Kangana Ranaut: Karan Johar serves poison to his guests

Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar have been engaged in a war of words ever since Kangana appeared on his talk-show. Today, during the shoot of India'a Next Superstar Kangana took a dig at Karan, in jest.mmary]
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Karan Johar wears many hats; producer, actor, director, talk-show host and now a judge. Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty will be seen judging the TV show, India’s Next Superstar. Karan and Rohit will be joined by a Bollywood celebrity who will also be judging the episode with them. After Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut was invited by the channel.

Karan and Kangana who have a bit of a history were cordial on the sets. They have been involved in a war of words ever since Kangana deemed Karan to be a movie mafia who is intolerant to outsiders. She also called him the flag bearer of nepotism. Karan had hit back at Kangana about playing the victim card to which Kangana had responded with an open letter.

Karan, Varun and Saif Ali Khan had also joked about nepotism at Kangana’s expense at an awards show and since then things between them have been sour.

At the launch event, when asked about inviting Kangana to the show, Karan had said that he would welcome her if the channel invited her.

The channel invited Kangana who shot for the show today. However, Kangana did manage to take a friendly dig at Karan. In the game, ‘How well do you know each other’, Kangana was asked what Karan Johar offers to guests on his talk-show. To everyone’s surprise, Kangana said, “Karan serves poison to his guests. (Zeher pilata hai mujhse puchho)”

Well, we are waiting for Karan’s reaction to that comment! What are your thoughts, let us know in comments.

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It's funny how they came together and took jovial jabs at each other. Kangana is a fresh whiff of air in this uptight and feudal industry.

That's hilarious! She's got a sense of humor. Woman in command..

She's obviously kidding here. Don't see her messing with any of the biggies for a while now considering she has lost out on many deals.

She got good sense of humour. i really wish Indians had her sense of humour. Most of them would call her names!!

Kangana's two minutes of fame is over.

Funny.... it's in humor guys. Wait for the show. I'm sure Karan didn't hold back either. He's witty.

Sure Aunty, we love being entertained by Kangana and her humor.

Kangana begun to look too old now

why is everything she says funny and humorous and anything he responds is just wrong? double standards

She shud shit from the actual hole too once in a while.

I think u applied it and found the results very good. PV post it

LOL..stole ma words..RESPECT!!

Drama Queen at it again

Haha - I literally LOL'd! Now that's FUNNY!

I love how she uses caustic humor to serve witty insults. She's incorrigible. Love you, Kangana ! Rock on !

Only till the humor is on her, then she can't take it.

He is a looser

They will never be friends but at least she has decency to let go!!

Indians are not known for humour supposedly all are sentimental but this girl is good different!!

She is good only till she is doing it to others, when someone does it to her: all hell breaks loose.

Cool... that they are cordial to eachother.....now whoever took sides during the debate will look like idiots!

Her humour is on fleek!!

Shru hogayi drama queen.

And this woman start spitting venom.

That's pretty funny!


According to the source who posted the article they all had a good laugh about it.

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