika is a below average actress, only her looks are saving her otherwise she would flop big time without it and SLB of course.

Deepika is an hypocrite who talks all good things in front of the camera, while behind she stabs them in their back! Still remember how she targets Kat and release their hug video..which Kat was not comfortable at all,same with kangana she praised her performance but bitch about her behind her back.Thats her real self.Pv I dare you to post it and don't be biased.

Katrina is a hypocrite who talks good in front of the cameras while stabs from behind. Still remember how she targets Dp and break her relationship n release their hug video which dp was not conformable with. Sane with alia she praises her acts like her friend but bitch about her back n breaks sid alia. Thats the real kat
I dare you to post it please pv don't ignore this and biased towards Dp. Be neutral.

Kangana pr chill, it's ok to take a few weeks off and let your client do some work worthy of praise



Still Dp is a superstar. Kangana even couldn't make simran a hit in india. At least Dp last bw movie is a super hit. And your idol need superstar Dp to get attention. One flop doesn't matter even salman srk movie flopped. Post the truth

Deepika has never had a solo lead movie... fyi...that would decide things.

Kangana fans says respect and support a woman bcoz she is a woman but on other hand bash every women be it DP, Katrina, suzzane, Sonam. Yami, Farah etc. wowow woman empowerment

The washed out look of Manikarana is bcoz they don't hv the budget for jewellery with a a flop star in the lead. Whereas Deepika can pull audience into theatres which is why she is full of jewellery

Isn't Nihar Pandya the Ex of Deepika who she dumped for Ranbir?

She dated many guys to be trending topics.Her love for RK is as fake as she is as a person.

Yeah i agree kangana dated many married men and break other women house. Her love for Hrithik is as fake as she is a fake person. Lol sge morphed the pic and spread fallke engagement news. Pinkvilla please post it. Why aren't you? Dont be biased towards Dp

isnt Aditya pancholi the EX of KR who she dumped for her PHANSTY hrithik? oh she got engaged to him in her head and sent dirty mails eww. Home breaker KR
post it please pv dont be biased

I dont think so. Kangana is basically playing a warrior, sush as bajiraos, khilijis etc. whereas Deepika is portrayed as a fine piece of decoration in all bhalsali's films.

DP fakes love for alia but they hate each other. Alia has ruined her career. Kangana and Vidya Balan are hardly in that space. They are much better actors and also huge stars. Kangana earns a lot in per film fee, equal to her male counterparts. So this article shows DP frustration and entitlement.

How do u know DP fakes love for Alia and they hate each other? it kat who fakes love for Alia but hate her. Alia career na body is ruined. This article only shows KR frustration and entitlement. dare not to ignore

KAngana se padne waali hai tere ko deepu. bhool gayi kaisa chup karayatha tujhe?? ye dirty PR mat khel hunterwali queen ke saath!

DP haters ...she wont waste a dime on shifting attention to Kangana from her when its her movie that will release soon. Its either a media created article or Kangana's PR. PV pls post

If Kangana is now jealous of Deepika, I imagine how Deepika will cry again behind the scenes that the national award again did not go to her))

Tp compare Manikarnika with Padmavati is so ridiculous! Only DP insecurity and dumbness can fuel such debates. Rani of Khansi was not a rich queen who killed herself. She was one of the few who ignited india's freedom struggle and fought at a young age for her country. There is NO woman like her. Kangana is not shooting for a costume drama where all she can flaunt is her cholis and jewellery. Shameful comparison!

Rani of Jhansi

Deepika is the one who is insecure. She had sent messages to Vishal Bharadwaj n tried to grab Rangoon. Then, put up a profile pic named "Queen of Hearts" clearly targeting Kangana. Even now, she n Krish who is the director are in secret talks as per a blind. She seems to be trying to spoil Kangna film. Kangana shud take over control of her film n not let Krish dominate. He is not reliable. He is talks with Deepika for his next film.

kangana is the one who is insecure. Who said DP sent messages to VB n tried to grab diaster Rangoon? it was KR PR who lied like her Paris engagment and relationship or Aamir supporting her agianst Hrtihik. Wow if she puts her pic with the title "Queen of Hearts" how its targeting KR? its only in KR vivid imagination. DP is "Queen of Hearts" but pyscho KR is "QUEEN OF LIES" . DP is not trying to spoil KR film as for her this stalker doenst exists. But KR was sad and depressed when Queen DP didnt call her. If someone i sin tlaks with DP for his movie it doesnt means she is conspiring agianst her. But then KR fans are sick and for them if someone meets childhood buddy so they are plotting agianst her.. If someone dance at her party so he is in love with her. If someone invites her to her screening so he is supporting her. lol PINKVILLA DARE NOT TO IGNORE THE TRUTH,. DONT BE BIASED TOWADS DP.

Very well said. She lied about Aamir supporting her and twmr3 , shamelessly fake quotes by Anand but both nailed this woman lies.
pv post

wait who wants a flop RANGOON in their kitty ?

Yeah,her film is releasing next year and suddenly, she is leaking her pics. Heights of insecurity

Lol...this is hilarious. I donno if there is any truth to it. But, tomorrow(on in a week) for sure there will be a tweet or an article explaining how a young, rich, beautiful, and talented girl like Kangana isn't threatened by an ugly aunty.

Hv noticed that whenever Kangna targets Deepika, her films become hit. See TWMR

She targeted Deepika during Katti Batti too. But what happened, lol

LOL she moved on to Shahid next and when that became a disaster too she moved on to HR. Well this trick is getting old

Hv noticed that whenever Kangna targets Deepika, her films become hit.

What's her issue with Queen Dp? she created a huge issue out of noting when DP praises her . KR PR spread the fake news about DP and try to destroy her image and goodwill. She spread the fake news about her being the highest paid as soon as the News of DP being the highest paid actress came though makers exposed KR lies. KR tried hard to use superstar DP name for her promotions and try to get sympathy. Now after Padamvati getting os much of importance and praise by media, fans, haters, and Bollywood, KR leak those pics intentionally but no one ave a two hoot about it. Why is she doing all this? she is talented but sick. PINKVILLA PLEASE POST IT . PLEASE PV.

of course Pinkvillа will publish, always happy))) all that is against Kanganа, any insults are always with pleasure, only Hrithik posts strictly contorted his PR team and paid bots))) this is my comment will not be published, can not worry)))

LOL... Good try DPr. Her look sketch came out in April itself, much before the androgynous teaser of Goddess Queen. Both these characters are poles apart. Neeta's look of Manikarnika will be understated and whatever has been revealed is very much in line. You can actually see Kangana's face. She's not overloaded with jewels, mercifully! Can't wait for MANIKARNIKA! Perhaps DPr is getting insecure now that another QUEEN (OF JHANSI) looks so refreshingly understated.

Does it hurt to be logical ? Why will deepika draw any attention to Kangana when her film will release far later than DP's film. Dont insult any women based on looks that too by saying she is less of a woman anatomically that too when looks wise Kangana is nowhere as good looking as Deepika. If only you watched SIMRAN a couple of hundred times in the theatre. DP does not have to pay a cent of her money to PR associating with kangana. Looks like kangana's PR to me. PV pls post

LOL. Kangana is beautiful and so is Deepika. SIMRAN is the best female lead performance this year so far. It's unfortunate the film didn't get the commercial success it deserved. But that doesn't take away from Kangana's spellbinding work. And yes I watched it two times and will watch it again on AmazonPrime. Anywho, what does your logic say about this: Kangana's PR will release an article painting Kangana as the insecure one for her rival Deepika's look in Padmavati? WOW. TAALIYAN! It is HURTING ME TO SEE YOU "LOGICAL" here.

well it all could be hormonal vs logical. Get this one wants kangana's attention...she is bad news for anyone involved with her. DP has absolutely nothing to gain giving mileage to kangy's film. PV pls post

This comment cinfirms you are Kangy's paid PR

It's a known fact that kangana is insecure of everyone who has a supportive family and loving boyfriend/husband...that's why she used to abuse adhyayan when his family was paying him things...thats why she hates starkids...and being a home wercker is just the side effect of her jealousy and insecurity...


This is a media made war. Kangana didn’t leak these pictures. Bollywood is just ganging up on her now because she’s an easy target. Fact is, Kangana looks amazing in a simple saree. Deepika is photoshopped and looks like a girl playing dress-up. #FACT

There’s no comparison. Kangana doesn’t need OTT jewelry and heavy gaudy lehengas to look regal. Deepika does. The End.


Why can’t people just leave Kangana alone to do her work? It’s telling that they waited to see Simran’s BO before ganging up on her. Had Simran done well they’d have left her alone like the chamchas they are.

This is too obvious, until padmavati looks csme out there was only the kangana teaser poster no one cared about. Manikarnika has got some bad karma tho for her jumping to another production with the same story? Piggybacking on deepika won't lift up your image

Ok kangana we got it. Be ready guys miss psycho has started plotting against Deepika to promote her next disaster. Hrithik has nailed her lies with proofs so she cant do anything. Now she will abuse and bash Deepika .

ab hrithik ka peecha chod k deepu k peeche par gayi stalker aunty

What's her issue with Queen Dp? she created a huge issue out of noting when DP praises her . KR PR spread the fake news about DP and try to destroy her image and goodwill. She spread the fake news about her being the highest paid as soon as the News of DP being the highest paid actress came though makers exposed KR lies. KR tried hard to use superstar DP name for her promotions and try to get sympathy. Now after Padamvati getting os much of importance and praise by media, fans, haters, and Bollywood, KR leak those pics intentionally but no one ave a two hoot about it. Why is she doing all this? she is talented but sick. PINKVILLA PLEASE POST IT . PLEASE PV.

Well, you didn't hear anyone else cribbing about insecurity when Kangana's sword fighting video from the sets came out. I wonder why.

That's only reason we get disaster look of Kangana from her next flop after Dp was extolled by every single person. i saw many Kat fans who were loving Dp looks and Ghommar (it crossed 25 m views on youtube alone in 4 days).

But Kangana is not even playing a pretty heroine in Manikarnika, she is playing a hero who fights with an empire, she is the only focus of her film and I don't see her any similarities between two characters, Padmavati is a lover and the film is a dark romantic love saga about passion lust and obsession whereas Manikarnika is a biopic of a freedom fighter.... a warrior Queen...

Kangana shouldn't be but her pr team has some lame tactics. Daily set leaks won't help, let news die down for a month or so then come back with a bang. Her image is crap right now

padmavati is about ranveer singh's character ,they called it padmavati to give a tribute to brave rajputs ,not because deepika is starring in that while manikarnika is about all kangana ,,, deepika no one is insecure of vimalavati ,

Its pretty clear Kangy's PR is trying to piggyback on Padmavati's buzz. Look at how many 'leaks have taken place since Padma promos started.

Not in another 1000 years. She does not need to.

But kangana is insecure. She was so upset when DP didnt call her.

Kangana needs help asap.

Not the right actress to play "Queen of Jhansi"
She would be perfect to play "Queen of lies".

Marinka is kangana's last movie which will be a diasaster . She will again use hrithik bash him with no proof. While Dp is beautiful and a top actress whose padmavati will be a huge hit. She is loved by everyone and a highest paid actress.

thanks to ranveer n slb as always

Thanks to DP n DP who dont steal scripts n never fights with her costar. She also respects her profession, unlike flop kangana. post it plz pv

Well I am not anyone’s fan but that disastrous look has nothing to be insecure of it.

Now we know in advance the A-list star Kangana is going to use to promote her movie Manikarna. Bashing Shahid and KJO during Rangoon promotions and HR during Simran promotion failed to earn her box office success so she will definitely attack DP during Marnikarna promotions as DP is the current top A-list actress. Beaware Deepika!!

Why should Kangana be insecure of Deepika's appearance in Padmavati just because both are historicals ? Her acting has always been good & the movie revolves mainly around her . There is no romantic lead & the villains are the Brits collectively . SLB has always made visually opulent , costume dramas focusing on his heroines' appearance . The Jhansi movie looks like a more realistic take on history whereas Padmavati is like a romantic tragedy to a ruthless , lustful man .

Kangana is very busy shooting her movie. I think the 'source' knows how dp's look got down tracked as people started appreciating Kangana's look with much poise and without any expensive jewelry or clothing. So now they are accusing Kangana for jealousy. Better your craft first don't waste time pointing fingers at others.

KR can't stand anyone's success,
Her fans follow suit!

Empty vessels make much noise,
these words are apt for KR!!

Yeah right LOL Deepika looks pedestrian and below average in Padmavati, certainly no ravishing beauty kings would go to war for.

Hello Kangy

Hi hormonal rangoli aunty whatever makes you feel better. Dp looks beautiful n stunning. Every one saying it from every fandom. So keep burning.

Kangana is hated by every fandom be it dp , ash , hrithik , salman , shahid kat , salman , srk , pc , anushka , farhan , kjo , yami , sonam , alia , anand sir , akshay , rk , prabhas and lists goes on.

kangana love anushka alia priyanka. sonam ' kareena and dp hate all actress even she hate her friend priyanka chopra which she always call her as a friend,deepika is totally fake


Agree with this source, it's so obvious kangana's team wants her in the limelight but it's too early. These aren't just set leaks, they're leaks by kangana's team.

I didn't know Delhi Times was owned by Kangana's team.

DP is far better person and actress than kangana.

LOL. Good joke.

if you can think Ash is a great actress...clearly there is nothing funny in thinking DP is better than KR.

Dear lady... do you know Aishwarya was always labeled as plastic...and a non actress. All of her solo films bombed...all her hit movies were a package of big stars and banners.DP fans have nothing against let it be.

What is kangana worth without these superstars? She always gets noticed when she fights with superstars like DP, KAT, HRITHIK OR KJO. Otherwise no one gives a damn about 2 film wonder.

i wonder too bcoz we never get kangana looks and photos from her under production movie. Tats what i used to like about her. But now i feel she is suffering from serious issues.

Lol flop kangana now using superstar DP to stay relevant.


Not only kangana but her fans as well. Go and see the comments on marnika pics by her paid fans and her. They were abusing deepika and dragging her on that post. i said this on that post too.

Is there is any doubt about it? NO. The way KR n PR bashed and abused DP on that leak pics by KR for no reason is a proof of it.

Kangana is jealous nad insecure of Dp. The leak pics came after DP getting praised by everyone.

Yes of course she is.

lol..kuch bhi..Its nothing like that. The media nowadays makes everything into breaking news. I sometimes really miss Doordarshan.

Lol a girl who put everything out there for judgement, don't see her being insecure about anything!!

She has put nothing in front of the world. Neither her passport nor her laptop nor her phone. All we saw is sob stories n lies timed with her film promotions. Still, cudnt get audience into theatres lol

The word should have been jealous in this context,not insecure

Kangana is shooting at Amber Fort in Jaipur. Tourists and locals can visit at any given time. This is not a Bhansali set where phones are not allowed. Don't make up news!

Kangana you are nuts don't compare yourself with people more beautiful ,talented, popular than you. Stick to your monotonous way of acting

Of course she is she 's jealous of everyone

Wow someone has some serious jealousy issues

Yep Kangana has serious jealousy issues be it with star kids or fellow actors .Her fans are the same

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