Kangana Ranaut lands in another controversy post tiff with a journalist

Kangana Ranaut picks up a fight with a journalist at the song launch event of Judgementall Hai Kya. She refuses to entertain any question from the journalist and instead bashes him for writing negative reviews about her movie Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.
Kangana Ranaut lands in another controversy post tiff with a journalistKangana Ranaut lands in another controversy post tiff with a journalist
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It seems like Kangana Ranaut and controversies are the two sides of the same coin. The actress recently got into a heated argument with one of the journalists who was present at the song launch event of her upcoming movie Judgementall Hai Kya. It so happened that Kangana bashed a journalist at the event for his negative comments on her movie Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. The Queen actress bashed the journalist and refused to entertain any of his questions post which the two of them had a serious argument that further worsened the situation. 

Kangana asked the journalist, "Have I made a mistake by making a film?" She further said, ''You are calling me a jingoistic person for making a film on nationalism.'' The journalist reacted to Kangana's allegations by telling her that its not fair on her part to say that. He further denied Kangana's claims by saying that he did not tweet anything about Manikarnika. Later on, the situation escalated when the other people present at the event also got involved in the argument regarding the same. This ugly spat between the Manikarnika actress and the journalist shocked everyone present at the event. 

Check out the video below:



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The song launch event of Judgementall Hai Kya was organized on Sunday which witnessed the presence of the entire star cast including Rajkummar Rao, Kangana Ranaut and producer Ekta Kapoor. The movie, which has been directed by Prakash Kovelamudi, is scheduled to be released on July 26, 2019. It was initially titled Mental Hai Kya but was later renamed as Judgementall Hai Kya. The trailer of the movie has already been released which has received tremendous response from the audiences. 

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They are pure evil. Someone cast them in horror genre.

Not only do these sisters need psychological help but their parents also need to be held accountable for bringing them up that they spew such vitriol. They are such despicable beings.

Girl can’t handle fame... This is part and parcel of being famous... she’s just trying to get attention... stardom will be in a downward trend if she continues this—who would want to work with someone that brings these kinds of controversies? Not like the controversies are bringing big hits... let it go Kangana—just concentrate on your craft! That’s it... or retire and get away from all this...

Kangana did the right thing. Haters have a full time job to post vile comments on her. LOL!

Hrithik - I have started believing you. This woman is hallucinating most of the times.

Change that ALWAYS hallucinating!

The official psychopath of bollywood


2-3 more films and she flip towards politics because this attitude is not working and won’t work. Ekta and Rao’s face tells it all. Stuck in storm.

Is it instyle now to show your undergarments, that too during a press meet......

Uneducated, illiterate and goan ki gawar. #fake feminist
Pv post this please

I don't understand one thing. Why Ekta didn't feel it necessary to stop Kangana for once instead of asking the journalist to stop? The journalist is under no obligation, but Kangana is very much related to the film and has the obligation to not divert attention from the film.

Or they don't have faith in the movie and need controversy and extra publicity? Probably yes, because out of the blue, they pushed the release date and clashed with Kangana's nemesis.
Overall, pathetic PR.

She might be scared that she will be next target of Kangana. I am happy that her true picture is coming out. Lots of people believed her in Hrithik’s controversy. Now look at this - she is lying on the face that we spent 3 hours in the Van and had lunch etc. which the journalist denied on the face. 2) accusing like diet mind etc. what was that, just because someone didn’t with your movie or your move to make it and wrote something become dirty mind etc . This lady is very good in blaming like very illiterate gaov ki aurat 2 generations back ( and yes, I met few like those so quoting by experience)

Very well said

Now Ranaut sister's have experienced, how they treat others! Good for them. Industry doesn't have to answer back.. They will get their Karma from others.

Low low!

Rajkumar Rao is cringing, exactly how I was cringing while watching kabir Singh.

Is Pagal ko kyu sunte Ho... Isko mental hospital bhejo

3 Kangana lies busted within 1 mins.
- Kangana - We met for 3 hours.
~ reporter - no only for 30 mins.

- Kangana we had a lunch together.
~ reported - we didn't.

- Kangana - you personally messaged me.
~ reporter - No, send the SS
Post pv.

But she could have easily not mentioned all this. She could have said we are friends n not go into details of the message n lunch. But she did say it. Means it must have happened. Secondly journalists should be respectful of actors. I can bet if it was Deepika or Priyanka or Katrina they couldn't have said all this to them. But with kangana they treat her like this cause they know popularity mil jayegi.

What a wrong thinking you have.

She mentioned it so it happened. Lol. Only fools can say that. He denied it means it didnt happen. Ask her to show the message . Dp,kat and PC knows how to respect people . They dont attack anyone.Media doesnt need this shrewd woman to get popularity. She does all to get attention and popularity. She is known for lying and attacking.
Pinkvilla post this please be fair to all the fandom.

Not sure why everyone is blaming her, all she is doing is asking him questions and he also may have a different opinion about her craft which is fine too, why people are getting agitated?

Boycott this woman till she apologize to all. Media boycotted Amitabh bachan for his mistreatment for years till he apologised.

Uff stop it Kangana. Provide proofs of your claims. Mental woman is hallucinating things. I support this reporter.

Rangoli, can you show us all the text which Kangana is talking about?How come you or your sister never show any proof of your accusations and bully other people.Please take her yo s doctor before she ends up like her Woh lamhe character

Wow. “You had lunch with me” , “ I didn’t have lunch with you”. “You sent message to me” , “ I didn’t send any message to you”. She imagines things in her head. Needs to be treated.

Whatever. She's the best actress in the current lot. Nobody can deny that.

Not really. Queen and TWM series. That’s it. After that only her mouth made noise compared to her films.

Not really. Two commercial hits that’s all. 20 percent talent and 80 percent shit noise. That’s brand Kangana.

Maybe to u, not to me. She is evil.

Bit she is the worst human being and no body can deny it.

I think she could have reacted better. I do believe she meant her statement to be a friendly-jibe but it turned out to be something else altogether. This seems a textbook example of 'triggering' -the trauma of having been hurt by someone she thought a friend (remember the mid-day interview, and that guy mayank who did a coup on her with the ranbeer's political views). I think it is the same with this journo Justin

She thinks that controversies are free publicity for a film. It's not so now a days my dear. I think this movie of hers will be flushed down the drains by the masses.

Despo mad trolls worked overnight with snide criticism. You go girl!

She did the right thing. No controversy here.

Desperate haters worked overnight below

The right fit for the role - enacting has further drawn her into the role real life. She n her sister can never keep quiet. Fame gone overboard - ignoring professional ethics.

Why is she blaming the journalists for smear campaign when her sister is doing a better job at bringing her down?

Haha, so funny. Can't believe the hate around the trollers here, thinking Kangana is hateful. Whatever you have inside you, I guess you only see that outside you. Anyway haters, go look at other channels, and you will see overwhelming support for this outsider, clearly recognizing the witch-hunt that is being conducted on her from Bollywood mafia. We can recognize it, even if you can't.

You are a fool if you can't see the truth. Wake up to reality, you are supporting a troublemaker and bully , who wants

Take this arrogant and mad woman to mental hospital

Leave the journalist issues aside, what in the hell is she wearing?

same thing priyanka was wearing.

I actually have started liking Karan johar and Alia bhatt after this....

omg kangana takes her selff tooo seriously. babe u need to retire and chill now

She must’ve thought she will say what she wants to and bully the journalist. She never expected other journalist to support his colleague. She doesn’t know ‘pen is mightier than sword’ is said for a reason. Stop attending her events and show her what power journalists have.

wow she looks trashy. hope any doubt that she’s responsible for rangoli’s tweets is confirmed now. only she has that much free time to stew

Kangana and her sister should be thrown out of the industry for spreading negativity and trolling superstars.


I think this is what you call as beginning of an end of this heroine..she actually needs help.she is mentally ill.In this show, Kangana is only showing lack of professionalism..Her sister is another headache for everyone..It is very important for one to stay humble which is completely lacking in these sisters.Speaking your mind is good but now what Ms Kangana is doing is totally unacceptable and unprofessional too. I can see a time approaching soon when everyone will start avoiding her only because of her behavior.You are very talented but no one is going to take shit from you every time.Anyways she is losing public sympathy and support in last couple of years.

Sorry to acknowledge that as talented as Kangana is, as much as she has achieved in her life as an actress, she seems to have entered a self-destruct mode now. Bashing a journo is not the same as making comments on film industry’s liars, opportunists, hypocrites and nepotist gang. Sorry to see her lose control this way! Wisen up, Kangana, I have always defended you, but feel that attacking journalists for any contrary opinions they may have expressed in the past is simply out-of-line, dictatorial and downright petty. Keeping score has got out of hand, heed my advice if you will - I’m not a KJo, Hrithik, Ranbir or Alia camper, so read me right. I see Bollywood’s problems very clearly, but you need to stop judging everyone and everything with Manikarnika as the proverbial litmus test! Foolish and self-destructive. Stop please!

The day the journalist can ask salu about his drunken drive and Aamir about his illegitimate kid then we can talk

Kangana and her nepo sister is a kalank on humanity and women hood.

Kangana is suffering from inferiority complex and some mental disorders. She wants everyone to praise her . She depends on others opinion especially nepo gang members whom she hates a lot. She cant take criticism on her but is first to criticize others even if she has nothing to do with the matter. This is not normal at any level.


Whenever there is Kangana, there is negativity. People are sick of her drama and negative promotions campaign.

If you support me or my film I will attack and troll you. If you say bad about my movie or support other stars movies still I will lash out at you because this is how I have been brought up and taught.

She is an evil witch, she definitely is jealous of everything and everyone. She fights with everyone, she hates everyone, all that she wants is praise.She is nothing, it's people support that has made her so arrogant. She thinks there is nobody better than her.She is a liar, wins people over by speaking words such as "women empowerment and nepotism", then people are the fools to believe her. She and her evil sis is an insult to women and humanity. I hate her and don't support her in any way. Everyone should boycott her movies, she needs to be taught many lessons!

You need to get a life and stop spewing hate. Kangana is a legend and a self made pioneer. Sure she has used people just like people have used her. But that never stopped her from achieving her goals and dreams

Haha legend!!! She can act but pls don’t make her a legend. She still has a long way to go.

Attacking ,abusing, stalking, lying, harassing, lashing out and poke nose in other's family matters is what her parents has taught her.

Then Ekta claimed to have a dignified release with no mudsling and negativity.

She suffers from schizophrenia for sure!!!! She loves to hallucinate and have grandiose ideas that everyone are out there to get her!!!!!!

She always target people. Is there any one left whom she didn't pick up a fight with? Such attitude is not call bravery or normal.

Kangana is a double face and a evil soul.

I only feel bad for RajKumar Rao, he should have just walked out of there because the journalist and Kangana brought their drama at the wrong event. IT was for the movie, which RajKumar is part of and it became Kangan's mad show.

Someone please send this woman to mental hospital.

hahaah Justin ne watt laga di is serial liar and psycho ki

This Shahid was right to call her A kicherd. .

Again lying ....

Is this how her parents brought her up? Just imagine how gross and low life her parents are to brought up kids like kangana and Rangoli.

The whole video shows only one thing- Kangana’s mind. She needs help. Here is what I think happened. He might have spent half hour- which became 3 hours in her mind, she might have offered coffee- became lunch in her mind. She must have thought he would write a fantastic review and he didn’t. This lady with an elephant memory for negative comments on her or her films, rememberers that review and call it next chance she gets that is another movie promotion. She cannot distinguish between right and wrong moments. Wow. What a display of unprofessionalism. I cannot stop feeling embarrassing about her behavior. Why people give her opportunities and people who support her, how can you guys support this narcissistic behavior? What can we say about Rajkummar- poor guy? How he tolerated this lady for the entire film development? God knows.

She lies like crazy.

Hats off to journalists! For not giving up and making their voice heard.

I salute this journalist's honesty and bravery.

How is she still alive with so much of poison and hate inside her?

Stop it kangana. He didn't say anything wrong. Shame on you.

Poor rajkumar rao.

See his expression, when the journalist says I am inconsequential I have 700 followers!!!!

She and her sister need serious help

Great Job man. You actually really brave to give her a shut up call. She deserves that.

Those who are supporting Kangana's' behavior should be ashamed of themselves. Either they are her PR or sick like her.

I like Kangana and support her. Please don’t be judgemental towards me


Where he calls her a jingoistic person ? Kangana stop running your vivid imagination.

Maa baap ne is bechari loser ko yehi upbringing de hai.

No doubt left that KR is suffering from serious mental problem and loves to fight. Watch the whole video, he didn't call her jingoistic person . She cooked it up .

Liar not for a sec this man called her a " jingoistic person." She loves to assume things and abuse people. Kangana is really mental.

Kangana lied about him tweeting about her flop movie. Good that he call out her lies.

So this psycho has attacked Hrithik and family, Varun, Tapsee, Deepika, Alia, Anurag and now a journalist. Who is next?

Kangana and her nepo sister needs to learn some etiquettes.

Can't this sick woman promote a single film of hers in a positive manner and on her own merit? Why she spreads so much of venom and negativity every time she speaks and has a release?

Media should boycott her movies. She needs to learn how to speak and should respect media.

Journalist did the right thing.

He wouldnot have dared to do so infront of salman and shahrukh

Both SRK and SK treats journalists and people with respect. They don't spread lies or negativity like her.

Have you seen Salman Khan how he treats journalists?!?!? Everyone keeps their mouth shut with him because they know Sallu knows the underworld and can get them killed


Kudos to the journalist. I need to follow him on Twitter

Honestly, I won't watch any of her films anymore. She and her sister Rangoli have made a tamasha out of women empowerment. First she bullies her directors and co-authors and now she is after journalists for critiquing her films. Seriously done with her negativity.

Kangana is a pathological liar and that's proven time and again. The journalist stood his ground and was determined to show her the mirror.

As usual kangana hurled personal attacks and accusations at him. How confidently she lies! When her lies were caught and allegations were refuted she had no answer and was evasive about the proof.
Kangana and rangoli aren't having strong opinions on issues (as their supporters like to believe), instead they have hidden agendas behind their every action.

How many can dare like this?
She is not hypocritical. She is very straight forward! No wonder people hate her

She is not straight forward, she is an evil, bully and liar. She creates trouble non stop and fights with everyone. She enjoys negative attention. She needs to visit a mental asylum, she is bad news. You are a fool to support her. Audience should boycott her movies, she is too arrogant, she will fall soon with that shit attitude.

HI Rangoli, this is not called straight forward. This called bullying and being negative. Learn to respect others opinion. First learn how to speak. People hate negative and psycho people like her.
post it

Now next on govts radar should be entertainment journalist. They write crap by taking money from others who want to bring down some other. Already main stream news media has been taken action on who were taking tons of money just to defame and hide important news.

I wonder if these losers will have guts to ask kjo and his puppets such questions .. morons always trying to bring her down. Shame on such people

hello Rangoli so obsessed with Kjo and gang. No one brings her down. In reality she is the one who always brings other down. Shame on her

Hats off to her!! She has been the most targeted; by hypocrites; entire bollywood (nearly) n pseudos!!! N how bravely she faced all of the sh*t! n last 30 seconds, BRAVO woman!!!

Drunk? No one ahs targeted her. ITS KR and her sister who always targeted entire Bollywood . Others don't give a damn about her. She is a coward and an evil person. shame on this woman.
Truth should be posted.

Now she will say she lost her phone.Please share the text message

Kangana..Such a liar!She needs help ASAP

Kangana plz leave bollywood

Not every negative review is a smear campaign. If you can't take opinions, stop having one yourself. And even more, stop shouting about them from rooftops.

It's really strange pattern how 90% of things she had accused people of doing, the other party have literally vehemently denied it. Life is clearly imitating art here.

I believe the journalist!

This was hilarious. If journalist can give then they should be able to take it!!

Same goes for Kangana.


Kangana did good calling out bullies

Kangana is herself a bully. Proud of this journalist to call her out.

The guy is shouting in Hindi over another issue. Not related to her.

She thinks she can lie against the journalist n get away. I'm happy the journalist stood tall

Oh please! She did the right thing

Ok Rangoli.

She has her right of opinion too. Controversy?

I guess everyone has a right of opinion. So why this mental lashes out at Varun , Tapsee and Anurag?

So why does she lashes out on the man and every one who has a right of opinion?

I think she needs help. She assume things that never happened.

No wonder ekta took her and hrithik did the best thing by moving his movie

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